IKRS, the best show on Colors

Hi friends. I have thought to give an episodic analysis on the show IKRS(ishq ka rang safed). So here we go.

IKRS was started on 10th of August 2015. This story is very different from the other shows. Here are some facts which makes it different from the other serials.
1) This story is based on the problems faced by the widows and also on widow remarriage. It is not a show in which heroine becomes mahaan by facing naagin, bhoot, pataali devi etc. and also not the regular saas-bahu drama but gives a good message to all of us.
2) This show is never dragging like the other shows. It never gets stuck on one situation like other shows.
3) The cast of this show is seriously superb. Eisha singh at the age of 16 is playing a role of a widow of age 20. She acts really very well. Also Mishal Raheja is too good. His killing smile is the thing which makes us a die hard fan of Mishal Raheja. All the negative characters like Kanak, Dashrath, Tripurari, Phoolchand, Tulsi, Raja, Raja’s mother and Raja’s mami all these are just wonderful. It will be easy to play a positive role but to play a negative role is indeed difficult but these ppl have reached our hearts by their wonderful acting. Hats off to the whole cast of IKRS.
4) And what to say about the writers. They write such a beautiful story and entertain us. Also they give such beautiful vidhani scenes which we enjoy everytime.
5) We have always noticed that when any problem comes in the family, the heroine solves the problem secretly without anyone knowing it but in IKRS, the hero as well as heroine both together solve the problems in their families whether it was to expose Raja or to find Shambhu’s murderer.
6) Also there are so many fans following IKRS in tellyupdates, Facebook or twitter.
These are the facts which make IKRS the best show in Colors. I don’t care about trp and also you should not think about it. These facts prove that IKRS is a unique and best show on Colors. So this is the proof to all the viruses that IKRS rocks and it is not at all boring. So guys let’s say that
IKRS rocks!!!
Vidhani rocks!!!

Friends this is enough for today. If u all liked it plz comment. Bye bye to all of u!!

IKRS, the best show on Colors


IKRS, the best show on Colors


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