swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 20

Hello everyone.
The episode starts with ragini and sanskar going on a ride.
Ragini: sanskar i am very tensed for swara. She is showing as she has moved on and is very happy but i can see how much broken she is.
Sanskar: i know. Even i cant believe laksh can do so. Everything was fine till swara got kidnapped. Many times i thought what happened was someones trap. But i dont want to take swara back to those memories.
Ragini holds his hand and keeps his head on his shoulder.
Sanskar: i never thought i will again fall in love.
Ragini: me too. We r lucky to get a second love in our life. Love you sanskar.
Sanskar: love u too.
On the other side a big building is shown. It is a company named as swaragini enterprises.

All the staff are working hard. When a girl enters in. She is looking beautiful with open hairs . Everyone stands.
Staff: good morning maam
Swara: good morning. Everyone please sit down and get to ur work……..
She goes in her cabin.
She starts working.
When suddenly a boy comes and closes her eyes
Swara:leave me kabir.
Kabir: how have u identified who i am.
Swara: who else have such dare to do so.
Kabir: hmmm.
Swara: i am busy i have to complete assignkent today. We will talk later.
Kabir: no wait. I came here to tell u that ragini,sanskar,ansh,vansh and you are coming with me..
Swara: but where.
Kabir: kolkata.
Swara was quiet for a moment.
Swara: kabir u know na we cant.
Kabir: i know swara yet how much will u get away from kolkata. I know what happened there. But it was past. You need to forget it. And btw.. u have not taken any holiday since long. And swara you have to come with me.
Swara: but kabir i have a lot of work.
Kabir: u r coming swara.
Swara: ok ok
Kabir: good . So we will leave tomorrow morning.
Swara: ok.

In kolkata .
At mm.
Sparsh: dadi dad is always busy in his work. He never talks with me too. And mom i think she dont love me . She dont even looks at me.dadi was dad always like this
Ap: beta. Ur father was a lively person. But..
Sparsh: but what.
Ap: nothing beta dont worry i am with u na. Go ur frnds have came.
Sparsh leaves.
Ap: sparsh everything was good, but a sudden incident changed our lives. I m still waiting for her to come . To come back in our lives……
In morning
Swaragsan with kabir,ansh and vansh reach kolkata.
They are going to swaragini’s home.
In car.
Ragini: swara do u remember .
Swara: ofcourse di. How can i forget kolkata.
Ansh: ma you both are from kolkata only na. So you must be knowing everything about it.
Ragini: yes .
Kabir: so here is ur destination .
Vansh and ansh: yepieeee… we r finally home.

At mm.
Laksh comes home.
Laksh: ma today we all have to go to a party. So plz be ready.
Ap: which party.
Laksh: its our clients party. He invited me with family.
Ap: ok.
At swaragini mansion.
Kabir: swara tell everyone to get ready wr have to go in a party. Today evening.
Swara: but whose party.
Kabir: how many questions do u ask.
Swara: ok i will tell everyone.
Kabir: great..

Precap: swalak meeting…….

Hope u liked it..
Plz guys suggest someone for kabir….
And guys give me some suggestions for story…
I cant believe i completed 20 episodes all thanks to u all

swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 20


swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 20


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