Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 9.

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The Curse.

Chapter 9.

Swara : Aey Sanakii !!!

Swara quickly clicks his pic. Sanskaar turns. He was amused as in why Swara didn’t cry post a tight slap. He smiles crookedly seeing her. Sanskaar leaves for next lectures. Even Swara leaves for next class , which was of Cooking Class. On the way to cooking class Swara starts coughing harder and harder. She removes her kerchief and coughs. Blood and mucous falls on the kerchief. She goes in washroom and washes her mouth completely. Swara gets let to reach the kitchen class. Swara peeps through window and finds all students on their tables.

Swara : mam may I come in… !?

Teacher watches her wid shocked expressions….

Swara : May I !?
Teacher : Who are you !?
Swara : I’m Swara mam….. New student..
Teacher : ohk… come in…

Swara enters the room and finds an empty platform and stands there. She looks to her side. Sanskaar was over her right side. (2 steps distance)

Teacher : Now students today you’ll prepare the dish which you can prepare very well… Okay !?
Students : yeah !!
Teacher : Then get started….you’ve 30 minutes…..

All students start preparing their own dishes. Swara keeps looking at everyone. She finds Sanskaar peeping into a girl’s platform. Sanskaar turns to Swara. Swara smiles at Sanskaar and Sanskaar gives an angry look… Swara looks at teacher who was busy. Swara quickly shifted a lil to right.

Swara : Tumhe khana banana nahi ata !?
Sanskaar : Nahi…

Sanskaar shows full attitude.

Swara : oh…..toh ab…!?

Sanskaar smirks.

Swara : yaar jaise har movie mein hero ko six packs abs hona jaruri hain , Shaktiman ki laal chaddi jaruri hain waise hi tum jaise Sanakii ka yeh attitude aur sadu look compulsory hain kya !!??
Sanskaar : don’t call me Sanakii…… !!
Swara : But that’s my wish…. I’ll call you Sanakii….. ?
Sanskaar : Clumsy…

Swara looses her balance and falls. Swara was about to fall when Sanskaar holds her..

Sanskaar : Bahane dhundo baahon mein aane ke liye…
Swara : haww !!!! ? Tum ne hi Mujhe clumsy kahan ! Tumhe main Sanakii bulati hoon coz u act like Sanakii….and you called me Clumsy so I’m acting like clumsy…??
Sanskaar : Nice explanation…..
Swara : Achha baba cool it…Ek Joke sunega !?? okay I’ll tell…
Ek Ped Par Se Ek Kabutar Ke Bacchhe Ne Susu Kiya,
Lekin Woh Susu Niche Nahi girti kyun !?
Sanskaar : Newton ki galti…
Swara : Nahi re Sanakii !! Kyun ki usne diaper nahi pehna tha…!! ?
Sanskaar : Go and cook your dish and not my head !! Get lost !!

Swara notices Kavita approaching towards them. Swara quickly shifted a lil to right.

Kavita : hey Sanky. . . . . .
Sanskaar : hi….
Kavita : I’ll help you….
Sanskaar : Its fine…
Swara : Its Sanakii and not Sanky…..!! ? But Shall I ask you one question ! ?
Sanskaar : nope….
Swara : But you said you’re intelligent….
Sanskaar : Say…..
Swara : Which face wash would help to remove ketchup off skin !?
Sanskaar : What type of question is that !?
Swara : Just answer…..!! No !?
Sanskaar : I’m not so intelligent…..sorry….
Swara : No problem…..

Swara removes ketchup and applies on Sanskaar’s nose…..

Swara : hahaha !! Your nose !!

Sanskaar looses his control and fumes in anger. Swara understands Sanskaar’s future action. Before Sanskaar could hold and scold her she quickly escapes from there ….. Swara looks at him who was all fuming ….. She started gazing at her platform which was full of veggies and some non veg stuff… Swara notices Kavita flirting with Sanskaar. She gets angry and throws a tomato on her. But she suddenly bends down to pick up fallen knife and the tomato hits straight on Sanskaar’s cheeks. Sanskaar turns to Swara. Swara hides her face. When she notices Sanskaar no more starring at her she gets comfort and tries to make her dish ….. She finds fantasy in throwing away the veggies and throws some more veggies on her Sanakii ….. Sanskaar keeps quite and just fumes without saying anything more ….. Kavita keeps on flirting with him ….. Swara was unaware of the fact that the teacher was staring at her and her mischief. The teacher comes to Sanskaar. Swara shots an egg towards Sanskaar. Sanskaar bends down suddenly…… Khacchak !!! The egg hits someone…… Swara wides her eyes ….. Sanskaar breaks laughing …… The egg hits the teacher’s dress …

Teacher : Come with me to Principal’s cabin …..
Swara : I’m sorry mam ……
Teacher : just follow …..
Swara : B…But…..

Swara follows the teacher to cabin.

Principal : oh…. So Miss. Swara it seems you love cooking a lot , am I right !?
Swara : Sir… no…
Principal : So I’ve a nice plan…… Prepare a dish and present it in canteen…..All the students present there would eat and judge….you need to get maximum 25 +ve votes…. If you get positive votes then you’re saved if not then one bad remark would be added….. Happy !? Of course you might be….I gave you chance to show your talent…. It’s 12 now …. Assemble at 1….. Go !!

Swara comes out of the cabin. She was walking towards the kitchen when Rags notices her.

Ragini : Baccha….!? Kya hua !? You seem tensed…..
Swara : Yeah Rags….

Swara narrates the whole incident to Rags.

Ragini : hey don’t worry….!!

Rags thinks of the plan. Ragini removes the bluetooth from her bag and puts on Swara’s ears and other on her ear and covers wid hair locks…..

Ragini : Hope you got the plan….!? ?
Swara : you’re cool !!
Ragini : thanks..? Now go fast !! its 12 : 5 !!
Swara : yup !!

Swara quickly rushes to kitchen. Rags was sitting in garden. Rags narrates her the ingredients…

Ragini : Now smash the boiled potatoes and add all those spices which you have gathered…. And mix it well …
Swara : Wait wait !!
Ragini : What !?
Swara : you had said to bring oil na !?
Ragini : yup..
Swara : I forgot to take it….wait I’ll bring…

Swara brings the oil and returns to her platform. She mixes well the batter and makes tikki and fries them in oil. Suddenly while frying the oil hits her wrist.

Swara : (Screams) Aahhh !! ?
Ragini : What happened !?
Swara : I’m fine … I’m fine !!

After the dish gets done she brings in canteen. Even Rags comes there. There was a board on which the details were written….. The principal comes in and eats the tikki. Swara bits her lips… Rags signs her to relax.

Principal : Sunil…… Add one +ve vote ….

Swara was amused…. Rags side hugs her.

Rags : I knew it !!
Swara : love you !! ?

Some students also have the tikki….. Swara gets 10 +ve while some negative….. To encourage her Rags tastes one and adds +ve vote….It was now 1 : 30 and Swara had 20 votes..!! Suddenly Kavita and Sanskaar enters the canteen. They read the board and smirk…. Sanskaar gives an evil smile to Swara. Kavita tastes it…

Kavita : yuck !! You call them tiki !? Like seriously……!? They taste so dumb !!
Swara : (fumes) Then who asked you to taste them !? And you’re judging as if you’re very good in making them…!? ??

Kavita gives her negative vote. There were 24 +ve votes and she was in need of one and there were two tikki…. One tikki gets over but the girl gives -ve… Swara gives hopes as Sanskaar forwards..

Swara : I’m gone Rags… I’m damn sure that Sanakii won’t give me +ve vote…..
Rags : Chill bachha… I’m there na !

Sanskaar takes the tikki and eats… Swara looks at him. Swara joins her hands and signs him to give +ve vote. Sanskaar raises his eyebrow….. Swara signs him that if he says no then she’ll give him a punch…. Sanskaar smiles crookedly leaving Swara mesmerised over the smile …..

Sanskaar : well the tikki is okay……+ve vote….

Swara was damn amused….. Rags quickly hugs her.

Rags : 25 votes !! You’re saved !! Woah !!
Swara : yeah !! ?

Swara looks at Sanskaar and winks leaving him amused. Sanskaar passes by Swara and smiles evilly. He whispers in her ears…..

Sanskaar : don’t think you won ! I gave you +ve vote and you got saved….just for sometime !! Look at principal……

Swara gets shocked and Looks at principal …

Sanskaar : ten…nine..eight..seven..six..five..four..three

Swara’s heart beats even more faster at every count..

Sanskaar : two..and one !! Bang !!

Principal falls down unconscious …. Sanskaar winks at Swara and leaves. Suddenly some students fall down unconscious …. The teacher calls doctor. The doctor checks everyone…

Doctor : it’s a case of poison…… What had they all ate !?

Swara was left all shocked. She looks at Sanskaar who was smiling evilly at her.

Teacher : they had some tikki…. Swara !? You added poison to tikki !? Why !?
Swara : No mam !! Why would I add poison !?
Teacher : you’ve murdered a guy previously….
Swara : it was an accident…I did nothing !!!

The doctor gives some medicines and the principal gets up. The doctor tells Principal what had happened..

Principal : We would not lodge a complain….because it would affect the reputation of our college…… But miss Swara you’ll be punished !!!
Swara : I dint do anything…… Trust me…

The Principal ties the metal bracelet on her wrist.

Rags : Sir please don’t do it……

Swara was given a black remark. Swara moves out. Someone claps from behind…. Swara turns.

Swara : Tum !?
Sanskaar : ha main…. So how was the surprise !!?? Liked it !?
Swara : of course I did ! I got this gift !!
Sanskaar : Ek question Puchhu !? Chalo puchh hi leta hoon ….. If we wanna remove someone from college then what shall we do !?
Swara : (smiles) I know you’ve already planned to remove me from the college…no need to ask….
Sanskaar : you’re really intelligent , huh !!??
Swara : indeed…..

Precap – Rags brings Kristene to college 2 fulfil Swara’s wish. Kristene plans to make Swasan close….?

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Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 9.


Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 9.


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