Never let u go (Chpt 13)

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Chapter 13
Radhika hugs Arjun in excitement. Her first ever presentation that was turned into her biggest achievement. Arjun was too happy seeing his angel smiling cheering dancing in happiness. She was actually living her happiness.
Mr O’Brian comes to them again.
“ Hello Mr Mehra once again congratulations !!” He offered hand to Arjun
“ Thank you Mr O’Brian for giving us chance” Arjun replied politely

“ Best one deserves the chance Mr Mehra. Ms Radhika your presentation impressive and creatively fresh. I have never seen any new comer giving presentation with such enthusiasm .You have a bright future ahead “ Mr O’Brian
“Thank you so much sir!! Its best compliment for life !! “ Radhika’s smile express her happiness.
Mr O’Brian smiles back at her and turned toward Arjun.
“I came here to inform you that tomorrow our company completing 50 years that is we are celebrating golden jubilee of CRETA. So we have organized a party. I am glad to invite you to celebrate our success and happiness. Now you to became the part of our CRETA family” Mr. O’Brin gave Arjun invitation card which itself was grand one.
“We are happy to become part of CRETA. We surely will there Sir “ Arjun
“ Sure. Enjoy yourself Mr Mehra . Have a good day “Mr o’Brian left.

Arjun turned to find Radhika who was in deep thought.
“ What happened? “ Arjun Asked.
“I don’t have any party wear. I have carried all formals and casuals with me” Radhika low tone makes him laugh.
She was hell worried about the f**king dress only like she would have to fight with zombies and she found that she didn’t carry her arm gun with her; with that thought make him laugh.
Radhika gave him annoyed look for his laughter at her situation.
He was about to speak something but his phone rang flashing Neil’s name on dialer. He picked the call.

“Hey Bro what’s up? How your lovely trip is going on? “Neil teasing tone came from other side.
“Shut up bro. We got Contract….” Arjun
“ yeeeeeee…I know it…. how we would have missed it when you both are there..right? “ Neil yelled in trimph and continued” bro take a step forward and speak out your feeling to her. “ Neil
“ enough for today ..Why do you call me? “ Arjun
“ oh yes I forget it in ur love story..” Neil chuckled
“ Neilll….” Arjun annoyed

“ okay we have important meeting in half an hour come on video calling to join it. Mr Madhew wants to discussed some issues about their product..” Neil inform
“ Okay I will…” Arjun replied and cut the line and towards Rads
“ Radhika I have importing meeting with Neil on Video conference. You take rest in your room. See you later “ Arjun told and went towards elevator without waiting for her reply.
“Complete jerk and unpredictable…Now how will I solved my problem.Buzz off..better I will stay at room.” Radhika frowned and went towards her room.

SAME DAY Evening 6 pm
She curled up on the couch with one of the pillows and closed her eyes. She was thinking about Arjun and his mom. How to bring the topic that Arjun sir didn’t get angry on me. I have to check his mood.
Radhika brought come to present when she heard ring of her phone. Picking it up, She noticed ‘Arjun Sir ‘flashing on screen while his personal ring sang to her. She quickly flipped the phone open.

“Yes, Arjun sir ?”
“ You ready ? “ His voice was cold as usual.
“Ready?? For what?” She can’t figure out for what she has to be ready.
“Shopping…we are supposed go to buy you a party dress “he sounded little annoyed
She thought why he was annoyed at her he didn’t inform me earlier now he wants to know it to me before he tells it me. Quite strange human..No!! Must be an Elian.
“ You there “ He was waiting for her answer.
“ Oh..for that..sir I don’t really need any…you just..” Radhika cut by his irritating tone.
“ Cut the Crap. Radhika Mishra. Get you up from bed and get downstairs right now.or I will be there in less than five minute “He frowned
The next thing she knew that line went dead.
Shopping with him..this was going to be a nightmare she thought.
She hurriedly goes to her closet and pulled out a simple black tank top and a pair of cutoff jeans. She pulled her hair in messy bun and slipped into her favorite pair of flip flop. As soon as she reached to bottom stair, Arjun was walking in passage.
He was studying her face as soon as she came in front of him.

“ come on lets go…” Arjun grabbed her hand
He pushed her into the passenger side of car which was standing in front of Hotel gate.Radhika grabbed her seatbelt and clicked it before Arjun could even get in the car. The car rumbled to life and he was backing out of drive.
They rode in silence until they reached to the “City Lights “a huge shop for bridal outfit.
As soon as they entered into the mall kind of shop a clerk came forward to attend them.
Arjun took lead reminding book store incident and “A prom dress for her “ordered to the clerk
They sat around on a bench while that clerk picked up racks and racks of prom dress by the order of Arjun.
Being surrounded by masses of puffy dresses wasn’t a big horrible thing than a nightmare she thought.

It was when she looked up at the front window of the store. She walked towards the mannequin and began to examine the dress. It was brilliant royal blue. The bodice was stunning and it was covered in simple breeding .The bottom was very full with shimmering material.
Arjun noticed this and turned to the clerk pointing towards mannequin and her. The clerk smiled and walked towards her and handed that to dress her.
“ Go on. Try it on “ Arjun spoke.

She walked with the dress in dressing room and pulled off her clothes and began to pull the dress on.
She came out of the dressing room.
Arjun can’t help but left staring her. The dress was brilliant and flattering against her fair skin. She looked elegant very much fairy princess.
“We will take it “ Arjun whispered.
She got back to the dressing room, pulled the dress off and handed it to lady clerk and put on her cloths.
When she came to pay for dress she found Arjun standing at the door.
“ Sir they don’t take kindly for steeling the dress. You know. Let me pay “
“ Already taken care of “ Arjun whispered.

“ No. you aren’t buying my dress sir “ Radhika apposed
“ No more discussion “ Arjun mumbled.
Sighing she followed him out of the store.
She continued to follow him and they ended up at shoe store and end up getting nice pair of stilettoes.
After that to jewelry shop clerk showed much more stuff to match with dress. This time Radhika select quickly and handed money to pay before Arjun could.
When they came out of the mall it was dark already. They drove back to hotel and get into respective rooms without uttering a word because they were tired spending so many hours in mall.


It was three around in the afternoon she was lying on bed and talking to sam. She was busy describing her the all shopping experience with Arjun by the time doorbell rang.
“ Hey Sam someone is other side of door. I will talk to you later babe…” Radhika
“ Okay darling..Rock the party. Enjoy to the fullest don’t be afraid..byeeee..muhha” Sam in cheer voice
“ Bye darling “ Radhika greeted and cut the phone and goes to attend whose there.
As she opened the door she found a lady with well physique and color hair in different shades standing with small trolley at her left side.

“ Hi I’m Lisa the hairstylist. You must be Radhika “ she said with smile.
“ Yess…but I didn’t call for hairstylist ?” Radhika still confused watching her
“ Mr Mehra booked appointment for you” Lisa Said
Radhika got dumbstruck by hearing this. She can’t believe that he has sent a hairstylist for her.She picked her phone up to call him.But got the engaged tone.
“ Mam don’t call sir. He said he will be busy in some important conference call.” Lisa provided the other information regarding his engaged tone.
Radhika knew there was no point in speaking with him so she just kept quiet to get hair done.
A few minute she was being led into part of salon and Lisa was putting different cream on her hair. She prayed I didn’t look weird when it all said and done with.
After many hours having her hair in hot stick, bobby pins, hair spray it was done.It was actually really beautiful which she can’t do by herself.

Her normally straight black hair had been swept into ponytail of cascading spirals curls with rest of hair pinned to make it to appear have crown of curls on top. Many diamond looking clips settled on her hair and her favorite part was that two strands of spiral curls framed her face.
Now time to put on the dress on.Lisa helped her to get on the dress that it would look perfect. Lisa handed her pair of earrings and she slipped necklace around Radhika’s neck. After putting the simple heels in she let Radhika to see her.Radhika didn’t believe on her looks. She was looking extremely beautiful.
Lisa applied kohl and liner to Radhika’s eyes and pale pink lip glossed to her lips.
“ Sir is going to be surprised . Mam “ Lisa whispered. Radhika blushed.
“ Go on he is waiting for you mam” Lisa continued.

Radhika was hell nervous now to face Arjun. She was quite reserved when it comes to the parties like this. Her father was very strict so that she never attends party like this. She remembers how secretly Sam always took her to the club in the most of the night of their college days.
After taking deep breath, she walked from the room and walked towards the stairs of party hall. She could see all talking and she saw Arjun dressed in dark blue down shirt that showed how defined his chest with tight pair of jeans. He was looking hell handsome as always he does.
She paused after stepping down some stairs and was about to step down, when Arjun notice her.

next chapter : Aradhika’s first romantic dance

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Never let u go (Chpt 13)


Never let u go (Chpt 13)


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