Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 19)

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Chapter 19

Never say Never- Arjun Mehra never believed in love and was sure it will never happen to him…but it happened and turned him mad for a girl who is not interested in him even a bit…lesson…don’t challenge destiny… fight but don’t boast
Khanna Residence

Jai was packing is his stuff…he called his agent and asked him to book the tickets for US…he was desperate to meet Radhika…Jai’s travel agent called and told him that total cost of to and fro would be close 1 Lac and he should do the payment by eod…Jai asked him to go ahead and book he will make the payment in a hour…Jai kept

Radhika’s pic in his wallet …he locked his suit case kept it aside when he heard his fathers’ voice; ‘’where do you think you are going’’

Jai; ‘’US I want to meet Radhika’’

Samrat; ‘’You didn’t think about meeting your sister but you are dying to meet her friend wow! So proud of you’’

Jai; ‘’Anything else”

Smarat: ‘’ She has not accepted your proposal…and good if she doesn’t …her life would be spoiled’’

Jai; ‘’I will leave her no choice…she will accept my proposal…now if you are done…I have to go’’

Samart; ‘’You cannot leave India…your salary account has been freeze and Nandini has filed and FIR against you for forgery in Bird Song…you need to be present till matter is resolved…I had to submit your passport to keep you out…otherwise you would have been arrested…now think how should we solve this’’ Samart left the room and Jai huffed in anger. Nandini played well


Radhika had got good money as a part of her stipend…being an assistant in library was also helping her but she needed another job to support herself since going to bakery was no use Aliza no more needed her…she might hire her but that would be an extra burden on Aliza…but still Radhika decided to meet Aliza every Saturday…she had asked her friends and classmates about part time job …Radhika got ready and left for her classes…she finished her classes…one of her Senior Natalya…told her that there was a café near the campus they needed a waitress…Radhika decided to take the job…Cole had seen Radhika talking to Natalya she walked to Radhika after Natalya left….Radhika greeted her with a hug; ‘’What was that girl telling you…’’

Radhika; ‘’ nothing important…are you free’’

Cole; ‘ yes I will drop you back home in my car and that girl is a bad company’’ Radhika nodded and went along with her…Cole dropped Radhika home and called Anna she told about Natalya’s talking to Radhika ….Anna was worried now…Natalya was Ario’s friend…he hated Arjun and Arjun loved Radhika…first he won’t prefer Radhika interacting with Natalya…and second…Ario was waiting to hit Arjun…and Radhika was the softest spot…Anna knew talking to Radhika was no point…she believed world to be a good place…its better Arjun knows about it…Radhika had thought about what Cole said…but then decided t o take the job up till she gets the better one…


Sam got ready for her classes…she got into the elevator…it stopped at 4th floor …Sam’s heart stopped…Neil entered the elevator he gave her a cold look and turned away…Sam gulped her pain…once they reached the ground floor Sam moved towards her car…but her ankle twisted and she fell down…Sam rubbed her ankle and tried to get up ….but it got sprained ….she took the support of the wall when a hand came to help her…she felt good thinking it must be Neil but when she looked up it was driver…. Neil was standing at a distance with his back to her talking on his phone…Sam closed her eyes in pain…Sam thanked the diver but decided to help herself…she took the wall support and got..she limped to her car and drove off.

Once in her car Sam quickly put her shades on to hide her tears she softly spoke; ‘’I am sorry Neil’’

Neil watched her fall, then the hope in her eyes and then sudden gloominess…he saw her getting up on her own without taking help he thought; ‘’You are learning to stay without me..I didn’t expect it would be so fast’’…but he was not aware that she was scared that if she asked for his help…he might pull back and she might fall again. Sam attended her classes…her pain was increasing…as she had not attended her injury…By evening it had swelled up…Sam was still limping…but this pain was nothing in compared what she had in her heart…the pain which she had herself gifted her by hurting Neil. The pain of being alone….she quietly went to her car…she had taken her shoes off…Neil was busy with his friends pretending to be all busy laughing and joking…He watched Sam limping towards her car holding her shoes…she did not look up…or sideways…she kept her eyes on ground …went to her car and drove off. Sam reached her flat she decided to call Radhika…but called Mala

Mala; ‘’Hi beta, how are you…and how is Singapore’’

Mala’s loving voice bought some calmness to Sam’s heart…she smiled; ‘’Aunty..everything is good but not as good as Mumbai…I miss everyone…and your food’’ Mala could make out the sadness in Sam’s voice she got worried; ‘’Sam don’t lie…what happen tell me’’

Sam; ‘’Nothing aunty…I am homesick….I feel alone…’’

Mala knew she was hiding something but still she decided not to push Sam; ‘’Sam remember one thing no one is alone yet we are…beta learn to be the best friend of yourself first…you will find your way very easily…and call me any time when you feel cheer up’’ Mala decided to talk to Piyali or Samrat…but felt that they might feel bad that Sam called her and not her parents …Mala decided to speak to Radhika


Radhika took the job …she knew Anna and Cole would be against it but 2 of her classmates were also working there plus she didn’t wanted to be dependent on Anna…she already did a favour by offering the dorm….Radhika gave her the rent but Anna refused…she decided to work till she finds something better Arjun’s anger was on peak…after knowing that Radhika had taken up the waitress job…and that to at Natalya’s café…today he will show her what he was capable off…what was she to him…Arjun took his car and drove off…

Anna asked Steve to go to the café and handle Arjun if required Arjun reached the café his eyes searched for her and finally found her…he gave her one look she was wearing the uniform like other waitresses a red skirt above the knee with a white shirt and an apron Arjun noticed how guys were leering at the girls serving them…Arjun fisted in anger, …she was showing off her legs to everyone…wow…! Arjun saw a guy extending his hand to brush Radhika’s legs when she was busy taking the orders…but before he could even touch her…Arjun held his wrist twisted and broke it…the guy screamed ….Arjun spat venomously ; ‘’don’t even think about it…I will kill you in your thoughts’’

Arjun held Radhika arm….she was all shocked….Natalya came; ‘’Leave her hand…she works for me’’

Arjun; ‘’Not anymore’’

Natalya; ‘’ I paid her advance for a week…plus her dress…she will not leave before that’’ Arjun glared at Natalaya…but Steve interfered; ‘’here is your money…now move your butt….before you hurt your pretty face’’

Radhika looked at Steve; ‘’Please Steve…stop him’’ Steve refused Radhika pulled her hand out of Arjun’s grip; ‘’You cannot force me…’’ Radhika rubbed her wrist…Arjun walked towards her…his eyes never leaving hers’ he lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder and walked off…Radhika was shocked; ‘’Let go Arjun…leave me’’ Steve just smiled Arjun made Radhika sit in his car…and Steve took the back seat…he kept on holding her wrist while driving…Radhika was hitting him punching him…but it all went in vain…once at Anna’s place he again pulled her out lifted her up and took her to her flat…Anna opened the door….she wanted to speak but Steve gestured her to be quite…Arjun took Radhika to her room he threw her on the bed and locked the door….Radhika was now angry; ‘’how dare you….who the hell are you to decided what should I do and what I shouldn’t’’

Arjun pulled her up held her hands and locked them behind her back…pulling her to his chest…he glared at her angrily; ‘’I thought you are an intelligent girl…you will understand why your friends stopped you from interacting with Natalya…but you proved me wrong’’

Radhika was trying to free herself…He was too close…his breath was falling on her face making her uncomfortable; ‘I would have changed my job once I got the better one…why do you have to interfere’’

Arjun; ‘’You will not work as a waitress…get that straight’’

Radhika was twisting her arms to get herself free…but she was in a very strong grip; ‘’What’s your problem…my classmates also work there….Cole has also worked as a waitress during her bachelors…then why not me…I don’t mind…and you are no one to mind’’

Arjun tighten his grip bringing Radhika more close …he whispered a warning;’’ I will mind everything which is not good for you…because you are mine…remember this…’’

Arjun’s grip was turning painful…but his words scared her…she saw madness in his eyes …pain was too much to handle and tears started pouring out….Arjun loosen his grip looking at her tears…she was crying now…he cupped her face and kissed her forehead warmly… she was shivering in fear… Arjun hugged her…he turned soft; ‘’Ok sorry now don’t cry….If you want to work…we will help you get a better job Bunny…but don’t put yourself as free show…I cannot handle that…I would have killed that guy if he would have touched you…’’ Radhika blinked and looked down at her dress…yes her skirt was short… Arjun made her sit and rubbed her wrists to ease the pain out…Radhika was no more scared of him…she could not hate him…he cared for her madly Radhika watched him the way he rubbed her wrists he blew warm breath over it to ease her pain…and those words that she was his had seeped deep into her body she could read his love in his eyes…Arjun opened the door and called Anna in; ‘’Anna ask her to change…and give these filthy clothes to me’’

Radhika with tears…. she sniffed rubbed her nose and spoke; ‘’Now why do you want my clothes…that to this uniform’’

Arjun; ‘’Will burn them’’…He walked out leaving Anna and Radhika alone…Anna patted her head; ‘’Cole told you…Natalya is a bad company…’’

Radhika looked at Anna; ‘’he could have explained me in a better way…he lifted me like a sack…that to in this short skirt…I don’t how much I flashed…I hate him’’

Arjun from outside the room; ‘’and I love you…don’t worry about flashing my hand had all covered’’ Radhika fumed and threw a pillow In his direction…she heard him chuckling

Anna; ‘’he loves you from the bottom of his heart…no one will ever love you the way he does…he has never cared for anyone this deep…I would have never told you this if his feelings were not true…now change before he suggests to help you in changing’’

Radhika quickly took the clothes and went to change…Anna asked her to sleep she took the clothes and went back to hall…Arjun took the clothes from Anna…but before he could leave Radhika came stood infront of him all angry ….Arjun smiled…Radhika didn’t like his smile; ‘’you deserve a punishment Hades’’ she stomped on Arjun’s foot hard and left for her room closing the door with a bang…Anna and Steve laughed…Arjun danced on one leg; ‘’crazy but cute’’…he wished Anna and left. Radhika was sitting on the bed…thinking about what Anna said…she knew his feelings were true …but she hated being tied down… her heart was still not ready.


Neil was sitting In his apartment lost in a deep thought Rita came and knocked….he welcomed her with a smile…she handed him coffee; ‘’Neil you are not hurting her…you are hurting yourself’’

Neil; ‘’I know but can’t help….I want her to feel the loneliness I felt for years being around her….what I felt when she declared her love for my best friend…who is not even bothered about her….when she would need me…she would come to me and demand my attention and care…without caring what I wanted…she wanted my shoulder every time she wanted to cry…she wanted to be my world but on her conditions….I agreed…but she blamed me for something which wasn’t my fault alone….she broke me…its just that I can’t show the way my heart is bleeding right now…Rita…all my life I never let her tear touch the ground…now I will show her what pain is…and how it feels when your heart is crumbled’’

Rita; ‘’She looked miserable….I hate my self for giving her this pain’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Sam asked for it…now get ready…I know she is going out’’

Rita; ‘’How do you know….’’

Neil; ‘’I hired the car she is using they have my no.…every time she calls the driver I get the notification for the same’’

Rita; ‘’Don’t know how many times I have been cursed by her’’

Neil; ‘’You can’t even do that much for a friend….and dress in something funky party types’’ Rita rolled her eyes and left…

Neil saw the car arriving…he quickly wrapped his arm around Rita and went to the lift…he knew Sam will take the lift due to her hurt leg…and he was right…he entered the lift giggling joking with Rita…Sam kept on watching their joined hands …Neil wrapped his arm around his waist…and whispered something making Rita blush…Sam closed her eyes…’’while the hell it was taking so long to reach the parking….and how come Neil has turned so shameless…this girl is not suitable for him…why am I thinking all this…I have no right on him’’ As the elevator stopped…Sam let out a painful groan due to her hurt foot…everyone turned except Neil…he took Rita’s arm and drove off’’

Sam ;’’Neil ….you felt my pain even if I pretended to be hurt…but today…you just hate to give me a glance…punish me but please come back’’

Sam got into the car and asked the driver to drive to a clinic…she dialed Radhika…Radhika who was still thing about Arjun answered; ‘’Chashni…I am alone’’ Sam cried vigorously’’

Radhika closed her eyes; ‘’Sammy ….calm down you are not alone…you have me’’

Sam; ‘’I feel someone has dug a hole is my heart…its so painful…every night I just wish that I shouldn’t wake up to my emptiness…it pains badly Radhika…I don’t know what to do…help me or I will die’’

Radhika got worried; ‘’Sam…calm down…he will come back…just let him be…’’

Sam; ‘’Chashni….I wish he stays happy wherever or with whoever he is…I am a bane…I could never keep anyone happy….Mom dad and now Neil…I just want to complete these 6 months and go back…I will never show my face to Neil’’

Radhika; ‘’Sammy …listen to me call your Arjun…speak your feelings out…its necessary to close one chapter…you can’t just want him and cry painfully for Neil together…you will know all your answers…promise me you will speak to him’’

Sam; ‘’I will…miss you’’ they ended their conversation

Radhika POV; ‘’Neil Melhotra you need a lecture from Prof. Radhika’’

Radhika got a message from Arjun a crying emoticon asking for apology…Radhika pressed her lips to hide the smile she replied with a boxing punch…and a message…’hate you’…Arjun looked at the message and smiled his POV; ‘no bunny u don’t hate me I know that…something in your eyes changed today…you will answer my love’
Arjun was protective and possessive about her…Radhika has started thinking about him…but her practical mind rules her more…well it should be difficult for Arjun…he deserves that. Now Neil well he is turning Arjun…torturing Sam…but he still loves her and cares for her…Sam…I will not blame her too much…she never got the attention she deserved as a child…she wanted to be pampered…we learn to walk only after we fall down.

Precap–still thinking

Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 19)


Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 19)


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