Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 4)

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karan was standing like a statue. he couldn’t believe what he heard just seconds ago..

It was swara whom sanskar going to marry.. it was like most shocking news he was ever heard.. because.. because he loved her.. yes.. karan loved swara.. she was his heart beat.. they met in college.. she was his junior. they became good friends.. her purity, innocence and loving nature all attracted him.. but he never said this to swara. he thought that when he get a job and settled in his life he will propose swara . but destiny played a worst game to him.. swara his life.. she is going to marry a man who doesn’t deserve her..

swara’s voice interrupted karan’s thoughts..

swara: karan please take your seat..

she tried to smile.. it gives more pain to him..

karan: no swara.. i want to go now.. i came here to give these jewellery and bridal attire to you.. sanskar sir given this.. I’m his pa..

swara gets another shock while hearing this.. karan was her best friend in college.. and be is the assistant of sanskar maheswari.. why god.. why what was my fault? she looks karan with a blank expression..

karan leaves the place immediately..


ragini was crying badly.. she had a framed photo in her hands.. it was a handsome guy.. tear drops fall down to the photo..

ragini: where are you laksh? why did you left me? i want your support and presence now.. but where r u? it has been 1 year we meet each other.. after that meeting no phone calls nothing.. where you gone laksh? I’m missing you badly.. what happened to you? did you know my shona is getting married.. with a cheap and cruel person.. i want to save her.. but how? if you were with me i will definitely find a solution for this.. but you left me na.. i don’t know anything about your family.. so i can’t contact them.. I’m living in a hope that one day you will come back to me.. i love you laksh.. i love you so much ..

scene shifts to swara’s room.. she got a call.. it was sanskar..

sanskar: hey baby doll.. thinking about me?

swara(irritated): what do you want mr. maheswari?

sanskar: i want you baby doll..

swara: ok.. anything else?

sanskar: show some interest baby doll..

swara: i have no interest in you.. and don’t call me baby doll..

sanskar: why baby doll? you are really a doll.. such a pretty face..

swara: do you want to say anything?

sanskar: good nyt baby doll.. only one day left for our marriage.. i want to make you mine beautiful..

swara really frustrated and cut the call..

sanskar came to his room.. a beautiful italian model was waiting for him..

sanskar: hey hottie feel bored?

model: no handsome..

sanskar take her to the bed and lights off..

shekhar and shomi also was in depression.. they loved their 3 children so much.. but their one daughter’s life is going to destroy..

shekhar: we will be the worst parents in the world..

shomi: yes shekhar.. we became helpless..

swaragini and swayam came in to the room..

shomi: why you all here? go and sleep..

awaragini: no we will sleep here only..

swayam: ha.. today we will sleep here only.. didi is going to marry na.. so today we all can spend time together..

they all hugged and sleep in one room..

screen freez..

guys next episode will be marriage.. i think this is short update.. will be try to post long.. sorry if any mistakes.. and thank you all for reading it..

Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 4)


Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 4)


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