Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 3)

Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 3)

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swara’s home

swara was laying on her bed like a lifeless soul.. tears rolling from her eyes..
a beautiful girl came and sat on her bed..she is none other than ragini.. swara’s cousin sister.. her parents died and living with swara and her family.. swara has a little brother also..

ragini felt very bad at swara’s condition.. she loves swara very much.. and can’t see swara like this..

ragini: shona don’t cry.. we all are with u.. we will find a solution.. don’t be upset.. i will not let you marry that beast.. please don’t cry shona..

ragini also getting tears by watching swara’s condition..

swara look at ragini and try to give a fake smile..

swara: ragu.. no solution for this worst situation.. it is my fate.. I’m ready to accept it.. I’m happy that you all can lead a peaceful life after my marriage with that heartless human..

ragini shocked to hear it..

ragini: swara are u mad? how can you marry him? he is a beast.. he have many girlfriends.. he only knows to use girls .. he didn’t respect any girl..and he is such a selfish man that he don’t mind to kill others for his benefit.. how can i let you marry him? he may kill u shona..

swara: no ragu.. he will not kill me.. nothing will happen to me.. today he behaved in a polite manner with me.. ( swara lied to ragini because she knows that ragini will not allow her to marry sanskar as he is very bad person.. not only ragini no one from her family allow swara for this marriage.. but if she don’t marry sanskar then sanskar will destroy her family.. so to protect her family swara has to do this marriage)

ragini: swara i don’t want to hear anything.. i will not agree this.. i know if you don’t marry him our baba will be arrested.. he will make our life a hell.. but i can’t let you go to hell .. we can die together swara.. it is more fine way..

swara: shut up ragu.. no one is going to die or we are not going to suicide.. i will marry him.. it is my decision and it is final.. if you don’t agree with this marriage i will kill myself for sure..

ragini shocked.. not only ragini swara’s parents and brother also hear this.. they all cried helplessly..

scene shifts to a palace..
sanskar was busy with his girlfriend kavita.. he was kissing her neck.. she pushed him away..

sanskar: what happened darling? you are angry with me?

kavita: sanskar why are you marrying that low class girl? i think you are not interested in marriage and all.. then why the hell r u marrying that girl?

sanskar: kavi darling why are you so jealous? i felt like marrying her.. so I’m .. you know this sanskar maheshwari very well na.. i will do whatever i want to do.. and i don’t like anyone questioning me..get it?

kavita: sanskar if you want to marry I’m
here na.. why you are marrying a low class girl?

samskar: kavi don’t call her low class.. she has something in her.. i attracted to her.. i want her at any cost.. I’m obsessed with her.. if i don’t get her i will became mad.. i will became the worst animal.. i want her ..

kavita shocked by his replay and feel extreme jealousy.. he had many girlfriends .. more beautiful and hot than kavita.. but she don’t feel jealous on any of them.. because sanskar never gone mad begind any girl.. he only needs tgeir body.. but this swara.. she affected him.. she became his obsession.. what the hell..

kavita(monologue) miss. low class swara gadodia you will pay for it.. i will not spare you.. i will make your life a hell..

screen again shifts to swara’s house

maa, baba,ragini, swayam(swara’s bro) and swara are hugging each other whole crying.. swara consoles them..

swara: why all are crying.. you all know that swara is a strong and clever person.. i will handle everything.. nothing will happen to me.. believe me.. i will make everything perfect.. but this marriage is needed.. please agree..

shekhar nodded.. he knew that he is giving his daughter to a devil..but he has no option left..

calling bell ring.. swayam go and check..it was a young handsome man .. all came to hall.. swara shocked to see him.. he was hell shocked to see swara..

swara: karan.. why are you here?
( it is karan.. played by karan wahi.. he is the manager, assistant,pa and all.. left hand of sanskar.. but swara not aware of it)

karan: swara.. is that u whom sanskar going to marry?

swara nodded: yes..

karan felt that someone stabbing his heart as million pieces.. his eyes filled with tears..

screen freez..

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Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 3)


Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 3)

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