Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 11

Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 11

Hello guys this is me jenny with the 11th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan……..(tanshi yuvani)………
Here starts a new journey of love between yuvani and tanshi….thank u sooo much guys for ur support and comment and keep commenting and supporting me………

Yuvi and tanu leaves from kalhaar sadan(there family house)….some emotional moment amid yuvani and tanshi..
Leap of ten years….

Afterv 10 yrs in US…….a big mansion is shown……the name was written as BIRLA HOUSE it is morning almost 7:30 am….
Sharada comes in front of a room the door of the room was decorated very nicely with full of photos and tattoos …
Sharada:ye ladki bhi na udthi bhi nahi hein 7:30 hogayi ghode bhej kar so raha hein….tanu
Sharada opens the door
Sharada:tanu get up beta its 7:30

Tanu:ma 10mins pls
Sharada:get up tanu u r a grown up girl not a child so get up…
Tanu:fine ma …
she gets up
Sharada leaves
Tanu gets up and opens her eyes ….she is a very beautifull girl with long hair and brown eyes…her smile is very special she looks at the mirror…
Tanu:wow even if I just get up from sleep and if make up is not applied I looks gorgeous….
(Actually tanu is a self obsessed girl who loves to look gud and loves everyone commenting on her beauty)
Tanu wipes her eyes and goes to the calendar….
Tanu:oh today is the most special day for my buddy..phataphat ready ho jata hain phir me jaungi usse milne….
Tanu gets ready and go upstairs…..she slowly opens the door of a room…she slowly walks in..the room is completely messed up……
(loudly) happy b’day rockstar……………………………..
a person is sleeping on the bed…he removes the bedsheet from his face and gets up…the boy is none other than yuvi…(he is actually a rockstar everyone likes his song and complete girls in US will die for him…)
yuvi:thank u tanu
tanu:yuvi before u get up apni kapde pehno
yuvi:tanu I wore everything ok except shirt….i will wear it
yuvi wears his t shirt…..
tanu:ohh where is ur locket chain??

Yuvi:my locket chain where is it(terrified) yaar I wore it…..
Yuvi sees his locket chain on the bed he takes it and wear it
Yuvi:kuch pal keliye aisa laga ki jhan chalagaya
Tanu:u cant live without this locket chain right..u love this sooo much right??
Yuvi:haan I cant even stay without this locket chain..tanu today is not only my b’day but today 10yrs get completed.for which I was waiting. 10yrs before this day I left my house I left suhani ..i don’t know how I lived this much years..jab phone karthi ho ,to bhi vo mujhse baat nahi kartatha…infact we didn’t even see or talk to each other for this 10 yrs agar tum nahi hote to mere liye bohot mushkil hota…
Tanu:yuvi I know when we came here u didn’t even sleep for 2 days didn’t eat properly u were just sitting and crying….aaj bhi main wohi sawal puchna chahthi hoon that question which I used to ask u every year on ur b’day if u didn’t wish to come here leaving her then why u asked chacha and papa to take u from there??yuvi I saw u in pain for this 10yrs.the pain of loosing a friend may be more than that..tu uss dard ko bulane ke liye gana sing karna shuru kiya….ab tum kaha ho tumhe pata hain….u r d rockstar of USA.
Yuvi: I know I am d rockstar of USA…the question which u asked me that for wht reason I came here even though I cant live without her…still I don’t know the reason tannu maybe anger due to her behavior or jealousy which I had in my mind from childhood seeing suhani always with rishi…I took this decision…vaise I still hate him(smiling)

Tanu:abe wht did he do…he is just suhanis best friend aur kuch nahi
Yuvi:memsaab whenever I talk bad about him u used to be angry……
Tannu:haan innocent logon ke bare mein bad things nahi bolna chahiye
Yuvi:fine as u wish>>I wont tell anything about him happy???
Tanu:(smiling)haan yuvi get ready fast we have to go to college and also today u have programme…u practiced right???
Yuvi:yep I am done with the practice I will get ready fast..
Tanu:I will keep the lunch ready
Yuvi:u r gonna wear this dress to college??
Tannu:haan looking nice right
Yuvi starts laughing

Yuvi:u r looking like a cute bandariya
Tanu:yuvi I wont leave u
Tanu runs behind yuvi …
Yuvi:ab bass its over I cant run anymore I was joking u r looking nice
Tanu:that is tanu…hahaha u het ready fast

Tanu:yuvi I just want to ask u one thing jab 10 sal khatham hogaya we can go to india …the time is up infact I feel that we have to
Yuvi:u can go but I wont come
Tanu:y yaar yuvi
Yuvi:I cant forget everything so easily…….mein mangthi hoon ki there everyone wants to see us..but suhani……and the way she asked me to get lost from her house….i wont go back there mujhe thodisi tho izath rakni haina apni……..and pls tanu don’t ask or tell me about going back to india
Tanu:par….fine..u become ready I will get nashtha for u…..
Yuvi goes to the bathroom and on the shower .he reminces his childhood time with suhani ..he cries

Yuvi:why suhani why u asked me to go far far away from u we could try and be friends right??and u did not want to try again I want to see u but u have never talked to me …I don’t think u still remember me……u must have seen many boys like me back of u tujhe kya patha dard ke bareme….this 10yrs I have just cried within me I have not cried in front of anyone..par agar mujhe aur inthuzar karna padega toh mein tootjaunga hamesha keliye…..
Yuvi gets ready to go…..a red top black jeans and a black jacket ….he goes to the dining room to have naashtha
At tannus room
Tannu:10yrs are over if yuvi don’t want to go to india that doesn’t meanthat I should also not vaise mujhe bhi bohot mann rishi ko dekhne ke liye ..
Tanu takes the ring which rishi gave her,,she kisses the ring
Tanu:ye mere liye sabse khaas ring hein for which I can even die ….if my name is tanu virendra singh then I will yuvi go to india…..

Yuvi calls tanu .tanu keeps the ring and go to have naashtha
Yuvi:u told u will get me naashtha and u itself were missing
Tanu:I was getting ready
Yuvi and tanu have breakfast
Rajesh:happy b’day yuvi beta
Yuvi:thank u papa
Rajesh:thank u ek cheez ke bhi bolo
Yuvi:for wht??
Rajesh:go out and see
Yuvi and tannu goes out and sees a brand new sports car…..
Yuvi:wow papa thank u sooo much….i love u papa
Rajesh:yeh gift mera gift nahi hain tera chacha ka gift
Rajesh:pankaj ne tere liye gift choose kiya aur paisa bhi pankaj nehi diya
Yuvi:papa pankaj chacha se thank u kehdena I luved the gift and tanu will go to the college in this car…(abit happy as well as sad)

Yuvi and tanu leave
Rajesh:I always want yuvi to be happy……and only one person can make him happy…
The screen frezes……….

Yuvis stage performance…….

Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 11


Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 11

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