Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 81

Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 81

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Recap: Twiraj moments.

Twiraj reached home with Rohan and Chinki who they called and Twinkle, Chinki also came to Luthra’s house.
They saw everyone there. The whole taneja family was there.
Yuvi:”mom, what happened?”
Twinkle:”maa, everything’s fine right?”
Anita:”yuvi, we all are going to Goa”
Yuvi:”Goa? But why mom?”
Leela:”Mr. John (their clients with whom they are making the deal together) called us there, and we couldn’t say no.”
Anita:”right, so we are all going there”
Yuvi:”you called us so urgently for this?”
Anita:”yeah, why did you thought?”

Rohan:”I am coming too”
Chinki:”me too”
They all agreed.

Yuvi and Rohan were in yuvi’s room, Yuvi was worried
Rohan:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”no, I got worried as I thought that something happened to mom. After knowing what we have done, Rajesh won’t keep quiet. He will surely do something”
Rohan:”don’t worry, we are going to Goa so for some days he won’t be able to do anything”
Yuvi:”yeah, come on we have to pack, we are leaving early in the morning”
Rohan:”ok, then i am going. Even i have to pack”
Rohan went from there, but yuvi was still in thought.

@ night,
Twinkle was packing her stuff when someone from behind hugged her. She turned around and saw yuvi there.
Twinkle:”are you mad?”
Yuvi:”yeah, I am”
Twinkle:”why are you here?”
Yuvi:”was missing my baby, so I came” He hugged her from behind.
Twinkle:”you are done with your packing?”
Yuvi:”no, mom do that for me”
Yuvi:”I got you something”
Yuvi shows her a blue dress.
Yuvi:”come on wear it. I want to see you in it”

Twinkle:”but yuvi, it’s…”
Yuvi:”plz…” Twinkle agreed.

She went in the washroom and changed.
Yuvi waited outside
Twinkle:”yuvi, the dress is too short and…”
Yuvi didn’t say anything.
Twinkle came out and looked very uncomfortable and tried to cover herself with her hands. Yuvi saw her and came to her. He hold her hands and put a stole around her. Twinkle looked at him.
Yuvi:”sorry, i didn’t know that you would be so uncomfortable. I am sorry”
He hugged her.
Twinkle:”it’s ok yuvi”
Twinkle went to change and when she came back, she saw the lights off.
And Yuvi was lighting a candle on the table in front of her bed.
Twinkle:”what are you doing?”

Yuvi:”our date was incomplete, I planned this for our date but… So I thought that I would complete it.”
Twinkle:”what was left?”
Yuvi:”horror movie”
Yuvi:”yep, come on”

Twinkle:”are you sure you want to watch horror movie?”
Yuvi:”yeah, why? Are you scared of watching horror movie?”
Twinkle, whispered:”very scared that I can’t even sleep at night”
Yuvi:”did you say something?”
Twinkle:”no, lets watch it. And I am not scared at all”
Yuvi played the movie and during the whole movie, twinkle hugged yuvi as soon as the scene got too scary. At every hug, yuvi was smiling as he was enjoying her hugs.

They both slept in each other’s arms till morning

Recap: Both families leaving for Goa in only one bus as yuvi planned it

Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 81


Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 81

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