swaragini analysis: Hate is a blessing..

guys I’m making this analysis to spread positivity.. jealous or negativity will not bring any happiness in your life.. we are swaragini fans.. some of us swasan fans.. some are raglak fans and we all have our favorites.. it is good to love an actor or a jodi.. but in my opinion we should respect other actors and jodies as well. . if we love varun or sanskar that not means we should treat namish ya laksh as our enemy.. same in the case of hejaswi and swaragini.. i read many bashing stuffs on some ff’s.. it is really cheap and disgusting.. if you don’t like a story about that particular pair you can avoid that story.. by bashing thr story and author you are making them popular.. same in the case of actors.. by bashing actors you are making them more popular.. your bashing will give them more strength.. and i heard some people saying gpa awards are stupidity.. come on guys.. many swasan fans including me vote for them like madly.. only fans vote made them winners.. without knowing the real facts how can you say these things..

if you don’t like any person ignore them.. it is humanity.. by bashing or giving hate comments you are proving that you are obsessed with them and you are always thinking about them.. and they are more important to you.. so you are giving more importance to them than your favorite once.. and other people who hears your hate comments feel proud of them and they also hate you.. so your hate will make you most disgusting person for others . and the actor whom you hate or jodi you hate or the ff writer you hate became more popular and more good for others.. so you are killing yourself by your hate comments.. so plese respect others feelings.. give respect and take respect.. if you can’t respect then ignore.. your hatred is a bless for your enemy.. hate is a strong feeling than love.. i wish someone hate me..

swaragini analysis: Hate is a blessing..


swaragini analysis: Hate is a blessing..


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