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Scene 1
Bindya asks what you mean? Rai says what must be the worth of this Haveli? Bindya says your seven generations cant buy it with this honesty you have, Rai says but i can break this Haveli with my honesty, Adarsh holds his collar and says what are you saying? Bindya says leave SP, Adarsh moves back, Bindya says to Rai that just speak what you want to, Rai says leave Mishra’s daughter else.. Bindya says who Ramakant Mishra? she looks at Mishra and says he is Mishra? your daughter is with us? whats your daughter’s name? Rai says Bindya you fake ac has started, Bindya’s manager says how dare you call Maa thakurain fake? Rai slaps him and says even you called her fake after all she is fake and cheater, Bindya’s sons point guns at Rai, Bindya asks them to put guns down, they do, Rai says to Bindya that i am telling you my order last time, if you dont send Ramakant’s daughter to his house in 24hours then i will burn down your Haveli, remember you have 24hours only, Bindya smirks, Rai leaves with his force. Bindya calls someone. Mishra says to Rai that i salute you, Rai says i did what policeman should do, he leaves. Rai is in jeep, he gets call from his officer, officer says Bindya called me, she is Begusarai’s queen, she has political connections, if you try to grab her without proofs then she can throw you out of police force, Rai says i will catch her with proofs against her only, he ends call and says to policeman that find Ramakant’s daughter, if we find that girl then i will not spare Bindya.
Ananya is sleeping in jeep, Shakti is driving jeep and looks at her, he says her brother did mistake and she is bearing punishment, he recalls how met her earlier, he says she is honest girl, retruned my wallet. He recalls how she lied to him when she was in haveli, he says she is clever too, why i feel she is not lying and saying truth, he keep looking at her and going through jungle, he loses focus from driving and hits tree, Ananya falls on him, she wakes up and looks at him, Tose naina song plays as they share eyelock, Shakti’s head bleeds due to hitting jeep with tree, Ananya sees it and gets worried, she asks him to wash wound with water, he keep looking at her, Ananya pouts water on her dupatta, Shakti sees her big wound on her arm, Snanya tries to wash his wound, Shakti recalls how Bindya said that keep women in your control, dont let her become your weakness, he stops her from wiping his wound, he says stop this humanity act, what you wanna show that you are so nice? i am not going to melt, you have made my sister runaway, you have tried to break my mother’s ego, i will do what my mother wants to do with you, Ananya asks what she wants? Shakti starts jeep again.
Shakti brings Ananya to some isolated house, she says why did you bring me here? Shakti says to fulfill my mother’s wish, Ananya says all mothers want their sons to become good human but your mother wants to make you goon, infact she has made you a goon, how can a mother be so selfish? shakti gets angry and raises hand on her but doesnt slap her, she looks on, Shakti says be careful, she is my mother, if you say anything against her then i will forget that you are girl, i believe my mother is my God and you have pointed my God, be careful next time, Shakti gets call from brother, he says i have reached house, he says you found them both? brother tells him something, Shakti says i will reach there too, Shakti says dont worry, i will do as Bindya said, he ends call, ananya asks did they find Mayank and soni? what are your family going to do with them? Shakti says they will be burnt alive, Ananya is shocked, Shakti says this is my mother’s order, Ananya says what? you will burn them alive? how can you be you selfish? she is your sister, you should protect her, Shakti says we were marrying her for her protection only you made them runaway, you are responsible for all this, ananya says i didnt make them runaway and its not their fault, they love each other, Shakti says love is a sin in my mother’s eyes, Ananya and what it is in your eyes? Shakti looks on

After break- Ananya asks where are they? shakti says brother has told me that they are staying in some hotel, if brothers reach that hotel then..

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Begusarai 20th April 2016 –


Begusarai 20th April 2016 –


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