thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 7)

Episode 7
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@Thahaan’s room
There was a pin drop silence in room. Aditi gently squeeze thapki’s hand. She has no word to say but only a silent support to give. Happiness increases by sharing but pain decreased by sharing. Pain given by her mother-in-law. She tried to snatch her love twice. She remember when vasu ask for divorce, she was broke but that incident made her internally strong. Now she could wage war with the whole world for her love. Aditi looked in to thapki’s teary eyes and gave her a tight hug.
“dii…you are so strong.” She whispered.
Suman bhabi knocks the door.
Thapki : bhabi….please come in.
Suman: I brought snacks for aditi.
Aditi : bhabi…iski kya zarurat thi?
Suman: zarurat kyo nahi thi….. u came here after so many days. Aaj to pet bharke baatein karenge.
(After some time.)
Aditi hugs thapki. “dii….take care.”
Thapki : “you too. Aditi and say my hello to mom-dad.”
Aditi leave.
Aditi take an auto rickshaw. On half way rickshaw stops.
Aditi: what happened uncle?? Why did u stop it here??
Driver: tier is punctured. We can’t move further.
“oh no, how will I get another rickshaw here?” she thought. She pays and started walking on road. She try to stop one-two rickshaw but no result.
“god, not today.” “I m so tired.” She kept walking.
Some 2-3 goons, on jeep was passing from there. They saw her walking alone on road.
Goon1: baby doll, where r u going?
Goon2: do u want lift???
She got scared as she looked at their horrible faces. She pretends like she doesn’t listen and kept walking.
Goons start following her. goon1 came in her way and stops her.
Goon1: jaanu…. Come with me na.
Aditi : let me go.
She pushes him away and start running. She saw one young man talking on phone.
“help…..!!!!!” she scream like hell and before she could reach near to that young man, goon1 caught her.
“why u girls don’t understand in one time.” He came close to her and hold her in arms.
“Please leave me for god sake…………help…..” She struggle like a pigeon in a cage.
Goon2 show her knife and sign her to keep quite.
“Somebody help me…..!!! “ she gave her last try. goon1 was about to take her dupatta but someone punched hard on his face that he fell down.
She was not able to see his face as tears covers her vision. She could only saw them fighting. She clears her eyes and try watch his face and she is shocked. Because this brave man is no other but that “khadus” police officer. He was fighting with 3 goons lonely. Abhi saw goon2 was about to attack him with his knife but he can’t do anything as he was busy with other two goons. He thought goon2 will stab knife in his stomach but what did he just see. Aditi came in between and hold knife by her both hands. Her hands get colored by her blood. She try her best to stop knife but she get injured and goon2 pushes her down.
“aaahhhh” she screamed with pain. Abhi was shocked and surprise by her bravery act but her scream made him super angry. He beat them all hardly. Goons realize their mistake that they messed with wrong person so they gave up fight and start running. Abhi was thinking of following them but he looked back. Aditi was lied down on road. Her eyes were closed due to weakness. The stunt she performed first time in her life gave her more pain than she thought.
He rushes towards her and rolls his hanky in her one hand and her duppata in another hand.
“Let’s go to hospital.” He takes her in his strong arms.
After treatment. Aditi’s both hands were covered by white bandage.
Doctor: u need to take this medicine. Miss…..
He looked at the form and the complet.
Doctor: Miss rampyaari.
“my name is Aditi” she said with clenching her jaws and punch the table in anger. Abhi pull out her tongue and give apology look.
“aaaa…….” Her tears came out due to pain.
“sorry…..sorry….her name is aditi. doctor”
(outside of hospital)
“he is not so khadus at all. He saved my life today. At least I can say thanks.” She thought while memorizing that horrible incident.
Aditi: listen….(And he look back) I want to say thanks. If you don’t came on time then….. I can’t even imagine. Thank u.
Abhi: you save my life too. Thank u so much.
Aditi: so friends??
She forwards her hand . Abhi was froze there for a moment. Picture of a beautiful girl come in front of his sight. “friends??” those sweet words echoed in his ears.
Abhi: no…. I’m familiar with girls like u. princess of big mansion, all u want is a bodyguard on name of friend for free. you don’t care about person’s emotion. You only know to use them.
Aditi (confused) : use?? In which manner I use u?? tell me.
He realized that she not that girl whom he want to tell this. He open his mouth but he still can’t find any answer. He felt bad as he hurt her feelings. He leave without speaking a single word.
She kept looking him leaving with teary eyes. She got confused with his behavior.
@thapki’s house
“aditi beta, what happened ??” Poonam scream out seeing her hands and cloths colored in red.
Poonam breaks her chain of thoughts. She saw worried face of her mother. Her eyes spoke state of her heart.
“She is one of them who care for me. Then why I’m thinking of that khadus officer. Stop thinking for him Aditi, that person doesn’t deserve a place in your mind.” She said to herself.
Aditi : mom, long story !!!
@Thahaan’s room
Thapki was keeping cloths in cupboard. Bihaan came and hugs her tightly from back.
“bihaan…..what are u doing?? Koi dekh lega.”
“dekhne do…..after all u r my wife.” He whispers. His breath, his touch makes her excited. He kissed on her neck. She turn to him and pushed him away.
“bihaan….not now” she say it in her shyness but she love his way to kiss.
“thapki….. I m so tired as I m working since morning. I want to eat something sweet…..” he rubs her lower lip by his finger. She looks down as she feels embarrassed by his act.
She got an evil idea. She came close to him and held him by neck.
Thapki: as you worked hard today so have a small gift for you.
“close your eyes.” she gave naughty smile.
Bihaan closed his eyes and get ready for surprise but thapki start tickling him. He started laughing and try to stop her. as she became free from his arms, she ran toward the door.
“cheater……” she looked back, he was still laughing but he is little disappointed as he didn’t get his gift.
“you can’t have dessert before dinner. Mr bihaan panday.” She winks at him. “till then manage by this” she gave a flying kiss and bihaan catch it.
Episode end.

thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 7)


thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 7)


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