Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 46) TWINJ special

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Twinkle is stunned to see his new avatar
Kunj comes to her and lifts up her lower jaw
K : I know ki mai bahut hot lag raha but plz control urself
Agar tum vo sab kar baitogi to mai kaam kaise karlunga?
( I know that I look extremely hot but plz control urself
If u do all that now then how will I work )
Twinkle bursts out laughing

T : are waah !!!!mera bas chale na to mai tuje best fashion designer in the whole of London ka award dilwadu ( if I had the power then I would have made u win the best fashion designer in the while of London award rather than me banging it )
K : tu meri taareef kar rahi hai right?
( u r appreciating my look right ?)
T : yes sadu sarna
Whatever i complement on u toady will be just too less
U not only look hot but even more than that u know
K : oh thank u thank u
T : so now will u start ?
K : ya ya I will
He leaves with a broom nd twinkle laughs looking at his avatar
Kunj turns back and twinkle enacts as if she isn’t aware as to y he turned back
He again looks forward and twinkle again bursts out in laughter and leaves into her room

Kunj is sweeping the hall

K : u were very interested to prove urself great na , now suffer
Kud Ko bada hero samajne laga tha ( thought of urself as some superhero)
Let me tell sorry to twinkle and give up
No no no I can’t give up
Kunj sarna never loses any challenge
He is done with the hall and jumps in Joy
Twinkle comes there
T : what happened jaanu ? R u celebrating ur success ?
K : and what see I cleaned the floor
T : tututututu let me remind u kadoos sarna that u have just swept the hall
And as per as I know our mansion even has bedrooms, kitchen, washroom
Kunj feels dizzy and sits on the floor holding his head
T : it’s okay u can give up

K : no ways
T : Okay then enjoy ur Sunday Mr kadoos sarna
And ha I am very thirsty so please get me juice
K : twinkle suno to twinkle
Makes fed up face

Kunj goes to kitchen
K : y do i feel as if I have the kitchen entered after years
Now Where is this mixer ?
He roams here and there and finally he finds it on a rack next to the flour
He tries taking it out and succeeds but unfortunately as his wrist watch tears the flour bag there is so called baarish of it
Kabhi jo badal barse plays ?
K : aaaaghhhhhh!!!!!!

Finally he places the mixer
He puts the oranges and turns it on without its upper cover
U can imagine what might have happened ?
Seems like the best artist of London makes a new masterpiece out here in his kitchen

There is a knock at twinjs room
Twinkle is busy designing dresses
T : come in
Kunj comes in and offers her the juice
Twinkle takes it ,places it on the table and turns to him to tell thanks and is stunned
Twinkle laughs out loud
T : tum artist se beautician kab ban gaye?
Ye kya facepack laga ke raka hai tumne?
( when did turn out to be a beautician from an artist ?
And what’s this face pack ?)
She takes a sip of the juice
Thank god at least this juice tastes good
Fb is shown
Kunj orders for a tetrapack orange juice
T : of what company is it ?
K : what do u mean?

T : are yr tetrapack juice is of what company?
Kunj got startled
K : tetrapack juice !!! What r u saying?
T : oh my sweet patidev
Don’t act too smart
K : but how u got to know ?
T : after all I am the great twinkle taneja
Ops sry twinkle Kunj sarna
Are idiot obviously u have emptied the whole juice on ur face and kitchen’s wall then how wd u serve me ?
Btw nice facepack
Only my great kadoos sarna can do this
She takes her hanky and starts wiping his face
Kunj stares at her lovingly
Jeena Jeena plays
Kunj pulls her close by her waist and twinkle shuts her eyes
T : Kunj! !! Neeche deko
Kunj looks down and gets shocked

Precap : all upto my beja

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Keep guessing y twinj got startled ?

Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 46) TWINJ special


Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 46) TWINJ special


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