Kaala Teeka 21st April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Yug stops Kali.. Vishwa recalls how Leela insulted her. And when gauri said you murdered your wife. Vishwa asks servant where is kali?
Kali says yug what are you doing here at this hour. Yug says I know everything that change of kundli was not your fault. Kali says I did what I felt was right. Yug says what right? You hurt yourself for others. Yug says no matter how much you try but truth is that my and gauri’s relation is really weak, it cant face life troubles. So we better accept truth. Kali says what truth? He says your and my truth. Kali says I dont know you are talking about. I know God will save your and gauri’s relation. Yug says have you ever asked God something from God? Kali says bady papa’s love and respect. Didn’t you see he apologized me? I always prayed that he considers me his won daughter. That he feels proud of me. I want manji ma and bady papa to be one. Yug says nothing else? Kali closes her eyes and says yes thats all. Vishwa is coming there. Yug hides. Vishwa sees kali. He says what are you doing here? She says i dropped my phone here. Vishwa says I think fuse is blown. He sees Kali’s hand and says what is this bruise? Sit here. He dresses her bruise. Yug is hiding in balcony. He sees them.

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Kaala Teeka 21st April 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 21st April 2016 –


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