Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 38)

So here we are again……
She come out of the car…a strong voice comes behind she turn to see and shout aloud after viewing the scene…..a new born baby girl naked lying on the road…she cried so loudly…may be her skin got burned….she is maximum 4 to 5 day old….with open arms… curly hair….people gather around her but no one have the courage to take her from that hot surface….radhika quickly come towards her and pick up her in her arms…..but the little angel keep crying…….radhika hug her tightly….her eyes are full of tears……she turn the baby around n check the red marks on her back obviously due to the hot surface her skin turn like this…radhika asked some people around for her parents but everyone denies….nd one out of them tell her that a lady comes and keep this baby here and ran quickly…..till then her driver also reached their….she quickly ask him to move towards hospital for baby’s treatment….

Both of them quickly entered into the car with the little angel and move towards the hospital……

As soon as they reached radhika quickly reached pediatrician ward….nurse ask her to wait outside as doctor is busy with other patients but she totally ignored her and entered into the doctor’s cabin…..she move towards doctor and ask him to check the baby…doctor examine her thoroughly and finally prescribe her some ointment for her back skin, he also told them that the baby is hungry and suggested them to fed her with formula milk which is easily available in hospital’s medical store also……
Radhika asked her driver to get all what doctor prescribed and she also ask a nurse to help her as she hv no experience with the small babies….
After fedding the bady and apply ointment on her back she sleep peacefully in radhika’s arms……then radhika ask nurse for some clothes for the baby as she cnt take her like this again…its very hot outside…. Nurse is also ready to help her in any way so she quickly get a pair of a tiny tshirt and a diaper pant with towel……they make the little doll wear all those…..

Radhika’ tears dnt stop even for a single minute remembering the scene when she saw the baby on road like this…….

Its quite late that she come out of house and yes till now arjun come to know that she come out of home for his office but didn’t reached….he becomes restless and call her…its 15th call from his side and finally she pick up that
Arjun “button….u okk??? How are u?? where are u???”
So many questions in one go…..radhika couldn’t control her tears and this makes him even more tensed…finally she replied “arjun….m fine…but”
Before she complete arjun “why are u crying radhika??? Our baby??”
Radhika “no nothing like that…u just reach city hospital as soon as possible please”
Arjun “ok….its not so far I will be there in 10 minutes”
She disconnect the call after listening his words”
Within 10 minutes arjun is standing infront of her….firstly he fell like he got back all his world which he just loose in his mind about half an hour ago…. He don’t understand the reason of redness of radhika’s eyes….coz of tears….and when his eyes move downwards he notice that there is something in her arms………his child?? O no……she don’t deliver the baby yet…then what is that?? He thought…
Now he see a cute little baby wrapped in a towel….he dnt understand whats going on….nd while in his thoughts he unknowingly forward his arms towards radhika to get baby from her….she follow what he want and gv that baby in his strong arms….she also side hug him and cry……he again asked what happened….then radhika narrate him all incident…….he is overwhelmed……..he always hv proud on her wife but today it increases to infinite…..on the other side he feel so hurt that how can a mother leave her child like this on such a dangerous place…any vehicle could hit her……now he look at baby…she open her eyes…glittery eyes….she looks towards him… asking…who I am??
Arjun without second thought said “angel”
Radhika look towards him….arjun speak again…”her name is angel….angel mehra….n she is our first child”
Radhika is so happy after listening his words…she also want to say this but somewhere she doesn’t know how arjun react……..she hug him again and cry her heart out…….
Both of them move towards their home now……
Anu and anita also worried for radhika and when she entered home with arjun and her baby they fell so relieved…but moments later notice that she is carrying a baby in her arms….both of them with a huge smile asked “whose baby is this?”
Arjun “she is angel arjun mehra…..first child of our new generation”
Anu and anita doesn’t understand and then radhika tell them whole incident….anita is so upset that why people think like this about a girl child till now….she look towards anu…..with so much love in her eyes…nd thought in her mind “I also have doughter,,,,dnt I love her….no….my life is incomplete without her….i cnt imagine my family if she is nt there…..”

Anu take the baby from radhika and asked arjun to take her to room….she need rest after so much tough day…..
Both of them entered their room….arjun hug her from back and say “I love u “
Radhika turn after breaking hug and hug him again this time front to front “I love to too”
Both of them have small drop of tears in their eyes…..
To change the environment finally arjun speak “hmmm… where is my bday gift?”
Radhika “ur first gift is our angel……..nd second one is in my womb…waiting eagerly to wish you from morning now…..go n freshnup fast…then u will meet him”
Arjun with shocking expression “but how??”
Radhik a”no question…just go na”
Arjun come out and ask her again…..but radhika is nt that much easy to handle “arrreee u took bath now let me also”
Arjun frustrated “button what is this yaar?”
Radhika “just 5 minutes…m feeling tired”
Arjun okk but only 5 not even I single second more”
Arjun lie down on the bed when radhika came out from washroom……she come towards him and sit down on the bed besides him….take his one hand and place it on her womb….with the same effect their unborn baby….or u can say which born for her 7 months ago kick hard on arjun’s hand…..
Arjun with broad eyes…”hey …baby kicks me…….”
Radhika “no… baby is wishing u happy bday”
Arjun laugh and again place his hand there and baby kicks again…….they enjoy those moments for a long time…….

Any more complaints?????????

Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 38)


Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 38)


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