Arranged Marriage – promo

Hey guys im sorry ill try to update soon srry guys ?
Thank you roma di, ani sis ,ryths ,ganesh,little angel, MB thanks for commenting and I thank all silent readers and guys please do comment your views ?

Sooo here is chutku saa promo ? of ma next update see you all soon..:)


Aman pov :

I saw a girl in my sisters college. That girl was taking selfies and posing for selfies though I was not able too see her it felt like it was her. Then I saw the face of girl she was really there and was pouting for some selfies , although she is beautifull but her innocent face and cutee antics made me fall for her again and again . I soo wanted to goo and kiss and take a long warmth hug right away (her is noneone else it is dia itself)
And there comes maa sister with a smirk on her face as if she caught something about me.


Dia pov
I felt a intense gaze on me while taking selfies and laughing out loud on some lame jokes made by my friends and then I suddenly I saw him I was shocked to see and all while smiling and blushing
I was not able to see him face to face I dnt knw y I was feeling shy,nervous all at a time ?
Then I thought what the hell i was doing and y? she asked her self
(here him is none another than aman)
Then I thought I may be hallucinating him or what??
Dia: what the hell u know about it and didn’t tell me this haa and don’t talk to me I am angry on you
Sooo guys what do you think who is it??
And guys I need your suggestion u want a north Indian style wedding or southindian style or which kind of wedding you want ?
Please do leave your opinion and please do comment guy please
Love you all a loads :*

Arranged Marriage – promo


Arranged Marriage – promo


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