The Mirror: the destroyer of all… IKRS . Introduction

Hiii ..guys this is your AM … I am back …this time .I am going to start a fan fiction …
Title by : AM
Helped by : kaviya.prachi
Written by: AM(dialogues)
Story by: AM
First post day: 22nd April
Location: TU page of IKRS
Language:English Hindi
Song: ghumnam hae koi
Music from: 1920 London
Cover pic credit: AM

Thus is basically a ghost story which will surely thrill all … Due to public demand I add little love story of viplav and Dhani


Dhani and her family live in new Delhi .. It is a Punjabi family … One day they decided to go to their ancestral house in Rajasthan ..but their they experienced the horrifying past of their family which is known to her dad only …there they find viplav ,an exorcist and beg for help …he discovers the mystery of the mirror and stops it permenantly ( don’t think about it . kuch bhi ho sakta hae ? )
So guys be ready


Viplav Joshi: our hero ..25 years old ,an exorcist

Dhani kaur : heroine ,22 years old bubbly girl

Avijit kaur: heroine’s brother,16 years old and naughty but cute

Kavitha kaur : dhani’s mother

Raj kaur : dhani’s father
I will add more members be ready for this totally different story of IKRS ..hope you guys like it … I am ready to thrill you all … Be ready again … …………. Hahaha … Stay happy ..stay young ..enjoy it ? ? ? ?

The Mirror: the destroyer of all… IKRS . Introduction


The Mirror: the destroyer of all… IKRS . Introduction


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