DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 6

DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 6

I m really sorry 4 not updating but I met an accident on last Saturday while returning back to home and broke my leg and my right hand and for whole last week I was winching in pain and 2day I was getting really bored so I requested my twin sister to write it for me soo a big thanx to her today I will try to give a better episode and guys plez comment guys I eagerly wait for your comments and if u have suggestions related to plot then plez do write them and for sam,s entry I have thought a perfect track so pleez wait for few episodes and I m again sorry for late update
PRECAP : arjun’s confusion about radhika frendz
In neil’s car
So neil is driving back to his home with

radhika and they are continuously talking while driving
R ‘’ u know today’s play was very nice I enjoyed very much enacting my part but thing best part was what arjun today I didn’t expected this from him I thought he even didn’t remember my name’’
N ‘’ u know once any1 meet u he can never forget u and how u asked him to apologize him for chocolates he will not forget u so easily ‘’
R ‘’ I hadn’t did anything wrong, he ate the chocolates which I kept 4 u and on top of that he wasn’t accepting his mistake u know shameless ‘’
N ‘’ u met him only twice and tagged him shameless but u know what he is a nice guy still how can I argue with u I know u will never loose now speak up something ‘’ and he looks 2wards radhika who has already slept ‘’ u looks so innocent while sleeping ‘’

So he stops outside a large villa it belongs neils he gets down and opens radhika’s door and ask her to get in vain up but all his efforts goes waste and finally he exclaims ‘’khumbhkaran ‘’
He picks her in arms and leaves he carries her upstairs he lies her on bed and he sits beside her on an armchair and looks at her innocent face and questions to himself ‘’why are u so strong radhika sometimes I feel how do u smile after whatever happened to u may b lord gave u extra strength but it is good if he did so ‘’ he gets up and heads to leave and speaks ‘’ have a peaceful sleep tigress ‘’ and moves out of the room to go to his room changes, he falls on bed and tries to sleep but he cannot sleep as if he is in very deep thoughts and keeps changing his sides and finally falls asleep after about an hour.

So it is Saturday and radhika will go to meet arjun house early as he has to go out of city for some meeting so she has to reach his place by 9 so she hurriedly completes gets ready and sits to have breakfast by the time neil also comes down ‘’ so early ‘’
R ‘’ yes mr. mehra has to go out 4 some meeting so he asked me to come early ‘’
N ‘’ ok but where is my coffee ‘’
R ’’ I kept your clothes and your laptop in bag and …’’
N ‘’ I know everything would be at place but now if u will keep instructing me then u will get late now leave ok ‘’
R ‘’ by, then take care we will meet at lunch ‘’
Arjun’s house

radhika reaches his house he is sitting and reading newspaper in his lawn she stands next to him and
A ‘’ have a seat radhika ‘’
she sits and ‘’thank you ‘’
A ‘’so what will u have tea or something ‘’
R ‘’ No thanx I feel u don’t have time to waste tim unnecessarily right ‘’
A ’’ yes absolutely so u can commence ‘’
So she starts explaining him different ideas and clearing his queries and all of a sudden she exclaims ‘’ oh fish! ‘’
A ‘’what happened to you ‘’
R ‘’ wo nothing actually I forgot an important folder in car ‘’
A ‘’ so go and get it I still have an hour to go just be quick ‘’
R ‘’ yes just a minute ‘’
A ‘’ be quick ok ’’
So radhika hurries and goes by swimming pool side but she slips and !!!! SPLASH !!!!
And radhika screams ‘’ neil ‘’
A ‘’ oh shit ‘’ and he hurries towards swimming pool and jumps into it and comes out holding her in his strong arms ?
He lays her on floor it seems like she fainted so at first he gently pats her cheeks but she did not responds so to get the water out of her stomach he presses her stomach once before he does it twice two gentle hands holds his hands and radhika sits ‘’ will u kill me! what r u trying To get the water out or my stomach itself u know I m so fragile and sensitive and your dhai kilo ke haath ( hands of 2.5 kg  ) how can u …’’

A ‘’ hold on u did not fainted then were u doing drama and wait a second did u jumped in the pool or u fell and if then why what if u have drowned ‘’
R ‘’ no I wouldn’t I m a trained swimmer and plez don’t say like that I really fell in the pool by mistake and yes I was acting to faint but I did this 4 u ‘’ and she makes an innocent face
A ‘’ how may I know that ‘’
R ’’ actually yesterday u helped me when it was not required so I thought u felt bad and today also u jumped in the pool to save me so I thought that let u take some credit of helping me u see’’
A ‘’ r u a gone case ‘’
R ‘’ yes I m but may I go and change’’
A ‘’ yes go and change ( with a pause ) do u always carry your clothes with u strange’’
R ‘’ no not actually but 2 day I have yesterday I went for shopping and fogot some bags in car ……… ‘’
A’’ u may go and change and I will also change be fast ‘’
R ’’ I change in bullet train speed ‘’ and leaves
Arjun came down after changing and saw radhika is standing she iss wearing a knee length frock which has floral print on it and her wet hair were open and she was looking damn s*xy and hot and arjun was staring her standing in middle of stairs

PRECAP : some1 is really jealous and some amazing things

Again sorry for late update
and for 2days episode credit goes to jotshna

DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 6


DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 6

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