FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 24)

The episode starts with piya and prem decorating the dobriyal mansion themselves while others are just helping them .
Piya is standing on the top of a stool while prem is holding it.
Piya suddenly thinks something and turns in tension , the stool almost looses balance and piya was about to fall but arnab suddenly comes and holds the stool with prem on time.
Piya and prem take a breath of relief.
Prem a little angry : what are you doing piya ??? if something would have happened???
Piya holding her ears sweetly (still on the stool) : sorry papa….actually i realized that if that moody thinks to come home early today then……
Sugandha comes from back and says : for that i have a solution…..why don’t we call her and tell her to come late……..???

Madhu too joins : then that will led to her getting more angry…..
Piya smiles and says : so what, lets just do it………at last all her anger will vanish seeing the decorations……
Madhu smiling : ok beta , then you call her……
Piya makes a tensed face and says : taayi ji , she still thinks that i am locked……
Madhu hits her own head and says : oh yes…..sorry beta i forgot…..let me just call her…..
She takes her phone and dials the number.
Rhidhimaa is sitting when she suddenly turns to the feels someone’s presence near the gate of the dance room.
She wipes her tears and thinks : why i am crying like a fool here for that armaan who doesn’t even care for me that much that he waits here for me…….
She storms out of the room trying to walk as fast as possible though her injured feet are not supporting her at all.

As she goes out , we see the shadow of a man of the wall which walks away in seconds.
Rhidhimaa comes to the canteen and then to ruhi and says : i knew you must be here….can’t you attend classes…
She speaks it all in anger while ruhi suddenly keeps the burger which she was eating and stands up and says : yaar , what happened , why are you sooooooooooooooooooo angry…???
She then eyes her injured foot and says: oh god , this dance…..can’t you just take rest….
Rhidhimaa angrily : i am goona do that only…..give me you activa keys….i wanna go home …..i came in auto so…..
Ruhi innocently : should i take you..???
Rhdihimaaa : no need………just give me the keys….
She hands her the keys while rhidhimaa goes out.
On the road (just outside the collage)
Rhidhimaa is standing holding the activa ready to start when suddenly her phone rings.
She gets out but doesn’t apply stand.

She holds the activa from one hand and phone from other.
She picks the call.
Rhidhimaa : hello….
Madhu : beta , hows the day going ??? i hope you are enjoying , afterall its your birthday…
Rhidhimaa rudely: so what….you all only spoiled it….ma please come to the point, just tell what you want….
Madhu : beta , i guess you should come home late today as piya… know , arnab has a meeting, prem ……you won’t talk to him and i am sugandha are going to mandir ,so you’ll feel lonely so….
Rhidhimaa cuts in between : ok….i’ll not come..
She instantly cuts the call without waiting for reply and then says angrily(completing the sentence) : whole my life……
She in anger forgets that she’s holding the handle and leaves it and the activa falls down instantly.

She is shocked as it falls just in the middle of road while a few cars are blocked.
A man from a car : oh hello, what is this…..talking on phone….pick your activa fast…….mindless youngsters…..
People start ringing their horns mindlessly while rhidhimaa tries to pick the activa.
Suddenly she feels two hands from behind her , she turns to find armaan trying to help her , too close to her .
Rhidhimaa slowly yet angrily : leave….
Armaan within a second picks the activa with rhidhimaa and takes it to a side.
Armaan then : no, i am not leaving……we were friends right???
Rhidhimaa eyes him and says : oh really , you remember what you said a while ago…..???
Armaan trying to smile : lets just forget old things….
He raises his hand to shake saying this while rhidhimaa eyes his hand and then says : some other day….
She goes on her activa saying this while armaan stands there rubbing the back of his head and thinks : rhidhimaa , we can never be together forever but till the time we can , lets just be together as friends…..maybe its destiny…..
He goes from there and on the way hits abhay.

Abhay smiling : sorry dude…
Armaan observing him : till moring you were upset that your fiancé is upset but now….
Abhay smiles and says : actually , she is really moody…thats why….you know piya is also not less , she cares for her so much ….she has arranged a party for rhidhimaa……i am sure she’s goona love it……..just got to know this thats why……….really piya is so caring…..
Armaan eyes him and says smiling : why party???
Abhay : oh sorry , forgot to say……its madam’s birthday…..thats why…………..
Armaan smiles and thinks : its her birthday….best day for a new start……
Armaan smiles as an indication for “alright “ and starts to move when suddenly abhya stops him and says : actually , dobriyals have told to invite all her friends so you too come…..
Armaan stands there thinking for a while , while abhay thinks : will he refuse???
“i am gonna surely come” armaan said smiling.
Abhay smiled and both moved to their directions.
The episode ends here.

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FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 24)


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