Temish and Heva – A story we wish were true (An insight to story)

Hello everyone !!

I am a die hard fan of both the pairs. I simply adore the way all four of them (Tejaswi,namish,helly and varun) portray their characters !!
Raglak is one of the cutest and adorable pair I have seen in indian television and they just make me go all “Awwww….”. I really love the chemistry that temish share and they really compliement each other !!

Swasan on the other hand is a really mature pair that makes you see the perfect defination of love. Their pure and unconditional love can make anyone’s heart melt !!
As much as I love them onscreen I simply love them more when they are offscreen. I love the bonding that they share wich is visible in the interviews and offscreen segments that they give. So I thought of this concept.

I would really like to pen down their offscreen journey. How I wish temish were together in real life and so I want to write a story where tejaswi and namish became friends and gradually fall in love while shooting for the serial.
As for heva fans, they are the cutest people on earth. I had thought about them falling in love as well but then varun is married in real life so it would be unappropriate. But I had this rough idea of them being the best of friends. They would complement each other at every step.

So basically my story would be about temish and heva and not about raglak and swasan. The story would cover all the things that happen behind the camera. I would also write the offscreen moments that they shared while shooting for the sceens that we have loved. The offscreen story of every onscreen moment.

I know my idea would not be liked by everybody and so I really want your say on whether I should continue this or not !!
So it depends on your comments whether I would write this or not !!

Temish and Heva – A story we wish were true (An insight to story)


Temish and Heva – A story we wish were true (An insight to story)


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