Yeh Vaada Raha 19th April 2016 –

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Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik asks shanti to give her exams nicely, and wishes her the best of luck. she tells him that she shall manage to go alone, and wont need anyone escorting her. she says that she wanted to talk about something to them. she says that she married ranvir, only because she loves him. she says that she didnt know that he wanted to ruin kartik and survi’s relation, hence he joined one with her. she says that their relation matters to her more than her own, and she wouldnt allow anyone to come in between them, and she shall not hurt them at all. she asks them to go and call it off, and tell ranvir that she doesnt accept this marriage. they are relieved and happy. he says that they are proud of her, and she marks a new beginning, and now its the time, to start afresh and give an apt reply to ranvir and meher. he asks raghu to take the newspapers too to ranvir’s place. she touches his feet, while he asks her not to do so, as sisters dont do that. wishing her all the best, they bid her off. after she leaves, he says that now he shall tell ranvir, that it isnt so easy to break his family.

Scene 2:
Location: Meher’s residence
Kartik comes with his entire family, and hollers for ranvir, who descends down with meher. he takes the newspapers, and then throws them on the ground while ranvir and meher eye boggled. he then douses the papers in petrol. Kartik and survi, in front of her and ranvir, he burns all the newspapers, and then says that his plan has failed. He asks what does he think, whether he would be able to connivingly deceive the innocent shanti, and get his way, but actually its not true, and that she has seen through his deception, and understood his real game, oblivious to the fact, that on the road, shanti takes out the vermillion and dons her forehead with it. he tells meher that his slow sister, understood ranvir’s game, and rejected his relationship, and proved her strength. survi points out the contrast between meher and shanti as a sister, meher who only uses deception, and shanti, who wont allow anything to comr in between survi and kartik’s relationship. she also instructs ranvir, that the fact he fulfills every whim of his sister, which has led to this, and that he needs to learn frm shanti, who has proven to a role modeal. Meher clutches and lunges at survi, while ranvir restrains her, as she speaks that she shall kill survi. kartik says that no one can break them, if they are united. he says that shanti’s life shall get problematic, but they shall never let her break. he says that he has gone to the exam center and taken a grip back on her life. but he doesnt realise that shanti is actually still lured by his deception, and is walking listlessly on the road, without seeing that a truck is approaching, dangerously close. Finally, the truck hits shanti, and she is thrown on the ground, sustaining severe head injury, and lies unconscious, as people gather around her. Meanwhile, kartik and his family stand united in front of meher, with ranvir and tai. he warns ranvir to stay away from his sister and his family. Just then, he gets a phone call, and is shocked and aghast. his family is tensed. in his horror state, he drops the phone disbelieving. survi asks what happened. he tells them shanti tried to kill herself, by jumping in front of the truck. they rush out, while ranvir is tensed. meher guffaws loudly, commenting that its a good news, which means that their plan hasnt failed, and that shanti tried to take his life, because she still feels for him. she prays to the lord to save shanti, even though she knows he is angry with her, but he should save shanti, who is a good girl,. as if anything happens to her, then their plan shall fail, and kartik shall never be hers. she asks ranvir and tai also to join in. tai takes the camphor, burning alive in her hand, to impress meher. ranvir prays to the lord, saying that he wanted meher’s happiness, but not shanti’s death, and begs for her life.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
KArtik and others wait anxiously, while the doctors are inside. the doctor finally comes out and tells that the accident was dangerous, but god saved her, and she is out of danger. the inspector comes and asks the doctor if they can see shanti. the doctor complies. kartik identifies himself and asks the inspector not to talk to her rightaway, as she isnt well. he says that suicide is a legal crime, and hence they have to investigate. he gets a call, and after attending to it, he apologises for intruding to kartik, who is boggled. the inspector tells that he got a call from his senior, whom ranvir called, and told that its a matter of their family. he leaves. Survi wonders why ranvir did this, as how could he be bothered.

As shanti lies on the bed, kartik comes with survi, and asks why she did this, as they had assured her, that they shall set everything right. he says that she has broken him, and asks survi to find out, why she did this. he leaves. survi asks the reason. shanti says that she cant stay without ranvir, and she cant see them apart, and since she cant do anything, she decided to die. survi asks if dying is the problem’s solution, and that problems come and go, but they need to find a solution. shanti says that she might live, but without ranvir, life wouldnt be complete. she says that ranvir wont keep her, and she wont let their relation break, then what can she do, and asks her to show her the right path. the nurse comes and asks survi to leave, as its time for her meds. she complies, coming out distraught and apalled. kartik finds her in such a state, and asks her what shanti told. survi eyes him, and is about to say something, but he asks her not to say anything, as they have to handle her, as ranvir betrayed her, and he doesnt feel for shanti at all, and he cant force shanti into this mess. he says that the topic isnt of their relationship, but about shanti’s life too, as he cant risk her life by sending her to ranvir. she is tensed. he then assures her, to go and explain to shanti, as a good friend. she says that he shall have to be brave. he continuously asks her to talk to shanti. survi is in a dilemma and doesnt understand what to do, as she remembers what shanti said, what ranvir wants.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Survi thinks that she shall have to talk somehow to ranvir, even if that means going to his house. she finds ranvir getting out of his car, and then going to the gurudwara. she is shocked to find him doing meanly duties at the holy place, and then praying as an ardent atheist. she is surpeised to see this side of his. she too comes in and sits behind him, while praying. as he turns around, he is surprised to find survi praying.

She asks him to go home, and compose his sister, as what he wants, shall not happen. she says that she shall neither let her family break, nor be ruined.

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Update Credit to: Rimjhim

Yeh Vaada Raha 19th April 2016 –


Yeh Vaada Raha 19th April 2016 –


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