Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 10

Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 10

Shagun:God! Again monday? No….plzz.
Raman comes there,
Raman:Wow my sis is awake
Shagun:No bhai today I am not gonna listen to u….I wanna sleep
Raman:Ud jaa behen(wake up sis)……we hav to go for jogging
Shagun:Bhai….I hav a meeting….so gtg
Raman:Dont fool me
Shagun:U can ask Ishu
Raman:Who is Ishu?
Raman:Oh…..I didn’t know tht
Shagun:ok thn….lemme get ready.
Raman:Tomorrow I will make u run ok…
Shagun:Yah fine
Raman to himself:Mad girl

Raman goes out for jogging and see Anjali and Mihir talking. He go near thm. Beats on Mihir’s back.
Mihir:ouch. (turns and get shocked)….bhai
Raman:Yes bhai….what is happening here?
Anjali:Nothing Raman ji
Mihir:She is my colleague.
Raman:Ok y dont u join us Mihir. We will go to Iyer house and talk.
Mihir:No…need…Ishu di will be there
Anju stamps on his foot.He screams.
Raman:Choohe ne kaata hoga…..no worries (Rat must hav biten)
Mihali (Mihir-Anjali) smiles embarrassed.

Scene 2, Arnosh F.H,
Arnav comes to office and sees Kushi talking and laughing with the staff.He stares at her…….Mit jaate hein sabke nishaan……tumse hi tumse plays……….
Akash interrupts Arnav’s view and he get back into his senses.Arnav comes inside office and everybody are silent.Kushi keeps her finger on lips.Akash and Manoj laugh.Arnav stares at thm and goes into his cabin.Kushi laughs………
In Arnav’s cabin,
Kushi enters keeping her finger on lips.
Arnav:Kushi what the…

Kushi:Woh ji actually in my school whn teacher comes we sit like this.And till she take class we where supposed to sit like tht.Similarly, Till u ask me to do work I will sit like this
Akash and Manoj again laugh.Arnav adores her childishness.
Arnav:Ok kushi get me Mihir’s contract file
Kushi goes.
Manoj:Bhai I am gng to meet Ishu di…..teeth injection
Akash:Bhai can I also……
Arnav:No need u stay here.I need ur help
Manoj:Ok byee Akki .bye bhai
Akash smirks.Manoj smiles.

Scene 3 ,
Raman is in a restaurant with a new contract.Ishu comes there in a western attire.Raman see her and is dumbstruck. His associates ask him something but he is lost in her.
Associates:Sir how is this look? (pointing to a new model and dress)
Raman:Mesmerizing (lost in Ishu)
Associate:Sir I think we should take up the contract.
Ishu hugs a boy and Raman is shocked.

Raman:I dont like him
Associate:Kya (what?)
Raman come back into his senses.
Raman:Sorry Rahul (associate)…..yah we will do it.
Raman turns to the direction where Ishu was standing earlier.She is nowhere.
Raman (mind voice):Am I dreaming?No I saw her…..
Suddenly somebody interrupts his thoughts and tht was Ishu with tht BOY.Raman was irked seeing him.
Ishu:Hi Raman
Boy:Ishu whose this?
Raman again gets irked after hearing ISHU.
Ishu:This is Raman my new friend cum neighbour.And Raman this is Mani my cousin brother.
Raman (gets relieved):Oh Hi I am Raman. Kumar. Bhalla
Ishu: sorry a change….Raavan Kumar.
Mani laughs.Raman smiles.

Raman:Thn u should be called Jhansi ki Rani.
Mani:Perfect name for her……
Ishu makes pout face.Mani nd Raman laugh.
Mani:Ok Raman my wife is waiting there.We are leaving to Australia today.So just thought of meeting this mad girl
Ishu hits on his stomach.
Raman:Ok then byee
Raman:Byee Ishu
Ishita widens her eyes hearing Ishu….Raman smiles flirtiously.Ishu turns saying whatever………Yhm plays…..

Scene 4 ,
In Hospital,
Manoj arrives and finds Ishu’s has taken half day leave. He turns and hits Shagun falls down and accidentally kiss her.She turns his side shocked. He blush
Shagun:What the hell…

Manoj:Not hell Kiss….
Shagun:U idiot fool….how dare u kiss me?
Manoj (smiling widely):I loved it
Shagun:Agghh…..first stop smiling like this…..like a flirt
Shagun:Yah u look like a flirt
Manoj:Dont call me a flirt. I hav respect for everybody
Manoj:And I am Manoj.Singh.Raizada.
Shagun:Thn I am Shagun.Bhalla…..u dont know me
Manoj:U are Shagun, a doctor, Raman’s sister. Staying in…..
Shagun gets up and leave irritated. Manoj smiles

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Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 10


Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 10

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