Only ROSID (Part 5)

Only ROSID (Part 5)

Firstly thanx to everyone who has commented so far
I never thought my ff would be so good and that it would even last 2 episodes let alone 5
So thank you to everyone who reads it

Love ROSID fan

Rolis phone starts to ring and she answers it
She can hear heavy breathing at the other end

Roli : hello is anyone there , hello

She offs the call

Sid : what happened

Roli: I think it was a wrong number

Sid : ok let’s go to sleep

Roli is worried about the blank call

She remembers the heavy breathing which is the same as the one she hears in the kitchen

Roli is running in a jungle it’s dark animals can be heated like wolves owls

She’s sweating breathing heavily

She hid behind a tree

There is a guy in the same hoodie holding a knife

” I will kill you Roli, if you can’t be mine you can’t belong to anyone ”

Roli awakes

Roli : it was just a bad dream

She reaches out to have water but there is none left

So she gets up to get some

Roli looks at the time , 3 am

Suddenly her phone begins to ring Sid was getting disturbed so she answered it

Roli : hello who is it

She can hear the same breathing

Roli : say something hello

” hi Roli its me romi remember ”

(I’m using romi from yeh hai mohabbatien)

Roli drops the phone she is absolutely shocked

Flashback ??

Roli is in collage she accidentally walks into a guy

Roli : oh I’m so sorry

Romi : it’s fine here I’ll help you

Whilst helping her he was trying to touch her hand Roli found this slightly wierd but try to ignor it

Roli : thanks

Romi runs away quickly into a corner as if someone was searching for him

Thapki ( rolis friend ): rrroli you know that was romi right?

Roli : how does it matter about his name

Thapki: nno Roli he is very dangerous stay away from him I’ve heard once he likes a girl he bbbecomes obsessed

Roli : it’s nothing like that he just helped me with my books

Thapki : bbut please be ccareful I had just talked to Tanu and she feels like he’s been eying you for a few days

Roli : this is just fake forget it na yaar lets go to class

Later Roli finds romi outside her classroom

Romi : oh hi

Roli : hi

Romi : you forgot this paper when you banged into me you dropped it

Roli : thanx

She starts to think that he’s not so bad

Romi : anywayz what’s your name

Roli: my name is Roli

Romi: nice name I’ll see you later then bye

Roli to herself: he’s not so bad I don’t know what everyone’s saying

Pre cap : matters get worse Romi begins to follow Roli wherever she goes
Roli is abit scared
She follows romi into a dark den
There is a huge secret he’s hiding…
Scared , She calls the police

Only ROSID (Part 5)


Only ROSID (Part 5)

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