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The episode starts with abhi takes pragya from stage ,all shouts abhi…abhi…the anchor says abhi,your fans are really happy for you…abhi waves his hand.abhigya walks towards ranveer and ishani.ranveer and ishani holds their ears saying sorry Pappa…forgive us.abhi says I am in happy mood ,so I forgive you both.ranveer says I told na bhai not to get emotional…abhi remebers ranveer sayings

Abhi says ha….I both know about this ….ranveer says actually bhai. Fb starts
Ranveer says much time you will take.get ready’s almost time.ishani says sorry let’s go.while they are passing abhigya ‘a room,ishani says I will says bye to pragya and come.ranveer says fast I will go down.ishani comes in and shocked to See pragya on floor.ishani calls ranveer and he takes pragya to hospital. The doctor checks pragya and says good news ..she is pregnant. PRAGYA feels happy,she want to say to abhi but something stops her.she plans for a perfect candle light dinner .the plan cancelled when he says he want to go to award function.ishani gives her this idea…fb ends…..

Abhi’s eyes filled with tears, he hugs pragya saying thanks for everything…thanks for coming in my life.pragya breaks the hug asking how many times you wanna say sorry or thanks
All laughs. Abhi says let’s go.
Ranveer says bhai its time for flight.we have to go.abhi holding pragya’s hands says you both leave I want to spend my time with my wife and my child.we will come by car
Ishani says jiju it will take time to reach and may be pragya will feel uncomfortable. PRAGYA says nothing like that when abhi is both leave …we will reach home tomorrow ….ishveer left.

Abhi says so mrs.pragya ,are you ready to come with me.pragya says sure and both gets into the car.abhi was driving and pragya sits beside him..pragya was thinking something..abhi asked what’s the matter. PRAGYA says I am feeling happy now.abhi asked so
PRAGYA says let’s have something .I am feeling hungry.abhi says sure ..wait and he takes the phone.pragya asked what he is doing.abhi says I will book a table in the restaurant.pragya says no restaurant tday.we can eat in dhabha…abhi asked what no…it’s not hygiene..pragya says please..let’s go.abhi says no …pragya mumma…it’s not good for you nor our baby.pragya says you want to be a good daddy but you are a bad husband. Abhi says acha..started your drama..pragya says please abhi let’s go na…abhi says it’s the last after no food outside.pragya says ok rockstar.

Both leaves to dhabha ..they ordered food. PRAGYA starts to eat but abhi didn’t.pragya says it taste good…eat n.a…abhi says I am not feeling hungry and I am filled ..pragya says you are lying..ok let’s go to restaurant.if you don’t like to eat here no problem let’s go.abhi says not like that. .It means I am happy ,i am going to become father…moreover another person gonna come in our life.pragya says yes..but now eat and feeds him.both finished and again starts their journey in car.

PRAGYA sees beach and says beach…abhi let’s GO. …abhi says ok.both sits on the sand. PRAGYA keeps her head on abhi’s shoulder .abhi wraps his arms around her.abhi says my life is complete
PRAGYA says I want to sleep …don’t disturb.abhi says how romantically I am speaking you are cutting me off.pragya says oye..rockstar…I am tired..seriously i want to sleep.
Abhi asked then why you agreed for this drive.better we have gone to home n.a…see now you are not comfortable to sleep.pragya says it’s the problem..I could not say what I am just will start your talks..abhi says ok sleep ..and makes her to sleep on his lap.pragya closed her eyes.abhi looks at her.pragya says I love you rockstar.abhi says I could not hear.repeat again…pragya says golden words are not repeated .if you want wait till next time.pragya sleeps.abhi looks at the waves. ….


PRAGYA opened her eyes
She was in her room.pragya thinks how come she.abhi comes with coffee.pragya asked when did we reached.abhi says you slept n.a…I feel bored ,so I took you to home.ram ,priya comes there and wishes pragya.priya asked her to take rest and asked abhi to take care of her.ranveer and ishani comes there, ranveer says ha..bhai will not leave bhabhi alone from now.abhi asked ranveer to keep quite.ram says
Ranveer arrange a party and let’s leave .

All leaves
PRAGYA asked abhi to sit with her.abhi asked what happened.pragya says I am feared of pregnancy. Abhi says arey …are you really afraid.pragya says don’t know how to say but I am little bit tensed.abhi holds her hands saying ..I am with you.don’t worry.pragya smiles and hugs him.abhi says ok get ready soon.pragya asked why.abhi says your family is coming.pragya says ok I will get ready.

Abhi ,pragya comes down,Neil and ragini says beta. ..pragya hugs them.ragini says so meri bachi. ..gonna become mom..Neil says ha…pragya smiles. Tanu hugs her from behind.pragya says her I know ..tanu says congrats. ..nikil hugs pragya.abhi asked all wishes for pragya only…and hugs Neil. Everyone laughs at them

In the party
All were enjoying the party..bulbul says it’s time for dance and ranveer bhai and ishani bhabhi..decided to dance…so let’s welcome them.both danced..pragya holds abhi’s hands.abhi winks at her.bulbul and purab dances .
Ranveer says bhai…bhabhi..a suprise for you both.ishani gives a gift to them and asked ro open.abhi opens it ..he takes a pink gown and blue jeans and t-shirt. A Barbie doll and a car.abhi asked ehats this.ranveer says we don’t know may be a big or a girl but we are first to give giftsto them…pragya says thanks…it looks cute.ishani says our duty boss.

All were busy,pragya holds abhi’s hands,abhi asked what happened to you today ,pragya says baby and mumma..both want you…please be with me n.a. abhi says really. ..I am with you only n.a..pragya says you should not go anywhere.abhi says ok madam.ram calls abhi.abhi says wait here,dad is calling and he leaves.pragya feels bored.tanu comes and sits with pragya.they both had some talks ..pragya looks for abhi.ram asked abhi to go to office as they can’t go bcoz all guest are here.abhi looks at pragya.he thinks tanu is with her and leaves with ranveer.

Time passed…
It’s almost 11
Abhi enters his room and thinks pragya might slept but she was not there.he got panicked and looks for her.finally he got relieved as he sees pragya in balcony.
Abhi hugs her from response.he turns pragya to face him.pragya looks down.abhi asked are you angry at me.pragya nods no.abhi asked then. ..pragya says nothing ..abhi asked her to say.pragya saying no I felt lonely so I came here.abhi says acha..let’s go for a walk.pragya says sure..
Both walks.pragya asked why you left me.abhi says so it’s the reason behind your silence.abhi says actually dad asked me to go to office ,i thought tanu is with you ,so I left.
PRAGYA says I really felt bored.abhi says ok madam ..sorry..I will not leave you alone ok…pragya says it’s good…

5 months passed
PRAGYA says enough. ..I could not eat …my stomach will burst.abhi says ok atleast drink this juice.pragya asked are you mad

It’s 4 th juice…I could not take anymore ..leave me.abhi says please for me.pragya says you said this dialogue for second …go…I don’t want.abhi says ok.leave it take this medicine. PRAGYA takes medicine and says I am going to see ma.abhi says ok wait I will come.pragya says arey me is in next room.what’s the need of you to come..I will go.abhi says you only told that day that I should be with you. .what happened now.pragya says I did a mistake on that day.please I will go.abhi says ok I will come with you near the door and I will leave.pragya says it’s similar to come with me.abhi says don’t argue with child will get affect.pragya says I am not ,you only making me to speak.abhi says aye you coming now or I shall take you in my arms.pragya says no..I will come.abhi laughs at her

Guys next will be my last episode…I just started…I don’t know ..I will complete…but happy for your comments….ok guys see you all in my next episode.




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