Piya Rangrezz 19th April 2016 –

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Aradhya reminisces Bhavri’s words that Shamsher will beat her daily, she will die a biit each day.. She thinks Shamsher cannot do this to her, she needs to speak to him. She walks towards Shasmher’s room and sees him sound asleep on sofa. She enters and shakes him to wake up, but he does not. She takes alcohol from his hand, picks him and he hugs her in sleep. She gets emotional and drops him on bed. She picks his clothes to change them and cchanges his clothes looking aside. She then walks out.

In the morning, Shamsher wakes up hearing curtain sound and shouts who opened it. Naani says she opend curtains and says it is already mid day. He asks who changed his clothes. She says Aradhya. He shouts how dare she is. Naani asks to stop torturing Aradhya and give her wife’s right. He shouts he will not spare her. Naani walks out. Anjali asks if Shamsher will chagne his behavior or not. Naani says he will.

Shamsher gets ready and thinks he troubled Aradhya a lot and should apologize. He goes to kitchen and she asks what he needs. He says water and says he should not have tortured her. She gives him coffee to lessen his hangover and says it is okay he was inebriated and suggests him to stop being Bhavri’s puppet. He shouts to shut up. Servant informs that Bhavri is calling him an he leaves.

Bhavri eagerly waits for Shamsher. Munna asks what is the issue. Shamsher comes. Bhavri says minister called and informed that he has arranged election ticket for her. Munna and Munmun get jealous but act as happy. Shamsher says soon there will be MLA’s car outside their house. Bhavri says she will fight as independent candidate and has to stay away from her illegal businesses, so he and Munna should handle them. Shamsher says there is no need to tell. Bhavri leaves to meet minister. Munna tells Munmun that Bhavri had to give him business control, but she shared it with shamsher and did injustice.

Aradhya sees servant taking alcohol into Shamsher’s room an thinks she has to stop him. She picks alcohol bottles out. Anjali thinks she is drinking and says she should being a doc. Aradhya says it is for Shamsher. Anjali says she will be in trouble now. Aradhya says she does not care as she is worried for Shamsher. Anjali says she is so sweet and says bhaiya hides a bottle on terrace. Aradhya asks to bring it then.

Shamsher comes back and scolds servant if he kept bottles. Servant says yes, searches them and says they are missing. Shamsher asks where is Aradhya. Aradhya throws whole alcohol in kitchen sink. Shamsher enters and shouts if she has gone mad. She asks him to beat her. He shouts she ruined his life, but he has to tolerate her. He does not want to become good. Shew says she thought he changed. He says he will never change and says if she misbehaves with aji amma, he will misbehave with her. She says she did not tell he came to apologize. Anjali brings alcohol bottle from terrace.

Precap: Shamsher runs behind Anjali for alcohol bottle. Aradhya runs behind him. Shamsher drops bottle from terrace. Bhavri sees that, drops her box, and orders Aradhya to bring it bare foot.

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Piya Rangrezz 19th April 2016 –


Piya Rangrezz 19th April 2016 –


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