This is Love…… IKRS Episode 7

This is Love…. IKRS Episode 7
The episode starts with Viplav coming to meet Dhaani. He hugs her and says he missed her so much. Dhaani smiles and says let me introduce you someone. Viplav says okay….. and Dhaani takes him to Kabir. Viplav and Kabir look on. Dhaani asks what happened. Viplav tells he have already met Kabir. They shake hands. Dhaani asks really?? How ???when?? Kabir asks her to calm down and says Viplav helped him when his car broke down. He turns to Viplav and says so you are the one whom Dhaani loves so much. Viplav says yes. ….. and tells I would die without Dhaani in my life. Dhaani looks on and keeps her hand in Viplav’s lips to stop him from saying such. Kabir sees this and says Ahmmmm Ahmmm… you both are made for each other. Always be happy. Dhaani and Viplav thanks her.
Later, they are seen on road. Dhaani sees Kulfi and looks at Viplav. Viplav smiles and is about to go. Kabir says he will also come with him. They go. Kabir sees Tripathi family’s small photo in Viplav’s wallet and looks on. He thinks Viplav is the one because of whom he had to leave his home . He gets angry but composes himself. He then looks at Dhaani. He thinks Dhaani loves Viplav,that person who gave him pain….Viplav nudges him and asks him to come. Kabir goes behind him.

Kabir says he needs to go. Viplav asks what is the hurry?? Kabir goes in hurry and Viplav, Dhaani look on. Kabir gets in his car. He thinks he came Banaras for a motive….to harm that person who compelled him to leave his own house…. who made him away from his family…. He then thinks about Dhaani…who is his best friend….. He says he cannot see Dhaani upset but what about his motive???? Just then he gets a call…. He address the person as dad….. the person is none other than Kanak’s brother… Karan aka Kabir’s maternal uncle….. Mama brainwashes him and indirectly asks him to harm Viplav anyhow …no matter what??? Kabir agrees and cuts the call.Kabir gets angry on Viplav. On the other hand, Mama laughs evilly saying Gharka Bhedi…lanka Dhaaye…….( the one who belongs to a family…harms the family)…….

Viplav and Dhaani are enjoying their kulfi. Dhaani pulls Viplav’s nose while he is struggling with Kulfi and Viplav smiles…. Ishq ishq plays… Viplav also pulls her cheek. Dhaani smiles…. Viplav Dhaani talk about their haldi ceremony in the night…. Dhaani says she is very happy. Viplav jokes but he is not happy….. and smiles…. Dhaani looks on at first and runs around their car where Viplav chases Dhaani. Dhaani is about to fall but Viplav holds her and they share an eyelock…… Sanam re plays.. Both Viplav and Dhaani smile looking at each other with love.

PRECAP: Viplav and Dhaani are looking at each other lovingly in the Sangeet…..Later Kabir looks at the chandelier (jhumar) whose rope is loosening and says No one can save Viplav now……..

I know friends…. this episode was really really short…but I thought I can’t make you guys wait longer as I have already made you wait for more days to read this episode….. Hope you guys will like it and don’t forget to drop your comments….

Keep Smiling….love you all… 

This is Love…… IKRS Episode 7


This is Love…… IKRS Episode 7


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