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The Episode starts with Jeevan saying I also want Swadheenta to wear this ring on engagement day. They smile. Swadheenta goes to her room. Jeevan looks on. Later, Swadheenta recalls Adarsh. She gets sad and cries. Appa and Amma come there on terrace. Appa says we had tension thinking you are in Delhi, how would be people here, I thought to refuse you to come here, but I think you were right, I was wrong. Amma says you know, neighbors used to say Swadheenta is beautiful and staying alone, she will have BF, but I used to tell them that Swadheenta promised her Appa, she will never break her promise even if she gets best guy in the world. Appa says we already found the best guy Jeevan, we believe so, I know you work in big company, Suhasini is nice lady, I will talk to her if needed, I will ask for two week leave for your engagement and marriage, I hope she will agree.

Amma says we made Jeevan and you distanced till now, we think you both should spend time now. Appa says show Delhi to Jeevan. Amma says you will be married soon. Appa says we are proud that you did not break our trust. Amma blesses her and they leave.

Adarsh shows the ring to Jaidev and Abhay. They like it. Abhay says hide this ring, if Simmi sees this, she will ask me to take her on shopping, jokes apart, its nice ring. Suhasini shows ring to Manohar. He likes the choice. She says Adarsh chose this for Vanshika, he made us wait for three hours, it was embarrassing for us, finally he came and chose ring. He says Bundelas are unsure about marriage, but I told them if Suhasini gave word, it will be good. Jaidev says mom showed the ring you chose for Vanshika. Abhay says you chose two rings. Adarsh says mum made me choose that ring, its good Jaya saved me there. Abhay says Jaidev and I are with you, you know my planning. Jaidev asks him to shut door first. Jaya comes there. Adarsh asks her to come, and says I told them about your help, thanks. Jaya says I saved two lovers and their love, you should marry the one whom you love, two people should have love, marriage is beautiful thing of life. Jaidev looks on. Jaya leaves.

Asad goes to Swadheenta and asks did you not sleep till now, I got this non veg from outside, as just veg food is cooked at home, will you have this. She starts leaving. He makes her sit and says look here, whats this, you have little fat tear in your eyes. She cries and leaves. He asks what happened, listen….

Jaidev goes to his room and sees Jaya sleeping. He rests and she turns away. He says I know you are not asleep. She says there is no reason to be awake, so I m trying to sleep, its okay, sleep comes by much difficulty. Jaidev cries and says I just wanted to say thanks for helping Adarsh. Jaya says good night and switches off lights.

Abhay sits thinking. Simmi asks him why is he switching off and on the lights. She says Papa scolded me today. He says Papa did right, you should think about your home, sleep now. She says when I left for dad’s home, I got dizzy. He says you did not tell me. She says I got fine in 1-2mins, why do I get dizzy, am I fine, when I talk to you and Papa, you both get tensed about my medicines. He says you came from hospital few days back, that’s why we are tensed, everything is fine, sleep now. He hugs her and worries.

Swadheenta comes to her room and cries. Jiya re….plays………. She says I will never break promise I made to Appa.

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Dehleez 20th April 2016 –


Dehleez 20th April 2016 –


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