Vishkanya 18th April 2016 –

Vishkanya 18th April 2016 –

Vishkanya 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with injured Malay walking in jungle with wobbly gait. Apu calls him. He hears her voice and starts searching her. She also searches him and founds him on ground unconscious. She shakes him up and pleads to wake up. He opens his eyes. She helps him get up and walks holding him, telling they have to leave jungle before night.

Kalpana and Dida eagerly wait for Apu and pray god. They hear dooor sound and think Apu has come, but Tapur comes in. Dida asks her to go and rest while she brings her something. Tapur leaves. Dida suggests her to file police complaint. Kalpana says no. Dida asks what if Tapur doubts Apu. Kalpana asks her to take Tapur to their relatives’ weddding and thinks she does not know what this night will bring on them.

Apu walks with Malay with great difficult. She stops seeing a snake in front of her and backs off. Malay falls down. Apu shakes Malay to get up. Snake tries to bite Malay repeatedly and she drags him away. She goes in front of snake and it bites her. She writes in pain.

Kumkum taunts Nandita if Malay does not come soon, her friend will taunt her. Nandita says she does not care, she just wants Malay back home. Rasik comes with Abhi and says he searched Malay everywhere, but did not find him or his car. Abhi apologizes Nandita for lying. Nandita taunts that lying is in their family men’s blood, looking at Harsh vardhan.

Apu sees snake writhing in pain and dying. She sees her snake bite and thinks why did snake die instead of she dying. She checks snake with stick and finds him lifeless. She reminisces Kalpana’s words that she is not like others, Tapur taunting her, Kalpana giving her herbal tea, Vikram dying of poison with her nail scratch, Kalpana giving her neem tulsi beeds for her protection, etc., and thinks how can this happen, who is she. She picks Malay with great difficulty and walks in jungle again. She drops Malay in car and sprinkles water on him, but he does not wake up. She sees kaali maa’s pic in car and prays her to save Malay as he foght against evil, else it will be her defeat. Malay wakes up and calls Apu…Apu. Apu says she does not know to drive car. Malay says he will teach her. She starts car. He keeps her hands on steering. She with shaking hands changes gear snd starts driving. Malay shows her direction. Malay falls asleep again. She panics seeing a speeding truck but escapes accident. She then sees hospital and stops car and thanks kaali maa for bringing them till here. She rushes to hospital and brings help and he is taken on stretcher by peons. Doc checks Malay and says he got severe head injuries and asks her to inform his family immediately.

She calls Kalpana and informs that they met with an accident. Kalpana asks her not to worry. Apu says she is in Angel Memorial Hospital and does not know where it is and asks her to inform Malay’s family soon. Nurse comes and says she needs to check her blood group to check if her blood can be transfused to Malay. Kalpanadrops her mobile worriedly hearing this and says no….she cannot let Apu’s truth come in front of anyone…no..

Precap: Nurse withdraws Apu’s blood. Kalpana rushes and asks Apu if they withdrew her blood. Apu asks what is in her blood that a snake died after biting her.

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Vishkanya 18th April 2016 –


Vishkanya 18th April 2016 –

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