love is the heart of life – twinj lovestory ( intro)

love is the heart of life – twinj lovestory ( intro)

He guys. This is Sonali. I’m here with my 2nd ff
” love is a heart of life ”

so here is d intro


Kunj;- A handsome, cute & flirty guy .he is popular in college. He is good herted but careless . He change his girlfriends like cloth. He has too much attitude. He hate studies. He is really proud of his being rich. He love his familly especially his mother & cousin UV

Manohar sarna:- father of Kunj. The richest person of Amritsar. He love his son but always worried about his courier. He can do anything for his son

Usha Sarna – mother of Kunj. Always support him in his good or bad work. She is blind behind his son.

Uv- Kunj cosine. He is very good in
heart. Always support Kunj & help to solved all his syappa. He is good looking too. He also top exam. He love his mother & his cousin Kunj

Anita sarna – uv’s mother & manohar sarna’s bhabhi. She is good in nature.
she love her both son equally

Twinkle Taneja ;- sweet, cute, good hearted girl. Loves studies. She always top d exams. She always help others especially love ones. She love her family but scared from her father & brother

RT – Twinkle’s father. He is so strict. He is a Mumbai commitioner. His think is belong to old generation. He love his daughter but more than he love his respect

Leela Taneja;- she is loving wife as well as loving mother. She always stuck in btw her daughter & her husband.

Karan ;- Twinkle’s brother. Love her sister but always listen his father order.

Chinki – Twinkle’s best friend. They both share everything with eachother. She always support her.

Sid – twinkle best friend. He is a IPS officer of Mumbai. He loves twinkle so much and do anything to get her in his life


********** STARTING *********

A cute bubbly girl who has only one aim in her life that is to study higher & became a docter to help poor peoples by giving them free treatment. She love her family but always scared with his father as he is so strick & always throw his decision on her & she accept it. But when d talks come on her dream. She fight with her father & convinced her father for her dream . her father accept it with two condition.

1st that she should always top d exam 2nd that after studies she should marry with ” sid ” .

she happilly except it & went to Amritsar near her chahi & her best friend chinki. there she meet with a boy which is totally apposite with her. He is careless, irresponsible, handsome but Flirty. For him d life is only for to enjoy. He always change his girlfriend like a cloth. He is none other than Kunj.

They meet with each other & then started their fight yes their knock-jhok. then after some days they will become
friends then best friend & finally lovers.
they confess their love for each other & then twist will added here
” Jaise har kahani mein twist aata hai mere kahani meh bhi ek twist aaya , bohot bada twist”
Here we can see how twinkle help Kunj in studies & then Kunj help her to fulfill her dream. Kunj fight for his love. Sid’s plan to marry twinkle. Rt to know d true respect of life is his daughter happiness. Twinj unite & then D end.

********* THE END. ***********

guys its just d story line in shortcut but if u like then I’ll continue it. pls comments & get me know ur thought. Pls comments & +ve & -ve comments r welcome. PLS don’t hesistate if u want to suggest me anything related to topics.
Love u all. thanks for reading

I know I’m not a good writer as well my English is not so good but still I try to make u understand d whole story.

love is the heart of life – twinj lovestory ( intro)


love is the heart of life – twinj lovestory ( intro)

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