Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) episode 2

Hello guys I m again back with another episode of my ff.
N 1 more thingh I m so blessed 2 have u ppl n ur support. Thanks to all my friends specially jingle jan, twinj fan(tamanna), zayb_zikra, akankya, sam,asna,salma, harna,loveleen,sanam, panchi, chandra, rashmi verma n lastly aakanksha luv u ppl loads.
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Perfect Two

At Beach
Here twinkle n mahi r busy in admiring the beauty of nature, lovely ppl n most importantly cute guys from all over d world
T : yaar mahi its just so beautiful (glaring towards the bright sun n the misty weather which made the surrounding just perfect)
M : h..ha.a yaar its just too perfect look at his body (staring at a guy next 2 her)
T : hey mahi come 2 realiy we r at beach n that 2 for some work (didn’t realize what she said)
M : wait a minute…didi u just said w.work (giving a suspicious look)
T : ye..ess I me..a.n noooo not at a..all (stamarring)
M : I should have sensed it earlier that somethingh is fisshy n btw don’t tell me u r planning to include in ur training sessions becoz firstly I m not in a mood to work at this phase of time (in an angery tone)
T : umm.. mahi how did u come 2 know that the work is nothing else but training ( a bit guilty)
M : oh hello.. im m ur sister cum best friend .I can sense ur thoughts (camly)
T: that’s why I luv u sooo very much (giving her a cute side hug). But plzzz help me I know u will for sure (making a puppy face)

M : don’t do that u know this cute face makes me mealt.But where r they
Suddenly kunj n uv reach there but twinkle only saw uv meanwhile kunj was busy on his phone n his back was facing twinkle
T : here they r (to mahi)
U : hey twinkle..right (forwading his hand)
T : yaa Twinkle Taneja (shaking hand) n this is mahi my partner n ur trainer
U : (mesmerised)hello mahi …nice 2 meet u(not leaving her hand after hand shake)
Mahi being blank coz she have trained children even oldy but a youngster for d first time n she was not prepared or rather can say that she was not in mood for any work so she just snached her hand faking her smile 2 uv
Suddenly uv came 2 his senses n apologized her n intoduced his buddy Kunj
All of a sudden twinj face each other n were hell shcocked
K : TUM (in a loud tone)

T : YOU..i mean TUM(with d same intensity)
U & M : u both know each other (confused)
K &T : NOO… I mean YESSs how can we forget (with mixed expressions)
T : look mr I apologized u earlier n btw it was not a bid issue to be dragged
K : firstly miss.whatever…
T : (interrupting) Twinkle..Twinkle Taneja (with tashan)

K : WHATEVER (ignoring) n let me continue don’t u think u r giving much more attention than needed n btw I m here for my swimming trainings n don’t have much time 2 waste on u
T : WHAT????? R u kidding me (hell shocked) later composing herself…let me tell u I m unfortunately ur trainer
K : (hell scocked as well) te..ell me th..aat u..u r jo..cking ri.ri..ght (stammering)
T : No I m not n u both just get ready for ur training in 5 min (firmly)
U : yess mam… chall bhai jaldi chall (grabbing kunjs hand who was still in shock but later composes himselves)
Meanwhile mahi n twinkle were giggling silently but suddenly twinkle notice somethingh on kunjs hand n remembers somethingh…a past (Guys the past will be revealed by next episode which will heip u all to link up) she is lost in her thoughts
Twinkles POV :-

Kunj..this guy is sooo cute but super aakdu n Twinkle Taneja hates such sadu , akdu n full of attitude. But there is something that is attracting me..or rather the symbol of infinity on this hand (frnds infinity is a symbol of define selfless,truthful n forever bond of friendship , luv n trust)
But why is he bothering me so much????
Maybe its just a coincidence..whatever.
Kunjs POV :-
Twinkle …this girl is so irriting n a big siyappa queen but is cute…kunj beta don’t think too much u cant fall for her or not even any girl in this world except…..(guys secreat will be revealed in next epi)
She is such a troublesome n now I have to bear her for this complete week that means 7 daaayyyysss…no I cant n that 2 her…no kunj u cant back off for that silly siyappa queen…(meanwhile kunj takes a glare at that symbol of friendship…symbol of selflessness…the symbol of INFINITY n smiles)

Uv’s POV :-
OMG…she is so cute. Hey Uv ur the cool YUVRAJ LUTHRA girls run behind u n btw girls r Hot but not cute but for the first time I must say that she was cute…damn cute n d best part that we r gonna meet the whole week wow I m sooo much excited (n smiles)
N our mahi is out of her mind coz her holidays r thrashed n she has 2 get back 2 her same schedule n boring life..

Meanwhile all 4 have some warm up exersise for making their flexible n later half n hour of practice n finally they were done with their first day.
All 4 changed their wet clothes n got in their comfort clothes
Twinkle wearing a hot pant n a crop top without any accessories whereas mahi got into a 3/4th jeans n a balloon top which made her look alike the surrounding
N here our boys in their common T n trousers
While going twinkle saw a small poor girl showing different talents n activities to acquire money but ppl were least bothered she thought of something n started dancing n singing…..
I threw a wish in a well,
Don’t ask me I’ll never tell
I looked at ur feet as it fell,
And now ur in my way

I’d trade my soul for a wish,
Pennies n dimes for a kiss,
I wasn’t looking for this, but now ur in my way
Ur stare was holding,
Ripped jeans,skin was showing,
Hot night , wind was biowing
Where do u think you’re going baby?

Its hard 2 look right at u baby but here’s my number so call me maybe….
(guys just read this song n if possible hear it coz its amazing)
Some ppl join her including mahi n uv n our boring kunj just starring at her n smiling
The girl gathers enough money n thanks twinkle…
Screen freezes at every1’s smiling faces

Precap : some secrets or rather past would be reveled

So guys did u like it????
N 1 more thing next episode will totally deal with twinkles background, her life n The INFINITY symbol…

Also kunj n that mystery girl for which kunj is resisting himself to connect with girls….

Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) episode 2


Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) episode 2


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