Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 27)


Nandu’s room:
Nandu is standing in front of mirror…wearing her earrings….nd is continuously bickering..seeing upward”ayippa…y have u made him as such a monster…ek call bhi nahi kiya puri raat…MONSTER MANIK…aane do…milne do…I also wont speak wth him…wat is he thnkng of himself…”she is really frustrated…
Just then she heard her mob ringing…
Nandu:jarur it is manik…finally he remembered that….he is also havng a grlfrnd…abhi I ll tell him……”nd she wlked towards the bed to pick it up…it is his landline number…she answered the call…
Nandu:so ab…landline number se u will call…I don’t wanna talk to u…
Voice:nandini madam…..mai babu bol raha hoon…manik sir ‘s health is not at all good..aur nyo madam is also not in home….”he sounds worried…
Nandu strtd freaking out..wat?but wat happened to him…till strday he is fyn…did he eat anything wrong?”she said in one go
Babu:mam ..sir is suffering wth fever since last nyt..nd he is sleeping even now…I thought to call u nd tell u..
Nandu:aap….u pls cook khichidi for him..aur juice bhi…I will just come..”she cut the call..pickd her bag nd rushed outside…she is very worried…

Manik’s room:
Babu cut the call nd gulped his saliva…nd looked to his left..where MANIK is sitting on the bed comfortably…giving his famous smirk…a pillow placed in his lap..
Babu:sir….i have done as u said sir…
Manik:gud fr ur health….ab tum jao….”he said in full manik’s style…wth enormous attitude….
Babu moved out of his room nd after coming out of lion’s den..he stood there nd said after taking a sigh of relief…”I am saved frm manik sir….agar if I hadn’t done that sirf job nahi..shayad I will also go to bhagwan..par nandini mam bhi kam nahi hai…she is just a carbon copy of manik sir…who will save me from her..i will do onething…I will go outside b4 she comes here….han….that’s fyn…”in a worried tone…as he very well know that if manik is a lion …nandu is also not less than a lioness..nd he ran outside the mansion to save his lyf…
Inside the room,manik is smiling smugly…he rested his head on head board of bed nd crossed his hand on back on his hand…lay both his legs straight..then put one leg crossed on other nd said”ahhh..miss nandini murthy..u don’t wanna marry na.. now ..u will come running to me…now it will b fun…”he smiled smugly…
Nandini arrived inside the house..nd ran upstairs to his room…just when she arrived…he saw her stnding at the main door..peeping downwards…so immediately he ran to bed nd covered himself wth a quilt

Manik’s room:
Nandu came inside nd saw manik lying on the bed…he is fully covered with duvet on him….she got really worried nd rushed….”manu….kya hua tumhe…u ok na….bol baby….wake up jaanu…”she said worriedly…sitting beside him…he just opened his eyes very lazily..pretending to b weak…
Ahh….nan…nandini…aa…..aa…mmm…ffi…nne…eee”he said in a way as if he is really weak…she is more worried now..she quickly placed her hand on his forehead..but found no fever….
Nandu:manu….ur’s not hot…instead it’s cold….”she said in a confusing tone…
Manik:han….wo…bcoz im feeling cold…I think…iii…I needdd heattttt…”he said all this in very weak voice..
Being the innocent soul ,she is….She quickly turned off the a.c nd said cupping his face”manu…don’t worry…..u will b fyn….mai hoon na…wth u…I will get u black warm coffee…u will feel btr…I will come…”she said in a very loving tone that manik is just admiring her caring attitude towards him…but as soon as she got up frm the bed…he held her hand nd said”mat jao na plz…..i jst need u by my side..ur warmth is needed…nothing else will work out…”he said luking deep in her eyes…
Nandu being so naïve…didn’t get his real intentions…sat beside him…nd hugged him tight …as she felt he is down due to cold nd that’s y he needed her…so she hugged him….nd he quickly covered her in the same duvet nd hugged her tightly in his embrace..they both closed their eyes..

Pal do pal,ki hi kyun hai zindagi…
Iss,pyar ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi…
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohlat main ik nayi
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi
(they both are lying peacefully in each other’s arms….their eyes are close in contentment…forgot evrythng around their own manan world…evrythng seems prfct when they r together…time stopped there for them..)
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai…
(she lifted her head to luk into his eyes..he opened his eyes….there is galore luv nd carfe in her eys for him…nd he will always fall in luv wth her again nd again just by seeing those eyes..she caressed his head wth her hand…nd he kissed her forehead…yes..they r each other’s sa;lvation..)
Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummed mili..
Chahe kare koi sitam ye jahan
Inme hi hai sadaa hilazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahi..
(she smiled lukng at him…nd he felt a new energy filled in him…s..her smile…she hrself is strength of him…she gives definition to his existence..he hugged her again…nd they both again drfted to sum world manik’s game plan is totally forgotten business….he went wth the flow of the moment)
Jo tu mera humdard hai..(repeat until suhaana har dard hai…)
(now he strtd being cozy wth her..he kissed her head…then on arms….she got a little up…he held her securely by waist…he lukd at her in her eyes…then came 2wrds her lips….they are inches apart…she closed her eyes..)

Just when he is about to slam his lips on hers…..the reality hit her…nd she realised..he was just faking all this while….she opened her eyes…nd pushed him nd got up frm bed
Manik:wat?kya hua..”he askd he hmslf frgt..that a while ago he was prtnding to b sick..
Nandu:manik malhotra….u r already weak…so I don’t want u to b even more weaker..”she said more innocently…now its her turn to play the same trick…nd he will b captivated by his own trick nd she is successful..
Manik:no….”he shouted..she gave a confusing luk on which he suppressed his voice..nd again faked a weak voice”but I need u nah…”in a babyish voice…
Nandu wants to play around but his cute antics are givng her a tough tym…she herself wanted to claim his lips…but she said”I also WANT u..but I cant risk ur health manu…”she deliberately said WANT word instead of need…as this mere word will break all the walls he created….nd guess wat it worked…he quickly sat down on his bed and said”are….see…am fine…absolutely fyn….nthng happened to me…I was just playng wth u…I asked babu to call u…im too fine…nd..”he stopped in between nd realised wat he did jst now…that desperate soul bluttered evrythng in front of her nd now she gave him a deathly glare…while he is lyk..WHERE TO HIDE MYSELF…she quickly grabbed a pillow nd strt beating him..he jumped out of bed…she is chasing him all over the room…while manik is running for his lyf..

Nandu:manik malhotra u r so dead today..”she is shouting..he is the whole room
Manik:nandu….dont pls…atleast have sum ur official boyfrnd yaar…ah…nandu…baby…jaan..princess…..pls….”he tried to blackmail her..but to his dismay…she threw the pillow on bed…grabbed a wooden flower vase frm the table..threw at him wth full force..nd he yelled in it directly hit him on leg..
Nandu:u r such a monster….”she left the fight nd grabbed her bag,stormed out of the room
Manik ran down towards her…came to her blocking her way..she gave him a glare…whole mansion is empty…so luckily..there is no one to witness their tom nd jerry fight
Manik:acha..baba sorry…?this is wat u say..?u also know…how much I will b scared….i was hell tensed…how can u do this to me..?”nd strtd beating him wth her hand…nd he hugged her tight…she protested fr few min..but all in vain…his grip is getting tighter…soon she also reciprocated..
After sumtym,he found her relaxed nd said..”so itni care karti ho meri…then y u don’t wanna marry”she opened her eyes on his words nd moved out of his grip nd said
Nandu:who said I don’t wanna marry?but u didn’t ask me though..”manik is confused on her words nd askd
Manik:arey now…wat does that mean..?”confusingly
Nandu:manik..u shud ask me too…but no..u were ordering me..u shud propose me prprly..
Manik:really?nandu..u luv me..i luv u…now…y u need a proposal..?”he said in a straight voice..
Nandu:arey….wat do u mean by…y I need a proposal…ofcourse I want u to propose me…otherwise I wont marry u..”she said straight away…turning her back to him…nd stood wth her arms crossing over her chest…he just gave a NOW WAT IS THIS look…but soon a mischievous smirk appeared on his face..
He came close to really close..he put his hand on her waist frm back nd yanked her closer..her back hit his chest..she put her hand on his hand which is on her waist..he came close to her ears nd said”so u have decided…”he said in husky voice…he bit her earlobe…nd she closed her eyes in anticipation…he kissed her bare shoulder…she tighten her grip on his hand even more tighter…nd he smirked at her evry reaction on his touch..he gently traced her bare back wth the back side of his she is wearing a backless top…his each touch is making her body surrender to himself..he turned her around nd made her face him..he again asked ..this tym his lips on her neck..”u have decided that u wont marry me”..she is not in her senses..his touch is making her insane….she lost her sanity..he kissed her on the neck..nd he bent down on his knees..she is still standing closing her eyes..he gently kissed her on her bare stomach..but didn’t go further nd said
“miss…nandini murthy..u just cant deny say u will marry me or not..”he said in his own attitude..lukng in her eyes..nd s he is right…she cant deny him as he hold so much passion nd luv fr her in his eyes…she cant deny anything to him…but this tym she will…she quickly moved out of the room nd said
Nandu:will think..”nd showed him her tongue in a teasing way..nd strtd running all over mansion again nd he is chasing her..

Manik:nandu stop…”he is shouting
Nandu:catch me if u can mr.malhotra..”she said while running..turning her head to him nd ran up..
She reached his room nd thought where to hide…she saw manik’s wardrobe..her fav place to hide..opened it..nd she saw a diary fell frm it..she picked up…MANAN is beautifully engraved on it..she opened it…but her eyes are all teary…tears r brimming down from her eyes..
Suddenly a pair of hands wrapped around her waist..she didn’t she very well know the owner of that warmth
Manik:see…I caught u…now say…u really don’t wanna marry me?”he said nuzzling his nose in the crook of her neck…she instntly turned nd hugged him tight..he is strtlled by the sudden act…she is sobbing badly..he is evn more worried now..he strtd rubbing her back to soothe her…but she is not stopping at all
Manik:nandu….wat happned…u r scaring…jaan…pls…say na…kuch hua hai kya”she clutched his shrt in her fist nd said”MANU…lets get married…”her sudden words made him she hrself ws telling him few moments propose her properly..she made him run after her…but now wat happned all of sudden..he is worried…broke the hug nd cupped her face..planted a kiss on her forhead..she is lukng down…still weeping..
Manik:wat happened nandini..plz say sumthing”he askd too lovingly…she showed him that diary in one hand..he looked at her nd that diary…he knew wat she must have read…he hugged her tightly in his embrace

After sumtym,he made her sit on the bed..she is clutching his shrt nd her head is on his chest..his one hand on her shoulder nd the other on her hand holding diary..she isn’t crying now..
Manik:speak sumthn g baby..
Nandu:u suffered a lot manik..agar that day if me nd akanksha haven’t thought of xchnging ourselves…u would have not suffered lyk this…I was not there when u needed me the most…”her voice is very weak
Manik:my nandu was always wth me…jese I was wth u…humesha…”she is too touched by his words nd moved out of his hold nd lukd in his eyes
Manik:wat r u seeing lyk that?”as he found her continuous gaze on him
Nandu:myself… ur eyes…”she said wth a smile..nd he smiled broadly at her answer nd hugged her tight
After sumtym..she is lying in his lap nd he strtd running his fingers in her roles reversed
Nandu opened the diary nd is abt to strt reading..when he stopped her nd said”no need nandu..i don’t wanna see u shedding tears..”he said in a caring tone..she looked upwards in his eyes nd said”but I want to shed those tears…wch u have shed in my absence….not only on u…I even have right on ur tears..”he is again touched by her words..she strtd reading
Author note:(ppl this is a sort of hindi poem ..i will also give English translation for ppl who didn’t understand that hindi may not b xact translation…but adjust ah…do read it……thnk u..)
Kis gunaah ki de raha ho saza
(for wat mistake I’m getting this punishment)
Zinda hoon,ya mar chuka
(whether I am alive or dead)
Mera khudse bhi rishta naa raha
(I am unable to maintain any relation wth myself even now)
Laut aao “nandini”,laut aao sada..
(pls come back na nandu..come back forever)
Har soch,har aasun,bula rahe hai
(each thought nd each tear is calling u back)
Humare har sapne mujhe sata rahe hai
(each nd evry dream of us is haunting me now)
Laut aao,”nandini”,laut aao sada..
(pls come back na nandu..come back forever)
Meri rooh mei basta hai aks tumhara
(a form/part of u resides in me..I know this is not xact translation for this sentence..but I m unable to put up it in if any one can u can put in comments..ur welcum)
Mere andar sama gaya hai dard saara
(I am totally equipped wth only lots of pain inside)
Ek baar mujhe fir gale laga lo
(hug me once again,just only once)
Mujhe thoda sa toh rula do
(let me atleast cry peacefully in ur arms)
Laut aao,”nandini”,laut aao sada..
(pls come back na nandu..come back forever)
Ek sapne ki tarah tum aati ho
(u appear nd come just lyk a dream)
Aankh khultii hai,gayab ho jati ho,
(nd when I open my eyes,u disappear)
Meri pyaas har pal hai badh rahi,
(my desperation to see u is increasing second by second)
meri yeh pyaas toh buja do..
(pls come back nd fulfil this desperation of mine)
laut aao,”nandini”,laut aao sada..
(pls come back na nandu..come back forever)
yuhe har raat so jata hoon,
(just lyk that I sleep evry night)
kahi se shayad laut aao tum,
(only with a hope that u might come back oneday)
bas isi umeed mei,
(just in this hope only)
mai firse jeene lag jaata hoon…
(I started living this lyf only fr u… to see u)
laut aao,”nandini”,laut aao sada..
(pls come back na nandu..come back forever)
mat rulao aur,aansun bhi sukh gaye hai,
(don’t make me cry even more,tears also r being dried up)
dil bekhabar nahi hai
dil mera sach se anjaan nahi hai,
(my heart is feeling strange to accept that u r no more I know this is not xact translation for this sentence..but I m unable to put up it in if any one can u can put in comments..ur welcum)
tum aaogi,ise har pal yakeen hai..
(u will come back….i have trust on this each second)
laut aao “nandini”,laut aao sada…
(pls come back na nandu..come back forever)
this poem is written by manik..when he is far far away frm nandu…evry line depicted the pain he went through..again tears brimmed her eyes..she sat on the bed cupped his face..nd kissed him….still crying….it is much consists evrythng that they sufferd….it consists their true love..manik broke it,made her sleep by humming a song nd he also drifted to sleep

Hi ppl….gave u a big update…nd sorry if u feel its crappy or not interesting…nd may b in sum 6-7 epi u will get manan many of u r eager for their marriage track….plz cmnt ur that I will get to know ur view….suggestions nd feedback welcome….ignore typos…luv u all…bye…

Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 27)


Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 27)


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