Dil and dosti episode 23 final episode

This is a short episode…

Avni is getting ready mishket comes back hugs herr…
Mishket:- a very good morning avni …
Avni:-good morning jii..
Mishket:- why r u calling me jii..
Avni turns and keeps hand around his neck and says after all you were my husband now.
Mishket:- so wat i am not liking it so dont call like that yar..
Avni slowly takes hands from his neck and say jii jii and jii and pushes him and runs aways ..
Mishket too runs after her..

Scene changes to karan and ragini..

Karan and ragini were hugging each other and covered with blanket..
She is resting her head on his chest and he is caring her hair.
Ragini:-ok now let me go.
Karan:-no…dont go naa.
Ragini:-if i dont go wat they will think karan .
Karan:- they all knew that i was crazy for u and u knew how much i missed u in these 5 years.
Ragini:- do u knew how much i missed u too.
Karan:- no then say to me naa how much u missed me.
Rags kisses his cheeck and says this much..
Karan :-now my turn and about kiss her in lips ..
She pushes him and runs to washroom ..
Karan smiles by brushing his hair…

After few years..
Avni and mishket were blessed with girl and they named her as avika..

Rags and karan were blessed with baby boy and named as rohan…

Now avika and rohan were bff.

Frds i hope u like this ff

Dil and dosti episode 23 final episode


Dil and dosti episode 23 final episode


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