Maryada Purushotham RAM

Lord Ram was the symbol of virtues, affectionate, kind, considerate, attractive, eloquent, chivalrous and full of magnanimous personality. He was very simple, noble, forgiving, honest, sincere and completely free from flamboyance. He always respected his elders even when they were wrong and treated all humans of different social groups equally. He never deviated from the path of Dharma and karma and responded cleverly and calmly even in dire circumstances. He never spoke a lie and always adjusted to circumstances. In short, his qualities cannot be written in mere words but I can best summarize his qualities as a man of stainless purity, praiseworthy contentment, holy compliance, commendable sacrifice and remarkable renunciation. He set an example of unmatched model behavior and moral conduct. He showed the human beings how to lead a life with all the virtues and this is the reason why he is called as Maryada Purushottam (perfect man). Maryada means the limitations or discipline or customs/Traditions or complete observances of rules while Purushottam means the best amongst men. .

Lord Ram was the only person in this world who respected this power of every creation/creature. He was on many occasions in a position to undermine this power, but he never did it in spite of temptations. In spirituality, world this power which is the very basis of existence of the creatures and creations is known as ‘Dharm’. In the eyes of religious people this respect to the inherent power of creature/creations is the respect to the universe and respect to the ‘dharma’. Parabaram had created this universe and endowed powers to all. Lord Rama being incarnation of Parabrahm thus respects its own creation. This respect to dharma shown by Lord Rama is called as Maryada. Lord Rama being the best of all humans is also titled as ‘Maryada Purushottam’

Maryada Purushotham RAM


Maryada Purushotham RAM


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