Don and his Roma episode 3

Don and his Roma episode 3

Swara comes to hospital to meet Dr.Kavya.she enters into the her cabin.

Swara’s POV

“hi Swara!how are u?”kavya said
“I was fine untill last night.”i said while sitting on a chair.

“come on yaar ,just chill n now tell me what happen.”kavya said to me.

i told her everything n also shows the photo.

“hmmm…this is something different from ur past imagination.”Kavya said.

she continued,”swara r u sure that u have not written this.”

“ya I’m sure n its also not my handwriting.”i said.

“Swara it is written in capital letters,….

i cuts her,”still yar I’m sure i have not written this i know I’m having wine but i was in my senses.”

“its OK swara don’t panic ,i know ur situation I’m not only ur doctor but also ur friend.”she said to me n kept her hand on my shoulder for support.

“ya i know but what should i do now.”i said.

“i think Swara u should take a brake,(she stops for some time n continue) why don’t u go to new york at ur uncle’s place,”kavya said.

i looked at her thinks for some time n said,

“i think ur right ,even ragini is planing to go to New York,i will accompany her.”

“ok so its final ir going, hope u will feel better.”kavya said.

“i too , now i should leave i have to meet ragini,she might be waiting for me.”

they bid bye to each other n swara leaves from there.

At Blue Moon Cafe

swara is sitting in one of a table n waiting for ragini.

Swara’s POV

what the hell yaar.I’m waiting for her since half an hour.n don’t know where the madam is.

while some one from back closed her eyes .

without wasting time i said


“Where were u i was waiting for u from long time.”i said

“sorry shona, actually u know na I’m going to home so my friends didn’t let me go so easily.”she said with a pout face.

i laugh seeing her face,

“ok but I’m saying u that I’m also coming with u .”i said.

i was looking at her she was shocked n was not believing what i said.

“pinch me I’m getting unbelievable dreams like u.”she said.

“Shut up,I’m serious.” i said

“really ! may i know the reason for this drastic change.”she speaks.

“actually u know na that…..

she cuts me,”Oh i got it bcz of ur Don.”

“he is not mine.”i said.

“really! r u sure”she said n raises her eyebrow.

“ya”i said while breaking the eye contact.

“oh plz stop acting in front of me.”she said

“what r u saying.”i said as i don’t understand anything.

” stop pretending i know u still love him.”she said n i looked at her in disbelief.

Ragini’s POV

as soon i said her that she still loves him,she looked at me like i have done something crime.

“whaaatt are u saying,”she said while fumbling

“Shona why r u giving pain to ur self.juat accept the thruth.”i said.

“Ya i loved him when he was Sanskar but …”she said n stops.

“but what shona.”i asked.

“but he killed adarsh n pari…she couldnt complete more.

i understand that she is not feeling to streatch she topic so to change it i said.

“Shona leave that tell me how he looked i never saw him,im sure he is hot.”

“ya he is smoking hot,n breathtaking.”saying this a smile comes on her face.

i understood she still love him. and i want her happiness. but it is not possible.

Swara’s POV

oh god why I’m taking her words so seriously.did i still love him.
no Swara u have to control Urself u can’t let him hurt u more.suddenly i realized that ragini is staring at me.

“why are u looking at me like that.”i said

“Nothing “she said but i know she is thinking something else which she will not tell me.but i ignore it n said.

“shall we leave.”i said

“first can we have something I’m feeling very hungry “she said.

we ate sandwiches,ragini went for washroom. I was waiting for her then the waiter come with the bill i took it.when i opened i was shocked.

instead of bil there was a paper n it was written

“I must tell u ur also smoking hot Jungli Billi.”

episode end

Precape:”New York”

so guyz do u like it.i think u all have guessed who are the pairs.
plz comment n encourage me.

Don and his Roma episode 3


Don and his Roma episode 3

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