You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 4

You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 4

The episode starts with Dhaani wiping Viplav’s tears. She says Viplav don’t cry. I m there na. I can’t see tears in your eyes. Now u smile. Viplav smiles and seeing this Dhaani also smiles. Meanwhile Kanak, Shambhu, Dulaari and Mohan come with Shalu, Rajlakshmi, Raj and Ram. Kanak hugs Viplav tightly and asks did anything happen to you? Are u fine? Viplav nods yes. Dulaari asks Dhaani did anything happen to u? Dhaani says I m fine.

Kanak asks Viplav how did you fall in the dam. Viplav says the whole story. Shalu puts her hand on her forehead and says bhaiya shame on you. I can’t believe this that u don’t know that human beings cannot fly. You are superman that u will fly and catch the butterfly on one second. Very bad bhaiya.

Shambhu says now let’s stop talking and let’s go home. Viplav and Dhaani are fully wet and before they get cold let’s go home. And saying this they leave.

The next day in the evening, it’s Shalu’s birthday party. Viplav, Shalu and Raj are standing together. Just then Dhaani and her family comes. Vidhani smiles looking at each other. One by one all the relatives and friends start coming.

After everyone is arrived, Shambhu makes an announcement saying that today I will fulfill any wish that my daughter asks on this day. Shalu this offer is only for today so tell me as soon as possible. Shalu smiles.

Then Shalu cuts the cake while everyone smiles and clap for her. She feeds the cake to Shambhu and Kanak and also they feed it to Shalu. Viplav says Shalu u forgot ur brothers whose name is Viplav Tripathi and Raj Tripathi. Forgot? Everyone laugh while Shalu feeds the cake to them.

Then everyone begin to eat food. But our moti Shalu is still thinking what wish to ask for. She sees Kanak and thinks to ask her. She goes to Kanak and tells her everything. Kanak thinks to take advantage of the situation. She tells the wish in her ears. Shalu smiles and says maa what a good wish u have told me to ask. I will go and tell papa and she goes. Kanak smirks.

Shalu goes and tell the wish in Shambhu’s ears. Shambhu gets shocked. He says I will never fulfill this wish and he goes to his room leaving all the guests shocked. Mohan who sees all this goes to Shambhu’s room.

Shambhu is sitting sadly in his room. Mohan goes to him and says Shambhu what happened to u? Why did u say like this to Shalu? U were going to fulfill Shalu’s wish na? Then what happened? Shambhu says then what I do. The wish which Shalu asked is not possible for me to fulfill. Mohan asks but what is the wish which left u shocked? Shambhu says the wish is that I leave India with my family and settle in America. Mohan gets shocked. He says Don’t do this. U should fulfill Shalu’s wish as today is a very special day for her today. The promise u made should be fulfilled. At least u can stay in America for 16 years. U remember the promise we made 5 years ago. A fb is shown. In that Dhaani is learning to walk as she is just 1 year old and Viplav is holding her hand as he is 2 years old. Shambhu and Mohan r watching this scene happily with a smile on their face. Shambhu says if I ask u a question, will u feel bad? Mohan says what are u saying? U just ask I will not feel bad. Shambhu says I was thinking that after Viplav and Dhaani become big can we change our friendship into relationship, I mean can we make them marry? Mohan says of course we r best friends and I will be very happy to change it into a relationship. So we will make a promise that when Viplav will become 23, wherever we are we will make them marry each other, promise? Shambhu says promise and they smile. They come out of fb.

Mohan says if u can fulfill my promise then why not Shalu’s promise? Plz try to understand. Shambhu begins to think. The episode ends.

Precap- 16 years leap

Friends I m very sorry for making u wait for 2 days. I was very busy with my friends and so couldn’t post the next part. Plz comment and tell ur opinion on today’s episode.

You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 4


You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 4

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