rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 18 to 20)

rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 18 to 20)

hi guys back with upds
hope u all lyk it

Part 18:
Sid is shocked

He released his hug

Sid: roli..u really asking a thing which i cant do

Roli: plz sid ji..plz just fr 3 days..diwali before day, diwali n d next day…after that i vl b infrnt of u

Sid: roli..u r saying just 3 fr me its like 3 births…i cant live without u..nw itself im finding difficult..i want to marry u as early as i can b with u fr ever

Roli hugged him

Roli: sid ji..i too find difficult with out seek solution fr that im gng

Sid: matlab

Roli: my bade papa n maa r searching alliance fr my my sis is nt intrested in gng to make her that our line vl b cleared

Sid felt happy bt still he cant able to afford to leave roli

Sid: still i cant roli..this is our first diwali..i decided to celebrate with getting cslls frm my mataji…to cum to celebrating i i want to spend tym with u

Roli: i too understand sid my bade maa sply called me…it wnt b gud..if i wont go

Sid: no more debates..its final..ur nt gng leaving me

Roli face became dull

She went out

Roli to herself: sid ji ..i know u cant leave me..n i too cant live …bt i need to meet didi
Ur so stubborn..ur nt accepting my req..then im more stubborn than u…i wnt talk with u…

Next day onwards roli started her sielence war

Roli parents went to delhi

Sid felt bad by cing roli like that

Then he got an idea

He decided to implement it

Nw he is njying by cing his ziddhi roli

That day n8

Roli is in her house

Sid called her

Roli didnt lift her phone

He tried a lot

Bt roli is nt responding

Roli :by looking phone display: im nt talking with u…u left me..u didnt tried to talk with me…im angry at u sid ji..i wnt talk with u…
If u cum infrnt of me nw..i vl show u wat roli is

She heard a voice frm behind

Sid: aha..then show

Roli is shocked

Roli: aap yaha..hw u came

Sid: by sneaking through window

Roli smiled

Roli: u took lot of strain..doors r opened ..i didnt locked door u may come directly

Sid: oh god. Y u didnt tell before

Roli: hw can i expect that u vl cum like this

Sid: ha..u can know..if u lift the phone..becz i called cmng to ur home

Roli nw remebered that she is angry with sid

She turned back

Roli: nw y u came here…im angry with u

Sid back hugged her

Sid: can i know y my roli is angry with me

By his hug..roli really frgt y she is angry with him

She tried to she is nt getting

Bt still she is nt intrested to go back

Roli: i dont im angry with u..thats it

Sid: wat u dont know? Its too much yar..u dont know bt still u r angry with me

U frgt y u r that i vl give punishment

By saying this he kissed her on cheeks n on her entire face

Roli lost on his rain of kisses

Roli: if this is ready to accept this fr entire life…

Sid smiled

Sid: oh k roli…u r angry with me
.so u didnt talk with me
N u kept dull face entire day
N i cant c u lyk dat
So im gng to give leave to u
Bt remeber only fr 3 days..nt more tham that

Roli excited
Roli: sid it? Tq very much

By saying this she hugged him tightly

Sid: giving to u wat u asked..vl u give wqt i ask

Roli : ask

Sid told something in her ears

Roli blushed

Roli: sid ur mom in law told me to beware..she understud that her son in law is naughty…ok..bahut hogaya..nw u go

Sid: roli this is too much..first tym i came to this ur pushing me out

Roli smiled

Roli: once u enter here officially as son in law..i wnt push u lyk this..ur always welcum

Sid: hm..waiting fr that day

By saying this sid waved bye to roli

part 19:
next day roli called to her mother

roli: hello maa

meena: hello roli beta..hw r u..

roli: maa mein teek hu

meena: im missing u beta…first tym i think so..i came here leaving u alone

roli: i miss u too maa ..n dnt cuming there

meena: really? sid gave leave?

roli: haa

meena: i cant believe this…

roli: u have too…

meena: bt hw? hw u convinced him

roli: sielence war

meena: oh god..roli..u never change…u r behaving with him same way hw u behave with me n papa

roli smiled

roli: y not maa..i can show my original side with my beloved ones only na?

meena: haa i agree…n im so happy as ur cmng..becz i felt bad that i vl miss u in this diwali..n another important thing gonna miss u on ur birthday…by d way roli..did u tell him dat ur bday is on same day as diwali

roli: no maa…i told him that i want leave fr that only he didnt agree..if he come to know its my bday he vl never give leave

meena: hmm that is also there…

roli: maa hw is didi..once give i wanna talk with her

meena: she is in her room..wait i vl give

meena gave phone to simar

roli: hi didi

simar: hi roli…u know wat? i thought u vl also cum with meena maa n she told u didnt get leave…

she asked with upset face

roli: sry dnt wry..i vl b infrnt of u with in 3 days

simar: that means ur cmng? u got leave?

roli: haa

simar: ..i felt bad that i vl miss u on this im really so happy

roli: u r happy na? thats enough fr me..i vl do anything fr ur happiness di

simar : i knew abt my choti..she vl do anything fr me..nw im waitng fr my ladlee behen

roli: im also waiting to c my di..k di. im gng to office bye

simar: k bye

simar abt to cut the call

roli: di di wait

simar: kya hua

roli smiled

roli: dont frgt to take medicines

simar: ok baba…

roli kept phone

roli to herself: sry sid ji..i didnt say abt my birthday…i hope u vl understand

part 20′
the day has came

its day before diwali

roli went to railway station

( sry guys i really dnt know distance between vrindwan n here in my ss..its smwat far..if they started this evening they vl reach by next day mrng)

she went inside train

n occupied her seat

she lukd around..she didnt find any passengers

roli felt tired’

she leaned on window n clzd her eyes

she rembered sid

roli: sid really gonna miss u…i cant understand hw to spend these days without cing u..i luv u na yar

then she heard a voice

sid: i luv u too na yar

roli opened her eyes

she is surprised

roli: sid ji aap yaha

roli rushed to him n hugged him

sid inturn hugged her

roli: sid ji..i cant believe..u here

sid: wat r u thinking,…hw can i be away frm u on ur birth…he abt to say he realized n stpd in middle

roli looked at him confusingly

sid: i mean roli..hw can i stay away on our first diwali

roli smiled

roli: that means u also cmng to delhi with me

sid: no roli i came here just to give send off..n i vl get dwn in next stop n go back to office

roli kept upset face

sid” then wat roli…i sanctioned leave to u n i also gave holiday to our office fr 3 days

roli: is it?

sid” haa

roli felt happy she hugged him more

bt she got tears

sid saw her

sid”: roli wat happened darling..y r u crying

roli: sid ji..i cant understand..hw i have to stay without cing u

sid smiled

sid: bt u only told..u want to meet ur di..

roli: ha im happy fr gng to meet my same way im sad

sid” k i vl do one thing..i vl also come with u to ur home

roli: sid ji..i already told..papa dnt know abt us…

sid: roli..i cant understand u

u only say u want to meet ur i gave leave

nw ur saying ur nt intrested to leave me

n again ur nt letting to come with u

oh god i cant understand hw to bear this confused giirl entire my life

roli : sid ji..she pouted her lips

sid smiled

eoli abt to move frm him

sid pulled her n hugged her tightly

sid: i can. bear..becz i luv u na yar

roli smiled

sid: i luv u too na yar

rosid njying their journey

they ordered food

rosid completed by feeding each other

n ofcourse they shared some kisses n hugs too

nw roli observed

n looked around

roli: sid ji..i didnt find any passangers around today

sid” ya i too

roli”: bt hw it possible

sid” hw i know

roli: hmm..thats r8 hw u know?

sid smiled

aftersome tym roli slept on sid shoulder

sid got up n carefully made her sleep on bedth

its 11: 59

sid went to roli

sid” roli…

roli : ha sid ji…( she said without opening her eyes)

sid went near her ears

sid” happy birthday my princess

roli surprised

she opened her eyes

n abt to ask something

sid pecked her lips

roli responded equally

when sid abt to release her

roli pulled him once again

n pecked his lips

its turned passionate one

rosid lost in each other

after some tym they moved apart

sid: roli tq fr givie gift to me on ur birthday

roli blushed

then she remebered

roli: sid ji hw u know abt my bday

sid: wat r u thinking…if u wnt tell means cant i know…remember darling im ur boss…n boss vl know all info abt his secretary…n that too his personal secretary is his life…

sid thought fr a while

sid: no no not pa…ur my boss in i should know abt my boss na

roli smiled

roli: sid ji..thum bhi na

sid” u know wat roli..i denied togive leave becz i want to b with u on ur bday..i want to wish u first…bt ur so i gave leave

roli: tq sid ji..tq fr making my bday spl

nw roli looked around

its full decorated with balloons n other stuff

roli: sid ji ..nw i understud..y no other passangers r there..

sid” u r so talented..u understud very quickly

he said teasingly

roli: sid ji..

sid”” ok cool…ya i booked tickets of entire compartment fr our privacy( sry if its illogicalWink)

sid winked at roli

roli blushed

sid: roli something is waiting fr u…

he took out choclate cake

roli smiled

roli cut the cake n feed to sid

sid inturn feed to her

roli: sid ji by d way when is ur bday

sid: i vl before that i vl say one thing

roli: ha tell

sid: im 1 yr younger than u

roli: wat

roli understud sid is teasing her..she too started acting

roli: oh god

sid: wat happened

roli: ur one yr younger than me..hw can i marry u

sid” y cant ? nw a days it became nrml

roli: bt i cant marry…becz i treat all of them who r younger than me as my younger brothers

sid : oh god…no just four yrs elder than u

roli: still i cant

sid: nw wat happened

roli: becz i tuk pledge that all indians r my brothers n sisters…then hw can i marry u

sid faked angry

he turned back

roli hold his pinky finger

roli: bt its k…i used to say all r my brothers n sisters except one

sid turned back

roli pulled him

sid fell on her

roli: that one is none other than my sid ji

sid smiled

sid: roli ur too much

roli smiled

sid” roli i brought something fr u

he told roli to clz her eyes

sid took roli hand n slided ring

roli opened her eyes n found beautiful dimond ring to her finger

roli” its so beautiful

sid”: not more than u

roli blushed

sid: roli in my view v r already engaged by nw…only mrg is left

roli: im waiting fr that day

rosid njyd the day in each other arms

recap: simar is waiting fr roli nt reachd to delhi..simar is in tension)

rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 18 to 20)


rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 18 to 20)

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