Sarojini 19th April 2016 –

Sarojini 19th April 2016 –

Sarojini 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Sarojini leaves for her room, when nirjhara aks her to go and rest. the others are tensed. rishab too apologises to everyone, that this all happened when he was present. dadaji says that this isnt needed, and its just an unfortunate incident, and noone could do anything. rishab leaves. bhaskar again points out as to how business shall one day ruin everything, and today sarojini insulted everyone. the aunt too says that she too has to think of a way to get out of the media byte, as she cant make them understand the implications of their spice laden news. she says that she has no clue what to do now.

In the room, rishab is extremely tensed, while the aunt asks him to think about other imp things than worry for the family. he says that he cant. he says that this isnt a coincidence, but a well planned conspiracy as he ties the threads together, and says that this is too uncanny. the aunt is tensed. he says that whoever did this, he would find out. he is about to leave, when she blurts out that she did it. he is shocked as he turns around to confront her, while she says that she didnt have any other option, to distract sarojini from this case, so that she leaves town for some days. he says that he cant believe what she did, as she only thought of heerself, and that he is a guy, and people shall forget about him, but they shall taunt, haunt and traumatise her for the rest of her life. she says that he is forgetting his real motive. he says that he hasnt forgotten anything, but she forgot that she is a woman, and what sarojini went and shall go through. she says that she hasnt forgotten, but she shall do whatever it takes to save the respect of her family and she expects the same from him, that he shall support her, in the next plan, come what may. he asks her not to pin hopes on him, as he wont do anything like that. he leaves. she says fine, but now he shall see, that she shall remove sarojini from her path.

Scene 2:
Location: Indira’s residence
While samar puts on the news, he finds the news regarding sarojini and rishab, and listens amused. just then, inddira comes with tea, and she is aghast to hear it. she is worried about what sarojini must be going through right now. he tells her that right now her family needs her the most. she leaves. he smiles crookedly, as she is gone.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
In her room, sarojini clutches at soumu’s pic, and asks why are her roads laden with trouble. in his room, rishab feels guilty that all of it, is happening due to him, as he cant help them at all, and is helping the aunt. he blames himself for sarojini’s apathy, while she must be blaming herself, and asks why is this happening to her. he says that she considers him a friend, but he betrayed her, and begs to the lord to be shown a way to do the right thing. In her room, she says that she can fight with anything, but not see the trouble her family is going through, as she never thought of anyone but him. she is apalled at what she wanted and what actually wanted. indira comes with nirjhara and composes sarojini somehow, asking her not to cry, and have faith in lord, as soumu wouldnt have been able to see her cry. nirjhara caresses her face, and says that just like soumu trusted her blindly, they trust her blindly too, irrespective of what the world says, and that they shall stand by her, and make everything alright. she says that they shall support her in these tough times. sarojini hugs them both.

The next morning, while sarojini serves them tea, dadaji tells her that all shall be right. bhaskar sees the morning paper, and then shows them to all, asking how would thinks be straight, as their reputation is being maligned publicly. he throws the paper in disgust and leaves. all are shocked and tensed. sarojini is distraught. nirjhara calms her down, and make her sit, as she breaks down inconsolably. rishab is unable to see her like that, and he leaves. the aunt is tensed. she asks her to be strong, and she knows she just started her business and is earning, but its better that for some time, around six months, she should leave the town, and be in delhi, till matters dont die down, and thats the best for all. nirjhara complies, and says that first they should get rid of this matter. granny too agrees. sarojini says that she knows she shall have to face retorts, but at a time, when soumu’s case is stuck midway, she cant leave her family at any cost, and declares that she wont leave them and go anywhere. she rushes in. the aunt thinks that she shall remove her anyhow.

Scene 4:
Location: Sarojini’s locality
As sarojini steps out, much against the will of nirjhara and granny, the ladies of the locality grab her, and then say that they wont let a lady of such character be an influence on them, and hence she wont be allowed to stay here. rishab finally intervenes, and then says that all of this ruckus is because she was with a stranger, in the room, and in frustration says, that he shall nip the problem today right in the bud. he grabs her hand and takes her on the road, while everyone follows her boggled and wondering what he is upto. he takes the vermillion from the hanuman temple, by the banyan tree, and dons it on sarojini’s forehead, while all are left agape. sarojini is dumbstruck and too stunned to react.

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Sarojini 19th April 2016 –


Sarojini 19th April 2016 –

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