SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 52)

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My head spinned as I watched dumbstruck as Ragini’s strings broke loose and she fell like a lost parachute into the cold water, splashing it right all over our faces which made me realize what the hell was happening.

I heard everyone gasp while I quickly jumped off the ship, thank goodness I was an expertized swimmer or else she might have drowned to death. I felt shivers of fear, the fear of losing my soul as I swam to her unconscious figure on the edge of drowning. A spasm of guilt pricked into me, I knew about her fear, yet I let her go into this water all alone, I am so going to kill myself if she doesn’t wake up.

The waves of the water spilled heavily as my breathing turned hoarse and extremely uneven as I fighted the wind to reach Ragini’s body. I grabbed her arm and pulled her harder against my chest, her skin was trembling cold and she showed no signs of consciousness. Oh shit, shit , shit! There was something wrong with her.

I picked her up gently in my arms and half swam half walked towards the shore where my idiot friends were staring at me like a hero. My heart was lingering in my chest, waiting to explode if something happens to her. Ragini, please wake up, her angelic figure lied in my hands, lifeless.

“Is she okay?” Nikhil asked me dubiously as I lay her gently on the sand while all the others scurried on the floor.

I rolled my eyes at him and scowled profusely, “Dumbo, have you lost your eyes too?”

For the first time in my life, I was happy to see Ved here because he was a doctor and was the only person I needed at the moment, I asked him hastily as he bent over to check her pulse,“Is she okay?”

“Ptfff, look who’s talking now,”Nihkil snickered with frustration.

I passed him a quick death glare before focusing back on Ragini.

“She is just unconscious and her temperature is way colder than usual,” Ved said in his professional voice as he examined her face once more.

“Take her to your hotel, and sprinkle her with some water. As soon as you do that, give her some food if she wants and cover her with everything to keep her warm,” he told me while I kept glancing with fear slowly dissolving inside me. She was okay, my Ragini was okay.

“Is there anything else?” I asked him frantically with desperation.

“No, just hurry up,” he retorted with his hands gesturing me to speed up.

“Why can’t I wake her up now?” I asked him with confusion.

“It will be easier for her to wake up and eat, than her walking from here and stuff,” he told me patiently as I carried her in my arms again and walked with her towards the hotel.

“Fine,” I mumbled as I bid them my good bye and walked fastly towards the hotel which was luckily near the beach.

I quickly ran towards their room in the hotel and laid her gently on the soft bed. I took a deep breath in as I sprinkled some water from the glass beside her bed on her face as I murmured, “Ragini, wake up, Ragini, wake up,”

Her eyes wriggled and moved a little while I raised my voice a little as I whispered, “Laado,”

“Huh?” she asked me confused as she finally opened her shiny dark eyes, making me breath in relief.

“You scared me to death,” I scowled at her as I broke into a tight hug, inhaling all her scent which sent peace to my blood cells.

“I know you love me and all but I can’t breathe,” I heard her whisper in a strained voice which made me instantly release her.

“Sorry, how are you feeling?”

“Tired and I need food,”

“Give me your order and let me call the hotel service,”

“Where is my sister?” she asked me confused as she searched around the dark room, I didn’t bother to turn the lights on, there was only the streaks of moonlight coming from the window.

“In a date with Sanskaar,” I answered with a frown. Did she forget, again?

“Oh ya, can you call them up and ask them where they are,”

“Later, first tell me what do you want to eat,”

Her face flashed me a wide grin and she enthusiastically declared everything in one go, leaving me speechless, “Umm..I want dum biryani, four cheese pasta, personal pan pizza with onions and olives and a huge chocolate cake,”

“Ragini, it is 10 in the night, are you sure about this?” I asked her as softly as possible, I mean really, all that food? Too much for hunger, this girl is freaking obsessed with food.

“Well, because you, I had to come and play with your friends, then I am freezing with the water and now you won’t even let me eat stuff,” she ranted out with fuss as she raised her hand and smacked me on my head several times.

“I get it woman, stop being violent,”

“Sorry, but please get me food,”

“Anything for you sweety,” I said in mere whisper in her ear as I gently pecked her forehead warmly with immense affection of care.

“You look cute when you blush,” I snickered sarcastically as I saw her roll her eyes at my action.

“How cliche,” she dryly stated as she hid herself under the covers to find warmth while I picked the phone to order food or should I say a feast?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I scoffed as we walked down the golden colored walls leading to our hotel rooms, one was in the first floor while the other was in the second. Swara wanted to stop by ours in the first floor to say thanks to Laksh for no reason, sometimes, I feel that they have a much better bond than me and Swara do.

“I am going to so- achoooo,” she sneezed again in the middle of her sentence and I sighed as I grabbed another tissue from the box I was holding and passed it on to her.

“Bless you,” I mumbled.

“This is so because of you,”

“Yeah, sure, now let’s get moving,” I hastily said as I dragged her to the room.

As we were about to enter, I got a call from Laksh, “Hello Laksh?”

“Really?” I said in shock as he told me about Ragini’s condition.

“No, Swara is sick too,” I answered back when he asked us to come to the second floor.

“K, bye!” I say at last as we decided to let them stay here and us stay here.

“What did he say-achooo,” Swara sneezed again, with her nose turning extremely red and filling with tears.

“Ragini fell down in the water as she was paragliding, so she is sick too. It is better if we stay in my room while Ragini and Laksh stay in yours,” I informed her as we walked into the hotel room.

“OMG! I want to go see her, now,” she replied frantically with concern as she tried to head out the room.

I instant;l lunged forward and grabbed her hand, dragging her towards me, “Let’s not spread your cold around the world,”

“She is my sister though,” she said in a voice full of worry and eyes beaming with concern.

“Exactly and we don’t want her even more sick. So as you wanted I am going to take care of tonight,” I said to her gently as my eyes locked tightly with hers.

“You will catch the cold too,” she replied with a frown.

“You know what, let’s share some germs,” I declared with a smirk as I saw her eyes widen with shock. I smiled internally and leaned in, as I caught hold of her hand tightly and pushed her even more into me.

“What are you doin–achooo,” she sneezed at the right time and thank god I took a step back to escape from her ‘germs’.

“Swara, shush, I am not going to kidnap you,” I mocked as we scurried towards the bed.

“Who would dare to anyways?” she boasted with pride.

“Overconfidence much,” I commented as she settled underneath the covers.

“You wish,” she replied back, sticking her tongue out at me.

“Now sleep,” I ordered her while she scowled at me lazily,

“I am hungry,”

“What now? Swara, just sleep,” I said with frustration even though I know that she really needed some food as we didn’t eat anything on this so called date of ours.

“No, no, nah nah na, I am hungry and I need my damn food,” she whined like a 3 year old stubbornly.

“Not happening,” I said in a same stubborn tone, I am not going to open the door and lift my legs off the couch for that. Too much work, you know.

“You are so mean. Normal boyfriends will treat their girlfriends like queens with expensive gifts, and stuff, but for you all I am asking is for FOOD and you can’t even give me that, how rude, I can believe-” she ranted on and off about the ideal couples while my lips escaped a yawn.

“Boyfriend eh? How about you give me the right of being a boyfriend and then I will get you your food,” I said mischievously with a smirk coming on.

“Huh?” she asked me surprised while I gently went ahead to kiss her on the cheek.

I saw her cheeks turn a little red which provoked me to tease her even more by placing a long kiss on her other cheek. Her eyes immediately snapped into mine but I let them go and went ahead to peck her forehead, I saw her freeze my touch and slowly lose herself in it.

“Sanskaar? Move,” she warned me in a warning tone as I leaned in even closer to kiss the edges of her lips.

“What if I say no?” I drawled out slyly while she shook her head at me.

“Achooo-” she sneezed right in my handsome face which made me step back in shock.

“What the hell?” I snapped at her harshly while she sagged back laughing her head off.

“You are the one who wanted germs right?” she shot back at me as she laughed at me wildly.

“Yeah, but not literally, gross man,” I scowled as I wiped my face with a tissue.

“No, go get me some food,”

“I hate you,”

“I do too, so go get food,” she yelled at me as I exited the room annoyed. This girl and her tantrums will be the end of me!

“How did I land here?” I asked him as I put the divinely pasta into my mouth. Who can avoid food tell me? It is the BEST, just like me!

“I carried you out of the water, like a true hero, battling the waves and fighting the wind to get to you. Then , I took the pain to lift you up and carry you back to shore with people all over cheering for me,” he swanked with pride as he dramatically demonstrated me the whole thing while I continued my eating.

“Really, Laksh, really? That was soo cheesy,” I asked him with bored eyed.

“I know, and I also know you love cheese,” he commented with his usual I-am-awesome look which I totally turned a blind eye to.

“No, I don’t like you though,” I shot back which faded out his smile into a ghostly one and I mirrored the smirk from earlier.

“Is that enough or do you want more?” he asked me as I licked the lasts of my pasta, I finally ate all what I wanted to eat today and nothing stopped me from it! So, 3 cheers to me!

“Let me spare you for today by saying that is enough,” I answered back with a satisfied grin.

“Thank you, your majesty,” he said back as he bowed infront of me.

“Anything for you, worker,” I said in a high authoritative, british voice.

“Oh, so I am a worker now?” he asked me with his eyebrow raised.

“When were you not? You always worked for your dad’s company right?” I asked him surprised as he took it a little offensively.

“I never did, it was only Sanskaar,”

“Really? Why not?”

“I badly wanted to win the all world Racing championship,” he said with dreamy and desperate sigh.

Right, how did I forget that? The whole point we were here is because of his work and me trying to get into that. “I can train you if you want,”

“Really?” he asked me as his face lit up all of a sudden.

“Sure, the least I can do for saving my life,”

“Look who is being cheesy now,” he mocked at me while I chuckled.

“From when did being thankful turn cheesy?” I threw back and smiled at my comeback.

The minute I said that and shifted a little from the bed, the feeling of trembling cold and shivers came back into me. I shuddered with cold as I hid underneath the duvets,

“Are you okay?” I heard Laksh ask me with concern as he got up from the couch and walked towards me.

“Don’t worry, I’m all good,” I assured him with a lie.

“Ragini?” he asked me again as he walked to the other side and sat down beside me.

“ I am fine,” I told him with assurance but I shivered again due to the coldness coming in from somewhere.

“Come here,”he ordered curtly as he pulled me towards him. I sat up, leaning against his broad chest and spread the cover over us both.

“It is cold in here,” I mumbled as I felt him rub the arms on my either sides to make me feel the warmth.

“This is the only comforters available,” he whispered in my ear, which caused tingles in my body.

“I have a plan,” he remarked after a while which got me all excited.

“Really? Are we going to steal? Or wake up the people and take away their comforters?” I listed out all the various possibilities.

“You are so violent, I was thinking more of running away,” he said to me quietly as he played with my hair in the front.

I dropped my jaw and exclaimed, “What? To where?”

“I don’t know, Back to London, US, or Cuba or umm, France or Italy, or, there are so many places in the world. We can run away right now,”

“You want to run away, sit in the plane for 15 hours just because I can get a warmer blanket there?”

“Yep, so where are we going? I heard the Tower of Pisa is a must watch,” he said back with delight while I frowned at him with shock.

“Idiot, shut up, I can hardly move, how am I going to go to Italy?” I said as I smacked his arm and wishing for some peace.

“I can carry you with my for a lifetime, my dear,” he meekly whispered in his usual cheesy and flirty voice.

“Shut up and go to sleep,” I demanded as I punched his stomach lightly.

“I like it here,” he said to me as his hands moved up my waist, and his face fell on my shoulders.

“Laksh,” I breathed with a heavy sigh as my breathing turned heavy and hacked as he drew circles on my waist.

“Admit that you are liking it too,” he sternly said with his face brushing against mine while I tried to wriggle away.

“Sorry to break your bubble but NO,” I shot back with a blushing face.

“Think about it, Rome is good too,” he mumbled humorously.

“Laksh,” I groaned as I hit him, I was not planning to run away.

“Oh and we could even have a small wedding there too, and our kids-” he was about to go on but I smacked him hard and hid my face with embarrassment.

“Oh my freaking god, you have a whole future planned, but for now shut up,” I snapped at him, what was he talking about?

“I can you see you blush you know, why don’t you admit you like me way too much,” he said to me while I shook my head. Of course I liked it, but I am never going to admit that!

“You have a lot of misunderstanding running in your brain,” I mumbled as he gently pecked my cheek and left the bed, to settle on the couch.

Will my life always be this perfect?
I was getting a few comments like more RagLak scenes so I decided to add them and next will have more SwaSan scenes. DO comment your views if possible!

SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 52)


SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 52)


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