Swaragini – Nazdeekiyaan Episode 1

@GM(Gadodia Mansion)
Dadi: Shekhar wat r u doing there ..is her room cleaned?
Mishti: haan maa i cleaned it yesterday itself…
Dadi: what abt the fud?
Varsha: dadi..maa has made di’s all favourite dishes
Dadi: what abt the toys?
Shekhar comes and makes dadi sit down.
Shekhar: maa everything is set ..relax
Varsha: hw can she papa..dadi is so excited…isnt dadi.
Dadi: haan i will b excited coz my darling is coming ri8…
They all smile……
@MM (Maheshwari mansion)
AP: Sanskar….its almost tym where r u…
Aman is shown coming to AP…It is Sanskar…a small boy is also coming with him..he is Sanam Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanam: Badi Dadi..
Sanam hugs AP.
Sanam: Badi Dadi i’ll miss u …
AP: Mera bacha its only for 2 days na…
Sujatha: Sanskar where is Swara…
Swar: i am here maa.
A lady is shown she is wearing a saree..she is Swara…
Sanam: maa lets go..
Sanam is SwaSan’s child.
RP: Sanam be a gud boy ok..
Swara: Sanu go and take blessing from bade dadu..
Sanam goes and takes his blessing.
DP: Sanam be a gud boy ok..
Sanam: ok..
Swara and Sanskar also takes his blessing.
Voice: champ leaving without telling me?
Sanam turns back..a dashing young man is coming..he is none other than our hero Laksh.
Sanam: chach(chachu)
Sanam runs to him and hugs Laksh. Lkash kisses his cheeks Sanaqm also kisses on Laksh’s cheeks
SwaSan: bye Laksh
Laksh: bye
SwaSanSanam leaves.
SwaSanSanam reach RM
Dadi comes out …
Mishti do their aarthi
They come inside..
Varsha and Swara hugs…SwaSanSanam spends some tym with
@Maheshwari constructions..
Laksh’s phone rings..he checks it..it says Varsha calling..he attents the call.
Varsha: hi Laksh
Laksh: yh..y did u call me at this tym..bhai pahunch gaya hain na
Varsha: haan ..woh i called u to say thank u..
Laksh: Thank u?..for wat?
Varsha: DP uncle ko manane keliye….becoz of u only DP uncle agreed to sent Di Jeeju and Sanam to out house.
Laksh: thts ok..hey i am a bit busy nw..
Varsha: yh its ok i’ll call u later.
He disconnects the phone….
Everyone r busy in chit chatting…suddenly the calling bell rings..
Dadi: u all sit i’ll see..
Dadi opens the door. A boy is standing there..
Boy: Namaste..
Dadi: namaste beta…what do u want?
Boy: My name is Vansh..dadi can u tell me where Mr.Sajan Shrivasthav lives?
Dadi: he lives in tht house..she points it to him..
Boy: Thank u…..
Guys this boy is tht important character…..

Precap: Entry of our heroine ?

Love u all

Swaragini – Nazdeekiyaan Episode 1


Swaragini – Nazdeekiyaan Episode 1


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