Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 4

Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 4

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Pragya turns n gets shocked.The person whom she gazed was standing besides her.She lifted her face n looks at him he was staring with a anger at Sara his tummy touches Pragya’s shoulder n his dogtags was playing with her lips she is continuosly gazing at him but his eyes was on Sara he didn’t noticed her.Pragya thinks,Who is he?Y I’m gazing at him like this?Y he is always angry?Today he came here to scold someone?As she was lost in thoughts Suddenly his hands hits the iron desk in anger which gives a huge sound.Pragya jerked n came back to reality then she noticed Abhi was scolding Sara.Pragya heard only few words,Hey u don’t repeat this again by saying this he left.Pragya was in full confusion n turned towards Sara..Whole class is looking at her.Pragya asks,Sara?Wht happened y he is scolding u?Sara starts to cry.Just Tanu comes thr n says,Pragya move n sit.Pragya says,Tanu..Tanu u came uh..u know wht happened.Tanu asks,Wht happened?Pragya says,Woh..Abhi hey na he scolded our Sara today just now.Tanu says,Huhh??Y he scolded her..Pragya I think this clg is supplying goons to entire country see I don’t know is they r students r goons.Pragya asks,Then Nikkil is also a goon uh?Tanu stares at her.Pragya smiles n says,Just joking.Tanu asks, Sara Wht happened?Sara says,Actually yesterday one of our senior proposed me I get scared n complained to the head that’s the problem.Pragya asks,Abhi proposed u(In shocking tone)Tanu asks,Y u r getting shock.Pragya says,Shh..Sara u tell me who proposed u.Sara says,I think he is Abhi’s frnd.Tanu asks,Then y he is scolding u?Sara says,I complaint to head na he suspended that boy that’s y Abhi came here n shouts,If u didn’t like him u should say that face to face infront of his face but u complaint to the head.Pragya says,Point!!!Tanu stares.Pragya says,I mean..It’s right na if u didn’t like him u hav to tell him y u complaint to head.Tanu says,Leave it..leave it..It’s the time professor ll come Sara don’t wry yaar.

As in class,Pragya was thinking abt Abhi’s behavior n calls Tanu in husky voice.Tanu says,Pragya don’t talk in this professor’s hour else he ll throw us out.Pragya says,But it’s important.Tanu says,Then..write in ur notebook I ll read it.Pragya says,K n writes,Abhi’s anger is so genuine na.Tanu reads n stares at her n writes,Is this is important matter.Pragya writes,Yes.Tanu writes,Pragya I’m already feeling irked of his lecture don’t irk me more.Pragya stares at Tanu n writes,Go to hell.Tanu gets anger n writes,U go to hell idiot.Pragya writes,I hate u.Tanu smiles by reading that n writes,Thank u.Pragya writes,Hate u to the core.Tanu smiles n writes,But I love u.Pragya smiles n writes,I know.Tanu smiles n writes,But u r hating me na.Pragya smiles n writes,I love u alot.Tanu smiles n writes,Love u too.They both were smiling.Then they both lift their head towards the board.All were noticing them.PraNu shocked n looks at Professor.He sighs his eyes towards the door.PraNu nods n left the class.After coming out,Tanu says,Pragya no problem outside also weather is good only not bad.Pragya laughs n says,Again he sent us out.Tanu smiles n says,Next time we ll chat via Wassup.Pragya says,No..it’s risk Wht v ll do if he ceased our phone.Tanu says,U r ryt..it’s better v bunk his class.Pragya says,Then our internal ll be zero.Tanu laughs.

(Guys plug ur headphones with allah waariyan song in BG)While they r going out of the corridor.Abhi came opposite to them.PraNu just stopped.Abhi looks at Pragya n stood for a moment seems to b lost his world.Pragya too looks at him after a couple of seconds.Tanu drags Pragya.Abhi came back to reality n thinks,Whts that I saw in her eyes..Her eyes seems to b familiar n thinks abt that n walks towards the class in lost of mind.In lunch time,Pragya asks,Tanu did u noticed him how he stared us.Tanu says,Not us..He stared u.Pragya says,K..he stared me now K.Tanu says,Haa..Pragya asks,But y he stared at me.Tanu says,How do I know.Pragya says,Leave it let it b.Tanu says,K now can v move to class?Pragya nods.Abhi was continuously thinking abt Pragya n thinks,It seems to b I had seen her before but I don’t know whr..let it be..Lemme ask her itself if she had seen me earlier or if she had same feeling that my face is familiar to her..she also gazed me for a while as I do..is she really seen me before..Cumon Abhi go n ask her n abt to leave.Purab comes to him n says,Abhi..whr r u gng?Abhi says everything.Purab asks,Which department that girl was?Abhi says,I don’t know.Purab asks,Then how u ll see her.Abhi says,Come let’s ask to someone I’m sure she is a fresher..I had strong hope that I’ll meet her again.Purab says,Then come let’s go..V shall ask some Junior boys sure they ll know abt girls.Abhi smiles n says,Come let’s go.Abhi n Purab goes to fresher’s block.

PraNu was heading towards their class.They saw Abhi was standing with a group of boys on their way to class.Tanu says,Did u see thr bumping man n Abhi standing in our block.Pragya adjusted her chasma n says,Haa..Tanu..I think he came to scold someone n laughs.Tanu says,Haa..may b u r ryt.As Tanu n Pragya crossed Abhi.Abhi says,Hey that girl..Purab(in excited voice)Purab asks,Which girl..Abhi says,Woh..chasma wale ladki.Purab asks,That girl(In shocked voice)Abhi calls a boy n asks,Hey..Whts that girl’s name.Boy says,I don’t know.Abhi becomes Restless n says,Oh..how will I call her..n Suddenly Abhi shouts,Eyy!!Chashmish!!PraNu hears that.Tanu says,Pragya I think he is calling u.Pragya says,Ya..I too thought the same but don’t turn towards him sure he gonna scold me come let’s go n gets into the class n PraNu leaves to class.Abhi says,Purab she gone Purab.Purab asks,Wht happened to u Abhi..Y u r behaving weired.Abhi doesn’t respond n goes in their way.As staff entered in all the classroom.Abhi was bending in each n every window n seeks for her.Finally,Abhi sees her via window.As Pragya hides her face by keeping her hand in side n says,Tanu see he is seeing via window.Tanu says,Oh..no Pragya he find out our class v r finished.Pragya scared.Abhi noticed that she is our department n left the place.Abhi says,Purab I found her she is our department with a bright smile.Purab says,I know that..She is the girl who messed with me n Mitu yesterday.Abhi smiles n says,Sucha smart girl.Purab asks,I never seen u as this much longing to know abt a girl..Wht happened to u.Abhi just smiles n says,Nothing wanna talk to her that’s it.Purab smikes n says,K come let’s go.

In eveng,Clg gets over.Pragya asks,Tanu Wht to do if he came to us.Tanu says,I don’t know..if he calls u don’t stop just keep on walking don’t mind him.Pragya says,K..They started to move from class by.looking here n thr on all sides.Pragya says,He is not thr.Tanu says,Haa..Abhi along with Purab standing in entrance waiting for Pragya.Abhi thinks,Except that Chashmish n white Rat all left the block why she is not coming yet.Purab says,Abhi let’s go else we ll miss the bus.Abhi says,Just 2 secs.Purab nods.PraNu was coming towards the entrance.Tanu sees Abhi n shouts,Pragya!!Pragya asks,Kya.Tanu says,Abhi!!Pragya panics n asks,Whr?Tanu points.Pragya panics n asks,Wht to do?Tanu says,No.other go..if he calls u don’t mind just cross away.Pragya nods n took a deep breath n holds Tanu’s hand n walks with scary face.Abhi sees her automatically smile formed in his lips n he keeps on staring at her he lost his thoughts.Successfully PraNu crossed him n reached hostel.Pragya says,Thank God..V escaped he didn’t called us.Tanu says,But he was staring at u continuously without taking his eyes off with a smile.Pragya says,Whatever..leave it.Purab asks,Abhi..she came na y u didn’t called her u just gazed at her for this v r standing here for 30mins.Abhi smiles n says,I don’t know wht to speak.Purab says,Huhh?I think u became mad.Abhi smiles n says,U look pretty on anger n pulls his cheek.Purab pushes his hand.Abhi laughs.

Precap: Abhi n Pragya travelling together.

Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 4


Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 4

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