Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 19)

Thank u all! Oh Maahi so sweet of u and I also like that montage thats y i chose it. ?Ok getting back to the plot….

Pragya met Abhi at the park….
Pragya ” Abhi I know everything and pls don’t dwell on the past at least for the sake of Dadi!” Abhi ” Fuggy how can i forget my past that is filled with the memories of my parents! Becoz of this Ashok I lost everything and now when I just see him I want to kill him but after knowing that he is your father, I am helpless again!!”

Pragya ” Even though he is my father what he did was very wrong and I will support u to get him punished by the law!” Abhi in shock asked ” Fuggy what are u saying?” Pragya explained about her plan to Abhi.

Abhi ” Fuggy!!How can I let u do this what if he harm u when he knows the truth? I wont agree to this! I cant lose anything further and especially u!!”

Pragya ” No we have no choice other than this!! We have to take the risk! Only then we will get what we want! Pls agree to this if u have faith in me! And how can he harm me when u are there to protect me like a shield?” Abhi ” Ok I agree to this but u cannot make any changes to the plan!Ok?” Pragya ” Yes Boss! Point noted” Abhi had a small smile on his face hearing her saying that he is her boss.

Execution of the plan by Abhigya….

Sorry for the short update but will make it longer in the nxt one!

Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 19)


Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 19)


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