Swaragini 19th April 2016 –

Swaragini 19th April 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Swara asking Annapurna to give keys to Parineeta. Annapurna recalls Swara telling them about Parineeta’s insecurity and taking out solution. Sujata says it is not wise to give keys to Parineeta. However Annapurna agrees. fb ends. Adarsh asks what you are doing? It is a big responsibility. Annapurna tells Parineeta that it is a big responsibility and their prestige and respect is attached with the keys. She says I hope you will not lose our truth. She says one more thing, if we feel that you have misused keys in any way, then I will take back the keys. Parineeta takes the keys and goes. Sanskar asks Swara if she is fine? Parineeta thinks Annapurna is innocent, and she has done this so that they don’t get betrayed by Ragini and Swara. She says they can’t do anything now as power is in my hands. Adarsh asks Parineeta to keep keys safely and says it is a big responsibility. Parineeta says now you don’t need to go to Jamshedpur. Adarsh says I am going. He says you have changed your mum’s sayings and says power will spoil your brain. Parineeta says I am just taking care of my position. Adarsh says you are spoiling things because of ego. Parineeta says you can’t understand my pain and says it is my turn now. I will show Swara and Ragini, how it feels to be treated badly.

Utara talks on phone and tells Swara that she needs to go somewhere. Utara’s friends come home and tells Swara that they will be meeting Utara after many days. They asks about Ragini’s health and asks if she is fine now? Swara thinks why Utara is lying. Utara comes and goes with her friends.

Dadi talks to mukherji and says they need a tenant for their house. Mukherji says he knows a family and will make her meet them. Sumi gets vomiting sensation and goes. Dadi wonders where did she go? Utara thanks her friends for supporting her. She calls her boyfriend and says I miss you so much. She says I will make your day special. Parineeta tells Swara and Ragini that she is going to her friend’s goad bharayi rasam and asks them to make food. She asks Ragini to bring vegetables. Ragini asks for money. Parineeta gives her money to buy veggies. Annapurna and Sujata comes there. Sujata asks Parineeta, where is she going? Parineeta says she is going out and assigned the work to Ragini and Swara. She gets a call and goes. Sujata tells Annapurna that Parineeta have changed and showing attitude. She asks her to talk to Adarsh fast. Annapurna says no, and says she will not talk to Adarsh.

Annapurna says we will solve the matter and Sujata to come as they are getting late for temple. They leave. Ragini tells Swara that she will bring vegetable and goes. Dadi asks Sumi, if she is fine? Sumi says I am fine. Dadi says I will make kada for you. Sumi says no, and says I will be fine after rest. Dadi asks her to rest. Parineeta tells Annapurna that all work is done because of her good planning. Ragini says yes. Sujata asks her to come down on earth and not to fly high else hawk will take her. Annapurna asks Sujata to calm down. Sujata asks Parineeta if she is so good at planning then she should become CM or something.

Sanskar tells Swara that he is not interested in her excuse. Swara says I want to tell you and asks him to come to room. Sanskar asks her to leave his hand, and gets slap on her face mistakenly. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar says sorry to Swara. Ragini asks what did you do Sanskar? Sujata scolds Sanskar and talks about her values. Sanskar says I didn’t raise my hands on her. Parineeta smiles. Sujata and Ragini ask Swara to come with her. Sanskar asks Swara, do you think I can slap you. Swara says no. Durga Prasad comes and says I heard that you have slapped Swara. Swara says he is angry at me. Sujata asks why? Sanskar says she has lost the bangles which I gave during Ghangaur day. Swara says I haven’t lost it. Parineeta asks how can she be so careless. Sujata asks did you lose both diamond bangles. Parineeta says Sanskar’s anger is justified. Annapurna says Sanskar haven’t slapped Swara intentionally and says Swara is not careless.

Annapurna asks Parineeta not to provoke them against other family members for her advantage. Sanskar tries to talk to Swara, but she closes the door and says she needs to be alone for sometime. Ragini fights with laksh for Sanskar’s misbehavior towards her sister. Laksh looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Swaragini 19th April 2016 –


Swaragini 19th April 2016 –

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