FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 26)

The episode starts with dobriyals sitting sadly on their places in the hall when suddenly they hear the continuous ringing of bells , their faces glow up as abhay says : i told na piya……..
Everyone is smiling as they are sure it is rhidhimaa.
They suddenly run somewhere smiling.

Rhidhimaa who is standing outside is ringing the bell continuously to show that she’s still angry.
A servant opens the door and before she could say anything runs somewhere.
She is left confused.
She walks in the room and eyes the hall which is totally dark as lights are not switched on.
Rhidhimaa thinks : chachu is in home so why lights are off…
She tries going towards the switchboard but on the way hits sofa as she isn’t able to see anything , she falls on the sofa itself.
She hits her head and thinks : i am a total crack….
She again stands up trying to reach her destination putting her hands forward to recognize objects but at the end she hits the chair kept there.
She was about to fall down with a thud but someone holds her in nick of time.
She is shocked and tries to stand up by trying to hold the collar of that person who saved her , while this is happening suddenly lights get on and from the back comes the voices: happy birthday to you…..
Everyone is shocked as the person is revealed to be armaan who entered through open door and saved rhidhimaa from falling due to his vampire vision.
Armaan makes rhidhimaa stand up and says clarifying : actually i came and saw darkness so went near the switch , in the way she hit me and……fell down .(he says it all putting the blame on rhidhimaa )like a child
he stops while they all smile looking towards the angry face of rhidhimaa.
He too sees her , she’s looking at all of them like an angry child and a smile appears on armaan’s face seeing her.
Rhidhimaa like a child :what’s all this for??
Piya comes to her smiling and says : for an angry child …..
Rhidhimaa smiles at her words and hugs her instantly .
Rhidhimaa hugging her : i don’t care about anyone else except for you……..(eyeing armaan angrily)
She then breaks the hug and goes to get ready , she comes wearing a beautiful pink suit.

After some time :
All their collage friends come while they together have fun , rhidhimaa patches up with prem while suddenly she comes to abhay and says : my gift…..
Abhay smiles and holds her hand and takes her somewhere…
Piya comes out in the backyard and eyes a shed type of place which is decorated by beautiful lights and flowers.
On the top , it is written : happy birthday my sweetheart , that was from family and this one’s from your sister….
She smiles and starts checking the arrangements.
Someone is eyeing her with binoculars from outside the dobriyal mansion sitting in a van.
He removes the binoculars and says to a few men sitting next to him : she is only mr arnab dobriyal’s daughter rhidhimaa…..lets just do it soon and move our ways…..
Piya smiles eyeing the decoration and calls rhidhimaa.
The episode ends on happy face of piya and the faces of the kidnapper split up into two…
so guys keep smiling and be positive…….

NOTE -next update will be most probably on 24 april…

FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 26)


FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 26)


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