Qubool hai ff. Epi-1&intro

Guys I have already written 10ff. And now I am writing 4ff current and this is 5th hope u all guys support me. Na.. Pls . guys I like azad and mahira pair. And shaad and Sanam pair. So I am gonna write a ff on that. And asad and zoya also…

Sanam: Young girl. Does not believe in any supernaturals.. She likes her work..

Mahira: She wears specs so that no boys will like here..she is kind to all

Zoya:She is working in big MNC company..she believe in love.

Azad:He is like Dracula. He has some light heart but he behaves rude with all..

Asad:He is the owner of the company where zoya works.. He hates love..

Shaad:He is working as airhoster…

Hope u all liked intro…
Sanam,mahira and zoya are sisters.. Azad is living at his house. But no one with him.. Shaad is living with his mother. Arushi…
Asad lives alone and he does not speak to anyone..

The episode starts with Zoya comes to office and sits on his table. She talks with her friends and speaks about movies.. Suddenly car sound hears they all starts to work… Zoya asks her friend who is he? Her friend tells he is owner of the company.. He is coming and she acts… Zoya slowly gets up but he leaves inside..

Azad sits near window.. Mahira walks there .. Many boys walks there and tease her. Azad sees everyone teasing and sees girl wearing specs.. Mahira takes her slippers and beats them. Azad wonders show is she? She is brave.. He sees the time and goes. Inside and perform pooja.

Shaad gets ready in flight.. It takes off. Sanam travels in same flight.. Shaad tells everyone to wear seat belt.. Sanam was speaking in mobile and does not hear what he told. Shaad shouts. But she does not hear. He comes near here and picks her phone from him and tells her to wear seat belt. She thinks how he is soo rude??..

Precap:Sanam comes to house and sees mahira and zoya and comes there and hugs them.. Sanam,zoya and mahira comes to shop to buy dress.. Shaad comes there.. Sanam tells about him… To them. They both smile…..

Hope u all liked it. Guys I did not watched asad and zoya track itself. I know only shaad,Sanam and azad and mahira track.. Sorry if I made any mistake. Pls forgive me… Pls bear with my English… Bye I will try to update next epi soon.. I am writing matsh ff it completed 123epi!! So I am writing it daily.. If I get good response I will post this ff daily…. Bye guys…

Credit to: Narendran

Qubool hai ff. Epi-1&intro


Qubool hai ff. Epi-1&intro


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