Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 42

Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 42

Hi guys,last episode was posted on the 4th,couldn’t reply to a few of you,will mention those names here,comment box is hidden,so can’t respond there,so,extremely sorry and thank you very much Musku,Vaishu,Imane,Nandini,Mickey,Joya,Shani,Bhagi,Harshi,Shraddha,Sneha Grewal,,,Divya,Shabrin,Meghs,Vinita,Mrs.Jayasree(Kakoli),who is Vinita’s aunt,special thanks to you M’am for taking trouble to read,a few of you including ‘army’ and Sneha Grewal had commented multiple times,here we go….

(Recap:Swara realising after hearing his voice through the Walkman and reading the diary,deciding to find out)

Scene 1:

Swara has come out from the washroom,she is totally wet after splashing water forcefully on herself,she grabs a towel quickly and wipes her face in a hurry and goes and stands in front of her Papa’s photo,she wipes her hands and stares at the photo and tells him, “Papa,I will make Sanskaar accept my love,how,when and all I don’t know,I just know that he loves me,I cant let him go away,but you know him na,equally good and stubborn,but the later side is only towards his love,I wont let him break my heart again,in the attempt to keep me away from tensions,that boy just killed me and got got broken himself,so I have a few questions in my mind,I need to find the answers before I confront him and make him admit that he loves me,for that,as I told I don’t know where to start,but till date,I was confused,if I was snatching somebody else’s love,but now I am just going to complete our love,for that if I need to hurt him a little,I may do that,but no,I don’t think I will be able to do that,mind is blank now,just know that Sanskaar wont tell me the truth if I ask him,may be he will make some other foolish decision to keep me away which may again hurt me and our loved ones,no,I cant let anybody hurt me again,it is not a sin to love and respect yourselves at times,noPapa?just be with me,guide me,show me the way,or if it easy to bring clarity to this blurred vision of mine,let it happen soon….

Scene 2:Same day,after an hour has passed…

Mukesh has come to Swara’s room,she was seated there in front of the mirror,her hair is wet after a bath,she is having the towel in a hand and gently moving it on her hair but her thoughts were elsewhere,she had not noticed Mukesh entering the room,she stares at herself in the mirror, she touches her forehead,she recalls that she had never filled her maang after their marriage,Seema had told her about that while they were at the cottage but Sanskaar gave a lame excuse that he doesn’t believe in all that and she is avoiding it for his happiness, “do you miss Sanskaar?”,Mukesh’s voice disturbed her thoughts,she quickly gets up and goes towards him,he looks at her and says, “it is ok to miss your husband but if you wont dry your hair properly you will fall sick,saying this he takes the towel from her hand and rubs her hair using it,Swara feels happy and recalls how she had behaved with him in the past and how far her relation with her dad has progressed,she smiles at him,he notices it and asks her, “that is like my girl,this smile is what I have missed ever since you came back,so beta,I am going abroad ,for how many days,cant tell now,need to set up a new business,will come back as soon as it is done,your mom wont allow,so had not told her,but now doctor has given permission,so I told Sumi now,need to leave tomorrow,so take care,I don’t have any problem if you stay here for any number of days but in whatever situation it occurred,doesn’t matter,but he is your husband,he is not at all a bad person at heart,I know that,so he is alone there at the cottage,he is not welcomed at his home also,I know my daughter knows what is right and wrong,when you feel it is time to go back,go back to your husband….ok”,Swara just nods and hugs Mukesh,Mukesh gently pats her hair and tells her to take care,he softly kisses her forehead,tells her that he has to go to office to entrust the necessary things and leaves….Swara is in thoughts….

Scene 3:Sanskaar’s office,same day evening..

Sanskaar is seated in his cubicle,his face clearly shows that he is tired,he slowly leans back and rubs his eyes,he grabs a bottle of water and is about to drink it,he gets a call,receptionist tells him that he has a visitor,he says ok and goes to meet the person,he reaches the reception and asks the receptionist where the visitor is,she says that the person just went out,Sanskaar goes out,he has a surprised look,he sees Swara standing there,the rays of the evening sun is falling on her,she is standing there,looking at the rose garden in the compound,Swara,the roses and the sky drenched in an orangish pink shade is not less than any beautiful painting,Sanskaar smiles seeing that sight,she has a smile on her face and is immersed in thoughts ,Sanskaar goes towards her direction and asks, “are you seeing roses and sun for the first time?”,she turns and looks at him,she feels something which she has never felt before,she feels that freedom which she hasn’t felt before ,she is staring at him recalling the words she read and heard,she is in thoughts and again smiles,Sanskaar looks at her and again calls, “Hello madam,may I know why you have come this side?”,Swara quickly changes her expression and pretends to be serious,she tells him , “why, permission to visit this campus and premises is banned for outsiders or what?she raises her eyebrows and looks at him questioningly,Sanskaar notices the change in her behaviour and tone,she finds that same Swara who was his ‘friend’ before ….

Sanskaar tells her, “No no,anybody can come here,anytime,enough?”Both of them looks at each other and smiles,then there is a moment of silence between them,both looks into each other’s eyes,many words which were to be spoken is being exchanged through that glance,Sanskaar softly tells her, “Swara,come ,we will go to the cafeteria”,he goes and Swara follows him,after some time,Swara is seated on the chair and staring at Sanskaar who was standing at the counter,he turns and finds her like that,gives a “what? “ expression and comes with a tray with Swara’s favourite cold coffee and masala chips…Swara looks at it and gives a ‘good’

expression…Sanskaar serves it and asks her, “So,madam,,now you tell me the reason for this visit”,saying this he takes a bite of the chips,Swara says, “Sanskaar,I have messaged Sanju”,Sanskaar coughs hearing this and Swara hides her smile and leans forward and pats his head…she then continues, “yea,you asked me to go home ,I went ,we haven’t applied for divorce though we planned,you told Sanju is a closed chapter,my family except my mom is happy with our marriage,I am sure,she also is not really angry with you,so I thought seriously,why cant we give this relation a second chance,of course ,we have known each other for years,we were friends,good friends,actually and I had loved you for years,then,you know all what happened after that,so I don’t think it is wrong to think about it,I know,you may need some time,cos you have “never loved me’,no?Sanskaar notices that she had stressed and delivered those three words,saying this she gently sips the coffee and gently raises her face and looks at Sanskaar who is restless and is pressing his hands against each other,Swara enjoys it and continues sipping and when Sanskaar looks at her,she signshim to drink his coffee,Sanskaar quickly nods and grabs it and sips as though in a hurry,Swara thinks in her mind, “Mr.Maheswari,let me see what you will do next”,Sanskaar quickly finishes the coffee and tells her,

“actually Swara,I have lots of work,so if you’re done shall we…?”,Swara gets up and says, “yea,ok,but I am not done,yet,it is not right for married girls to stay in their own house for long,I know it is just a few days but …..so, tomorrow evening I will come this side,together we will go to cottage,I had called Seema aunty,they both have left to their place,no?wont be back soon,no problem,you are there,no?so, see you tomorrow,she turns to go,she hides her smile and turns again,she finds him,staring at her,with a confused , “has this girl gone nuts,what is she up to?’ expression,seeing Swara looking at him he brings a forced smile and Swara says bye and leaves….Sanskaar stands there with a hand behind his neck and rubbing his cheeks with the other ,not able to understand what Swara is going to do,he then nods as though it is all ok and that he will see to it later…..

(On the spot and not proof read,sorry)

Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 42


Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 42

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