SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 23

hii guys iam sooo soorrryyyy for the late updates. …. thank u for those who have commented….

its flashback only…i will complete the flashback n then come to present. ….

so lets start the epi. …

Sanskaar in office lost in swaras thoughts. ….

dp : beta come now the meeting is gonna start….

sans : ha papa lets go n they go to a big hall arranged for the conference. ….all the share holders n some clients are present in the he hall…
sanskaar gives his presentation n he gives the brief details of the project n asks them to come up with their new ideas so that he can give the consignment plus partnership in him company. ….
shekar Gadodia n Ragini Gadodia wer also present ….
they finish the meeting. ….

dp : I am proud of u sanskaar for this dream project u r really working hard …. wer is this nalayak….

lak : ha ha iam here nly n keeps pout face….

sanskaar n dp laugh. ….seeing him…….

laksh : now enough lets go n have ice cream. .. today is ur treat bhai…

dp: see sanskaar i said na that he is nalayak. he is thinking about filling his stomach not about work….lev wats the need of talking to him…

sans : papa lev na… he will understand wen i will not be here….

lak : gets angry…. bhaii again dont say all these things i hate it … wer u will go leaving me… i will be back of u like vikram n betal story…

dp : sanskaar wat nonsense r u talking. …

sans : papa think practically. ..
k now lev all these is uttara coming. ..

lak : no we need to take her share home…..

sans : k lets go….

sanskaar n laksh left for ice cream parlour. ….

In Hospital. …

swara’s cabin….

swara is deeply reading some files n she calls ragini…

swara : ragini vo Maheswari’s ka consignment meeting aaj tha na did u attend … n did u get the project details. …wet r u can u get it to hospital or shall i cum n pick. who gave the presentation. ….

rags : stop stop so many questions. … all answers will be given by one n only Ragini Gadodia cum to Xyz ice cream parlour. ….

swara : ice cream now …. already u r suffering from cold ragzz…

rag : no problem wen 2 doctors are at home … now u come or else see…n pouts

swara : o my dr iam coming stop pouting. ..

rag : ha thats like my good girl…

In Xyz ice cream parlour. ..

Ragini is already waiting for swara….

sanskaar n laksh come to same ice cream parlour. …

they sit n they give their order….
sans : black forest with choco chips..
laksh : butterscotch. ..

in the mean time swara comes there … she doesn’t notice sanky there n he also doesn’t see her….

swara n ragzz give their order….
swara : meee black forest With choco chips. ..
rag : dark chocolate …

the waiter changes the order n gives dark chocolate n black forest to sanlak

butterscotch n black forest to swaragini

rags : hello excuse me this is not my order….

lak : hello even this is not my order…

waiter sorry mam n sir n he replaces it…

laksh to ragini

lak : even u like black forest…

rags : no its my diis…favourite. ..

lak : ohh its my bhai’s favourite. ..k bye carry on. ..

rag : hmm bye…

swara : raginiii without knowing them how could u speak….

rags : chill di he just asked who eats this black forest…

swara : u r unbelievable. …

rag : vo toh hun main….

other side…

sans : lukky shuru kar diya kua tumhara flirting. …

lak : no bhai…. i just asked her about the flavour of ice cearm which was same as urs….

sans : kk now go n take ice cream for uts n others pay for it n cum i will take out the vehicle. ..n gives him his creditcard. … n goes. …

laksh : k k

swara : raginiii today is ur treat so pay n cum i will be out…

rag : hmm k k go…

swara n sanskaar go out without noticing eo ….

sanskaar is taking his car out…. he dashes his car with swara’s two wheeler ..

swara : hey u wat the hell r ur eyes closed. ..

swara is checking hr vehicle by bending down…

sanskaar gets down from car goes towards her n sees her n says ….

sans : hello miss bak bak i think u have closed ur eyes… always u r ready to fight….

swara : ohh Mr Hi5…. is it u then definitely u will be dreaming. …

sans : ohh miss always ready for action stop there its parking zone u r in wrong way n not me…

swara :Mr Angry bird now u teach me traffic rules ….n btw thank you for helping morning. ..

sans : no thanks its my duty as a human n bye for now. ..n he goes ….

both go towards their opposite direction by blaming n scolding eo….

swaragini. ..

swara : wat the hell he think of him self. …akdu kahinka

rag : dii from half an hour u r scolding some one i mean Anamadeya Ashok kumar. …wats his name….
according to our Indian law if we dont know the person name we call him by this name so nice na…

swara : ha he has a good name… Mr . Angry bird…

rags : laughs a lot wow di from wen did u started doing namkaran of people… so wierd name….

swara : ragzzzz pakao mat chp baito…. n she drives to her home….


sans : bak bak kahin ki always finds fault in others….

lak : bhai … u r scolding some girl bechari ….

sans : lukky chup bait war na yahin chod ke ghar javunga…

they reach their home. ….


utts : bhai luckkyyyy wer is my ice cream…..

sans : hete my princess. ….n gives her icecream ….

n both chit chat a lot….

lak : these two devils joined…. now no need of me….

sansutts : aisa kabhi hua kya ki hum maharaja laksh Maheswari ko bhul jaye…. n bows down….

laksh : oh now dont try to buttr me…. iam angry…on u both…. from half an hour iam sitting like monkey seeing u both n u both r very busy in talking. ….

sans utts : sorry laksh…. n both hold their earss….

laksh melts… n says dont catch ur ears … n hugs them….


rags : di this is the file…. n this is the voice recording of Mr.Maheswari as i couldn’t take the vidoe for u…. n hands her her phone….

swara : thank u ragu…..

rags : k bye now u should prepare the details for tue consignment n u should nly present…..so carry on ….

swara : hmmm k lets see ….

precap : swara…… sanskaar. …. shockeddddd…….

SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 23


SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 23


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