Phir se (swasan) Episode 1

Phir se (swasan) Episode 1


Bandra, Mumbai. Time: 11pm
Watching the densely populated buzzing city through her cold eyes she stood at the balcony of her room leaning on to the magnificently carved wooden support with a glass of vodka. Her face reflected no emotions. Usually this city is called the city of dreams but for her, IPS officer Swara Singhania, who never ran away from her challenges, this city was a nice hideout. It kept her safe and away from those people whom she once loved dearly. Yes… once she loved them… her love was limitless…. Unconditional…..beyond limits……..but what she got in return was distrust, betrayal and what not… she got everything which she never expected from anyone…..not even from her worst enemies…..

ah…no…Swara Gadodia who lived in the city of Kolkata 4 years back was a very lovely, lively, bubbly, chirpy and what not? She was everything that was positive. She was a quanta of positive energy. And as we explain that theory of photo electricity she imparted that positivity to every single person she met but never lost any part of it by herself. Her energy was something which never perished even if she shared it with a million people. It stayed inside her intact………. That’s why everyone found her smiling even during the worst days of her life. Her family – dad, mom, ragini aka her lado, dadi and dadaji shifted from Delhi to Kolkata when she was 13. Kolkata was different from Delhi in many respects. For normal girls it wouldn’t be so easy to adjust with new life, new place and new people. But she was Swara. This transplantation was not hard for her. She adjusted. She got mixed up with the boom of Kolkata in just 2 or 3 days. Money was the problem then. In Delhi they got whatever they wanted.

After shifting to Kolkata, a young Swara realized that now they- she and her little sister Ragini – should reduce their demands. Then she couldn’t find the reason behind it for she was so young to understand such problems. More or less she understood one thing – they must reduce their demands. Conditions Her parents never told her about their financial crisis. She herself noticed that. Shekhar Gadodia, who always took flights to Kolkata now brought them to their city by train. Nobody was waiting for them outside the railway station in the latest model of Benz or BMW. They had to take a taxi. Their new home was not at all huge like their mansion in Delhi. It was situated in a middle class colony. For middle class people it was a huge space. But for swara at first it looked like hut. But later she recalled her dida saying “A huge building doesn’t make home, Shona. Home is the place where u find your whole family together”. And she had her whole family here. She realized that this is her HOME. Sounds so blissful……..

She was dragged out of her thoughts by a phone call. Rishi. The screen displayed the name of the caller. Wiping the lone tear that escaped her eyes while thinking about her estranged family she attended the call in a cheerful tone.

“Hello Rishi, any news?”

“Yes Shona. They are here. In Mumbai” Rishabh Singhania’s deep, rich, cheerful voice reached her ears.

Huh……. She sighed…. This person was the drug which kept her going during the last 4 years. Without him, his soothing voice, she would have died or would have ended up in some mental asylum.

“Shona?? Are you there?????” his voice full of concern poured in.

“Yup Rishi. I’m here. Tell me.” She said

“Where is Chutki? She slept?”

“Yes. She slept.”

“Thank God. Now that she is asleep you can come here na? Ah…..What am I saying? No… Just rush Shona…. Today is the end. We are going to end this case by today. And for that, u need to be there with us… NOW…. So come fast to the abandoned shipyard.. we are also reaching there…our team is waiting for their Sherni to take the lead. I told u this case is gonna end with an encounter and here it is. We didn’t disturb u during planning and plotting just because u have a child to handle. Now that she is asleep, time for u to join the action front. Enough of my speech. Now rush Shona rush… safely..hanging up…meet u at the war front” with that the line went dead.

Here is the first installment of Phir se. tell me. What do u think about me as a writer? how is my style? did you guys like it? Or I’m wasting your time? Silent readers also pls comment. It feels good to see somebody appreciating you.. so i need your comments. tell me your opinion about my story and my writing style. good or bad. both are welcome. but pls do comment. tell me what did you guys like the most (if there is something like that) in the Intro and the first installment of Phir se. waiting for ur lovely comments……

Phir se (swasan) Episode 1


Phir se (swasan) Episode 1

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