manik malhotra_its my love story (part-58)

Manik malhotra_its my love story

Nandini is happy
Manik said in anger”not even fasting”
Nandini kept puppet face “that’s impossible. I can’t it’s my shradha, you don’t have to talk about it”
“Why don’t you understand?”
“Manik! When things are not in your hands its God who will give you strength to face them that is why we should pray. My upavas is also same thing”
“Ok fine”
“Let’s go amms may be searching for me”

Manik is busy in studies, exams are declared. All started to read. Day and night, group studies are going on.

Exams completed

Manik in last of exams while going home got a message from nandini
“Need to meet in the evening on music room steps it’s important I’ll be waiting for you at 5:30”
Manik smiled actually he want to meet her, but she is desperate.
He went home, all fab5 had fun and lunch.

At5:30 Manik reached college at parking he found nandini’s bike got a smile on his face. Manik walked to music room steps

Nandini is in white transperent saree with red roses on it matching bangles she wore, small bindi, silver hanging. Looking like a Pari beautiful. Her white and yellowish waist which is playing hide seek from her pallu is making Manik to stare at it. Her red lipstick which so tempting for him. He just want to hug her from back catching her waist tight and slightly squeezing it, and kiss her turning her face back on those red lips so hungrily that both can’t breathe for a moment.
“Manik”Nandini called him in soft voice
Manik came out of his thoughts
“Hi nandu!”
“Hai! Manik before you say or ask anything I want to say you something please don’t stop me” Nandini took a deep breathe and again started
“Manik when I saw you in hotel for frist time with your friends at marine drive my eyes started to admire you. Then in college I was happy to be my classmate, day by day I just been dragged towards you. When you saved me from trilok sir, I decided to be your for ever. I know we don’t need words to express our feelings but I don’t know how to stop my feelings they are so strong that I just want to shout and inform this world. I thought you will do it, why? You are stopping yourself I don’t know. I was shy to express being a girl how to do it? Then I thought it’s my Manik why should I feel shy? When you touch me, kiss me I feel like iam at heaven, if you stand away from me like this how you are now I feel sad I want you to be so close to me touching me, I don’t know if it is right or wrong? I don’t even care. Iam your Manik totally. “I love you Manik” I love you from bottom of my heart, truly, deeply, madly and I knew you to love me still I just want to listen to you”
Nandini looked at Manik

Paari paari honthon pe na jaane kaise
Dhaani dhaani muskurahaton ke phool khilne lage, mann hi mann
Khaari khaari hatheliyon pe jaane kaise
Pyaari pyaari rangreliyon ki dhoop sajne lagi, tan badan
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiyan main joganiyan
Ab chaahe mohe rang lagaa
Piya ji mohe ang lagaa
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiyan main joganiyan
Jab se mili baahein teri
Mujh se mili raahein meri
Jab se mili baahein teri
Mujh se mili raahein meri
Chhat pe teri jaag ke
Mujh se mili subah meri
Ab chaahe tu raatein jalaa
Ab chaahe tu raatein bujhaa
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya
Neeme neeme nainon mein naa jaane kaise
Meethe meethe chaahaton ke chheente aaj padne lage, mann hi mann
Teele teele khwahishon ke jaale kaise
Neeli neeli baarishon ki boondein aaj tarne lage, tan badan
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya

Manik is just looking at her. His eyes dropped tears from them. The tears are burning him deep inside, something is breaking into pieces may be its his heart or it may be his brain, Manik is speechless. His words are not been supported by his brain and heart. His whole surroundings are revolving like a roller coaster. He slipped his step and was about to fall Nandini held him tight
“Manik! Are you ok?”

manik malhotra_its my love story (part-58)


manik malhotra_its my love story (part-58)


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