Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 11 part 2)

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 11 part 2)

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Chapter 11 Part 1

Hey guys. Thanks for ur beautiful comments on the last episode. And those who are confused about the reason why Swasan fell apart the reason is here.
This story had a first part “Fix You” where its shown how Swasan fell on love and then fell apart. So if you haven’t really read it you can go this link for the summary.

~~Fights and Regrets (2) ♥♥ ~~

Previous part : Swara fights with Laksh and makes up soon. She decides to confront Sanskar about the kiss.

I went back inside looking for Sanskar. I spotted him talking to Ragini. It angered me because I had ordered her to stay away from him. But since the day he had arrived, I couldn’t help but notice, how the two of them were behaving as if everything was okay.

It looked like he was having a gala time, after kissing me the night before, and now nearly breaking my friendship with Laksh. I interrupted their conversation, without caring how rude or manner less it looked.

“We need to talk.” I stated, shooting daggers at him.

“Uh, Swara! Sanskar bhai was telling me about his small nephew, Ashmit. He even showed me his pictures. Bhai, tell me more about him!” Ragini exclaimed. Sanskar smiled at her, and gladly showed her pictures of Ashmit. During my stay at Sanskar’s house,I had developed a very strong bond with Ashmit. I never saw him again, after leaving Delhi (Sanskar’s a Dehlite in this story)

As he showed her the pictures, I couldn’t help but point out how she called him ‘bhai’. She was not allowed to do that. On the other hand, Sanskar didn’t object, which pissed me off even more.

“Ragini Gadodia, stop whatever you’re doing right now. I need to talk to him; ALONE.” I specified the last word.

“But Swara, wait for sometime! Oh my gosh bhai, he’s such a cutie pie!” She squealed. I could only concentrate on the word ‘bhai’. Somehow, this guy had managed to steal my sister away from me as well.

“Just stop it, Swara! How many times have I told you, not to call him that. Its over, do you understand? And please go somewhere else now, because I’ve to talk to him; alone.” I yelled at her. For once, I immediately felt guilty. Her eyes moistened; and of course, how her so called brother tolerate that?

“Swara its okay. You don’t need to shout at her like that.” He said.

“What?” I was annoyed. “Don’t tell me how to behave with her. She’s my sister, not yours.” I snapped.

On one hand I was guilty for misbehaving and making my baby sister cry. But on the other hand, I was pissed off at Sanskar for stepping into my issues. I turned towards Ragini and immediately apologised.

“I’m sorry, baby. I just need to talk to him alone. Please understand, I’ll come, talk to you, once I’m done, okay?” I said. Ragini, being an understanding one, nodded with a weak smile and left.

I turned to Sanskar, once she was completely out of sight. Sanskar stood like a dumb man, with his arms folded across his chest. There were too many people around, and I couldn’t afford bringing up the kiss in front of them. I could foresee us getting into an argument, already.

“Come with me.” I said, dragging him out at my pace, at the pool.

“You shouldn’t have been so rude.” He stated, once I had stopped.

“That’s none of your concern. Just tell me something; what did you tell Laksh about last night?” I asked directly. The moment I said ‘last night’, he moved uncomfortably. I realized that it was equally awkward for him as well. On the top of that, I was still tugging onto his arm. I quickly pulled away.

“I didn’t tell him anything.” He said. That was the truth; for Laksh had himself told me, that Sanskar had said nothing. Maybe that was why, Laksh had started to think, that something had happened between us.

I rolled my eyes. “Do you realize, your not saying anything is only increasing Laksh’s curiosity? For the first time in my life, Sanskar, I had an ugly fight with Laksh.” I said.

“I didn’t mean to create any kind of banter between you two. Laksh told me about it. Did you both even solve the matter?” He asked. I nodded.

“I was drunk last night. I didn’t have a memory loss last night. I remember each and everything that I said; that I…did. But right now, I just need you to be honest with me for once.” I said. He sighed and folded his arms across his chest.

I had to talk to him about the kiss. As much as I hated the concept, the truth was, that we both were guilty. Well, I surely regretted that stupid kiss. I just wanted to know his opinion, and I was hesitant to ask. Carefully, choosing my words wisely, I asked,

“Last night; what does it mean to you?”

“Why do you want to know, Swara?” He questioned.

“Because it matters to me, Sanskar. You kissed me, for God’s sake! That too, just a few days before my wedding to someone else.” I exclaimed in a very low voice.

He chuckled as if I had just cracked a joke. “Really? Go back to last night, my jaan. I didn’t kiss you first. You took the step. Do you even remember what all things you said to me last night?” He asked.

How could I forget? Events of the awful night, had been haunting me since morning. I couldn’t deny, that I took the first step. I had no control, as I actually poured out my heart to him.

“Let me fix you, Sanskar….please!” He mimicked my tone in a goofy way.
“What was that?” He added, going back to serious. I slapped a hand to my forehead. What had I gotten myself into?

“I was drunk, okay? So don’t even for a moment, think that I was making any sense.” I warned. At that time, I just wanted to deny the fact, that I had said such stuff to him. I didn’t want him to get his hopes high; even if my words from last night were true.

He shrugged. “I won’t stop you from thinking like that. But to me, every word of yours made sense. Because a sane person can lie very well. But someone’s who’s drunk, cannot. I’m old enough to understand that, jaan.” He said. He was such an expert at striking my nerve and pissing me off.

“Well, if you’re old enough to understand that, then you’ve to understand this as well, that I’m not falling for your tricks again. I’m getting married to Shaurya, and I’m sure about that.” I said, hoping that it would make him back off.

“Whom are you assuring, Swara? Is it me or yourself?” He asked. Even, I myself didn’t have an answer to his question. A smug smile played on his lips, as he inched closer to me. I didn’t back off.

“You wanted to know, what the kiss meant to me, right? It meant everything to me, Swara. You’ve made up for every single day, I’ve missed you in these last three years. I love you, Swara; and I’m never going to take that back.” He said. I was awestruck by his words. I clearly remembered those three magical words coming from his mouth, the night before.

I straightened myself, the moment I realized, that I was falling weak. I had lost my voice, looking into his eyes. My hand rested on his torso, pushing him back. There was sufficient distance between us.

“Keep this distance, all you want, Swara. But I know, you love me too. You said it last night.” He smirked.

“Uh – uh. I didn’t. Maine sirf pee hui thi, Sankskar. Memory loss nahi hua tha. I didn’t say that I love you. I’d rather drown in this pool, than repeating the same mistake of saying those words to you.” I said. All he did, was to shrug with a smile. It wasn’t just a smile. He looked satisfied, and that made me even more angry.

“I don’t care what the kiss meant to you. But to me, it was nothing. I can move on like it never happened. You, on the other hand, can sulk here, and keep thinking about it for all I care.” I said, before walking away from him.

I walked back, as fast as my feet took me. I looked around to see my family, Shaurya’s family, our friends, everyone chit chatting. As I scanned through them, my eyes fell on Shaurya. He came downstairs, hooked to his phone.

All of a sudden, my heart started beating at a dangerously abnormal rate. The events of last night, Sanskar and I, it all flashed in front of my eyes. Then, there was Sanskar, who didn’t notice me standing far away. The happiness on his face was evident. I felt myself drowning in a sea of guilt. I had cheated on this man, who claimed to love me.

What have I done?!

I was scared. My heart started pounding out of my chest, as Shaurya scanned through people, looking for someone. It was probably me, he was looking for. I didn’t have any courage to face him. I felt myself getting smaller and smaller, as I quickly turned around.

I started walking back outside. I couldn’t face him. I had betrayed him. Broken his trust. I literally hid myself from people and made my way out. Of course, I wasn’t looking ahead, which causes me to bump into the person right in front of me.

I looked up to see the same hazel eyes, staring at me lovingly. He was smiling, as his arms held me from falling. What was it with me and Sanskar crossing each other’s paths? He was only a guest at my wedding, but somehow, his presence had turned out to be much more. Not a single day, since his arrival had passed, when there was no drama between us.

“Whom are you running from?” He asked. My heart rate didn’t seem to slow down. I looked back, without answering his question. Shaurya was still looking for me.

“Oh Shaurya. I think he’s looking for you.” He stated very causally.

“No, he’s not.” I blabbered.

“Why are you so tensed?” He asked. I ignored his question and played with my locks nervously. God only knew how tensed I was. I had cold feet.

“What happened Swara? Can’t face him? Oh….wait, are you guilty?” He asked. I looked everywhere, but at him.

“Oh, so this is the guilt after all. But why? That kiss meant nothing to you, right?” He teased further, when I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to react to his words, which let him speak more. He was just inches apart from me, and it felt like he could kiss me anytime again.

“You’re so smart, Swara, yet so stupid. From where I’m seeing all this, its crystal clear to me. You’re still in love with me. Which does make you guilty for last night. But its okay if you don’t want to accept that now. Because, as for me, I’m gonna fight for you. I’m not letting you go again. I love you,and I believe, that there will be a day, when you’ll come to me and say these words.” He said softly.

I was frozen. His husky voice and his lips moving against my ear, sent shivers down my spine. This guy, definitely was something unique. Before I could even snap out of my stance, he walked away with his signature smirk on. . .


All day, I kept on ignoring Shaurya. I avoided him, rather. I needed sometime, to get out of the hangover from the night before. As for Sanskar, he kept on smiling at me whenever we crossed paths.

He was never mean to me. I, on the other hand was the rudest. His polite and forgiving behaviour, was making me look like a devil. Somewhere, I felt ashamed of myself for treating him like shit. But then, the other part if me dominated, saying that’s how he treated me three years ago.

Thus, somehow I survived through the day, hoping that the next one would be better. It was the day of my mehndi. . .


Next update : Apology Accepted ♥♥

I loved writing this part. The way Sanky was irritating Swara, seriously its always fun to write all this.
So “Fights and Regrets” was a long chapter. Hope u like it. And how is the story so far? The next chapter “Apology Accepted” is going to be interesting as well.
I’m sorry to RagLak fans for making you all wait. But their story is going to start soon too ?
And as for Sanskar’s pov ~~ which Anjali di is waiting for, you will enjoy it tomorrow. During the Henna ceremony ♥ So chill Sanskarholics! He’s very much alive still.

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 11 part 2)


Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 11 part 2)

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