A luv story TWINJ OS

Hi guyz i am Aastha and its my first os …. i read many ffs and os and i thought i should write one . I dedicate this os to all my TU frndz ..thnks guyz for motivating me and support me further .and for any mistake forgive me

A girl is shown in clg talking with her frndz and she is revealed as twinkel taneja .She is among the most popular girls in his clg.
A boy is shown who is very handsome and he is new in this clg . He is none other than our kunj .
He is trying to find his class in this new building. In order to find his class ..he dashed with a girl.
From mrng my patience was boiling .. i didn’t want to come in this new city and in this new clg .I am really missing my old frndz.. Not a singel student cared to me show the direction of my new class. And here i dashed with a girl.First the girl appeared rude to me but she showed me route to my new class when i turned to say thanks to her …she had gone
I sat on the 4th bench and the girl who showed me the class sat on the first bench Our class started and our teacher introduced me as kunj sarna and said me that I would take help from the topper of class as I joined class in the middle of the session.And the class topper was the same girl who showed me class . She was twinkel taneja.
From the first day I wanted to thank her ..I wanted to talk to her..I liked her ..but her behaviour make me feel that my presence didn’t matter for her. I was gud in sports . I was also gud in studies .I also used all my charms to befriend with her . In few months i emerged as one of the popular boy of this clg bt evrything was in vain .I thought which type of boys he like what can I do for her ..I was madly in luv with her and she wasn’t even looking at me .
But one day she came towards me and said can we talk.
K: why not
T: so lets go to canteen.
we exchanged few awkward looks and talked few minutes abt studies then i said lets go to basketball court. She Denied .And we start arguing . And it turned into a fight at last she said
T: it was my worst day in clg with u.I don’t want to talk with u now
K: As u wish … who cares
I saw twinkel gng in anger. I thought from months i wanted to talk with her and when the day came… i fought with her like a fool… Shit i lost her … I was in tears.
My whole world was my study…. my best frnd …….my crush …my UV ….I never thought abt anyone except him .ln middle of the session i showed class to a boy whose name was Kunj. After that i didn’t notice him …..my whole attention was towards Uv only…. but one day i reliased his love was fake. He used me for his purpose .I didn’t loved him but he was important part of my life .This fact i cannot deny.After knowing the truth of our relation i broke every single connection with him. And he the shameless UV LUTHRA, purposed another girl after the second day of our breakup of friendship , trust and perhaps love.

After that i remained alone for about a month ….slept some night with tears …And i also noticed concern of kunj towards me for the first time … I noticed him for the first time completely and at the first sight i was attracted toward him ..but i thought if his love will be fake also then …if his eyes are telling lie…the thng i am noticing in his eyes is not love…. no ….. i cannot bear breach of my heart agn….i cannot fall in love again ..But i thought i should talk to kunj .. And I said
T: Can we talk
K : why not
our conversation turned into a fight. His words ” who cares ” echoed in my mind .He also donot care abt me .I was in tears .My heart said
: U need him.
l asked my heart
: Why i need kunj . I met him yesterday what happened in one day that he become my neccesity.
But my heart was right i him.Nxt day i talked with him again and it was really nice conversation.I luved that day . And it continued till many months . We became part of each other heart. We talked about everything our family , frndz, aims , hobbies but we never talked about us . He neither told me what he thinks about me nor I.
The day when twinkle talked with me I talked very rudly to her. Bt she talked with me and it continued i will be deserving for then i will purpose her .As she deserves the best.
It was Valentine’s day kunj chooses a beach and decorates it.It was 7 pm. Kunj called Mahi ( twinkel sis ) and said
K: Mahi , I am going to purpose twinkel
M: Wow jiju finally ..thank god
K: But I want your help .
M: Everything for u both ..u don’t know how much happy di will be ..she is waiting for this dwy for 2 years .
K : Ik i took a lot of time.
M: Don’t regret just say what i can help u
K:say twinkel i met an accident near beach.
M: Inna bera jhoot .. Di will kill u.
K: Oye mahi don’t spoil my plan by scaring me ..just tell u fast and msg me.
M: Oo someone is excited .
Kunj smiles and cut the call.

Twinkle rushes the beach screaming KUNJ KUNJ .She sees that the beach is fully decorated . There is a table in the middle of beach surrounded with rose petals .. also there were candles which were adding brightness to moonlight . Twinkle was amazed but her eyes were searching for her love .
Kunj makes a heroic appearance . He was in black suit .He comes towards twinkle and bent on his knees and says
: Twinkle from the first day of my clg ..i only loved u ..i cannot imagine my life without u …ur presence make me feel happy and from u is my life..i luv u twinkle I LOVE U
He stands and come very closed to her . .caresses her hairs …he come close to her …she close eyes in nervousness and he says i luv u ..she opens her eyes and hugs him and she says : i love u too
Kunj breaks the hugs and says : There is a gift for u my love .And he presents it ..it is a red gown .He further says : I want that u wear it for me.
She nods in yes and comes after some time.
Kunj is memerised by her looks .K: : May i have a dance miss beautiful and offers his hand.
They started dancing very lovingly They were lost in each other eyes ..suddenly Kunj feels presence of her soft lips on his lips.They started kissing each other .They had a passionate kiss.Twinkle break the kiss and hugs kunj …they started melting in each other arms ..it was a gr8 comfort for them.Cold breeze was making it more romantic .They were not ready to break the hug
BUT twinkle phone beeps
It was a text from mahi : come home fast
T: Kunj i am getting late
K: lk i will drop u
kunj was driving car and twinkle has her head on his shoulder . Suddenly a truck came and hit their car as it breaks were failed.


A luv story TWINJ OS


A luv story TWINJ OS


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